Note: I don't own anything that you recognize from Beauty and the Beast the TV Series I am simply using them for some fun I will put them back unharmed once I am done. I would like to thank my Beta and Friend Jessi (krillball6) for all her hard work on this and all of my stories. Thanks Jessi you are the greatest. Now on to the story!

The Worries of a Lover and Mother

By: potterfan2006

The love that Vincent and I share is so overwhelming at times yet at times if feels so, right. He saved my life and I have always have been grateful for that. Now I am actually living with him after having been supposedly pronounced dead up top but thanks to father I am well again. I can't wrap my head around the fact that he cares about our child that we created together even though I kept it from him. I feel so stupid for having kept this secret from him and now he is not with me - he is out looking for our son, our life, our little Jacob. I am worried for both of my boys. What if something happens to them and I am left with nothing?

Well I can't actually be left with nothing seeing as how I have the whole Tunnel community behind me. I just feel so bad for father; he has lost his son to this crazy mission of searching for someone that is probably lost by now. What if Vincent can't find Jacob? What if our little family is never a family again? I know that we could always have another but would he want another after what I had kept from him this last time? Would he be afraid that I would do it again? God I don't know what to think anymore. I hope that he finds our son and that he comes back to me soon. I miss them both so much that it hurts. I did not know that loosing someone, two someone's rather could hurt this much. I know that if I have lost Vincent I will be able to feel it but I know that he is still with me; I know that much for sure.

However if I lost my son, my own flesh and blood seeing as how I have never held him and was not able to form that bond I wont be able to tell if he is dead or not. There I said the evil word - DEAD. What if he is dead, what if my baby is dead if and when Vincent finds him? Would it tare Vincent apart to never have gotten to know his son? Would he leave me for sure? Would our love be able to survive the loss of our first born? Would he hate me for keeping his son from him? Would he blame me for his death? I don't know if I could handle that. I feel bad enough about the whole thing as it is. Look, father just came in here and told me to get some rest seeing as how it is now four am. I have been up for over seventy-two hours of just worrying about Vincent and our son. Father's right I need rest, the last thought that crosses my mind as I close my eyes is that I love Vincent and our son. I pray to God that they both come back to me safely and quickly.

The End