"Mommy, tell us a story," said the small child. He and his sister were both tucked into bed. They were both of fair hair and blue eyes. In appearance they shared no likeness to their mother, but that was changed when it came to their personalities. The children sharedher enthusiasm and passion for stories. And they wanted to be told the same story every night, it was never boring for them."And what story would you like to hear, dears?" the mother asked."Tell us about Spider-Man, mummy!" the daughter exclaimed."Okay, I'll tell you."


"The day had started like many of my others had. They started with me walking down the street past a local newsstand, but today's news was the saddest yet.'SPIDER-MAN NO MORE!' the headline read. I glanced at this and a female Asian violinist began to play. Her song reflected the news.'Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Where have you gone to Spider-Man?' echoed her voice as she sang the opening to her song.


"As I looked at my watch, I realized I wouldn't get to school if I was late for the next train. So, I ran as fast as I could to the train station, not knowing the adventure I was in for.When I boarded the train and we had started to move I saw something, out of the corner of my eye, that shined in the bright New York sun.Then, it became larger as it flew towards my window. As it became more apparent that it was a he, not an it, someone shouted,'Holy crap! It's Doc Oc!'At this, everyone screamed bloody murder! But I saw a blur of red and blue.'Look! It's Spider-Man!' I said aloud.'Go, Spidey! GO!' a woman with a small child shouted.Thus, a fight ensued. I couldn't see much of it because of my seat, but what I saw showed Doc Oc beating Spidey. Yet, Spider-Man began to fight back. He used his cleverness and found ways to slow down the train, which Doc Oc had sent careening down the track. Then, I saw it.Before I knew it, the train tipped and stopped.


"We were at the end of the track and Spider-Man had saved us. But something was wrong. The train became solemn. I then saw him. The body of Spider-Man. He was being guided by people on the train. I reached out to touch him and I felt his cold, gloved hand. Girls next to me started to sob and an elderly woman crossed herself and began to pray.He was put down gently on the floor in an opening people had created. I was able to see the face of Spider-Man.He was you, no older than twenty-one.'He's a kid. No older than my son,' one man commented.


After that comment, none other than Doc Oc himself appeared.'See now what has become of the immortal Spider-Man,' he sneered, 'Now, I'll finally be able to finish him off!'A man rose to his feet. 'You'll have to go through me,' he replied coolly.'And me,' said a young twenty-something female.And I'm proud to say that I stood as well. 'And me,' I said and I threw a diry look at the villain.At this, everyone who was not already standing seemed to stand in defense of the fallen hero.Defeated, Doc Oc left. But not before giving us all a dirty look and saying that he'd be back.


"Two kids, no older than the age of eight, came up to Spidey as he regained consciousness. As he regained consciousness, he automatically touched his face. It was then he became mortified as he realized he didn't have his mask.'We found something,' one of the two boys told the unmasked hero as he handed him the torn mask.'We won't tell nobody,' the other said as Spidey put his mask on.After his mask was on he nodded, then leapt out of the nearest window and swung away on his web."Epilogue"Mommy," her son said, "does Spider-Man still exist?""I don't know, dear. I haven't read or heard anything about him in a long time.""Mama, will Spider-Man come back?" the daughter asked, her brow furrowed."I hope so, because these are the times we need him most."FINI.