"AAARGH!" Jeremiah yelled rather suddenly and put his head down on the silver table in the Ravenclaw common room. Artemis looked at his friend with concern.

"Uh, Jere, you alright?"

Jeremiah looked up at Artemis with confusion. He really wanted to say the truth, but he didn't want to hurt or lose his best friend. So he lied a little.

"Well, it's just that I'm rather bad at DADA and that's what dad teaches. So, it's not like I can ask him for help. That'd be embarrassing.

"Oh. Well, I'm doing fairly well. I could help." Artemis said cheerfully, thankful to be able to help his friend.

"Thanks." Jeremiah said half-heartedly. Thankfully, Artemis didn't notice. "Uh, Art?"


"I'm kinda tired so I'm gonna head to bed. Uh, don't take this wrong, but could you not follow?"

Artemis looked shocked and just a bit hurt as he nodded his headed. Jeremiah stood up with a sigh and headed to the boys dorm. It had been a few months since the sorting and was around Halloween. Last month Jeremiah had learnt what that feeling was when he first saw Artemis. It had happened as Artemis leaned close, their noses almost touching, to whisper something since forgotten. Jeremiah had practically leapt backwards as the urge to kiss Artemis had been so strong. He sighed to himself. He supposed his Mom might help him out a little.

Artemis was still sitting on the table, looking hurt, but doing his Potions. Jeremiah knew that his friend's father wouldn't be pleased if Artemis didn't do well. He looked up as Jeremiah stepped on a creaky stair. Relief briefly swept across his pointed features as he caught Jeremiah's green eyes in his own. Worry took relief's place as Jeremiah looked quickly away. Still sitting at his chair he called to Jeremiah.

"Jere, where are you going?"

"Just to see my mum, Art. Nothing serious. Just want to talk to her. You know how it feels odd for me to write her a letter when she's in the same building."

Artemis nodded his head in understanding. His mom, too, worked at the school. She did, however, write letters to Artemis and it always felt weird when he read them knowing that she was somewhere in the castle and could, just as easily, talk to him in person. Just then, an owl tapped at the window. Artemis rolled his eyes and went to retrieve it. As he got the letter from his father, Jeremiah slipped out of the common and headed towards Luna's office.

"Erumpunt," he muttered and the gargoyle leapt aside. The moving stairs carried him up to the door where he knocked. It was obvious Luna was off somewhere in her mind as she lazily replied "Come in". After walking into the office, Jeremiah cleared his throat and said softly "Hi, Mum."

"Mum? You only call me mum when somethings troubling you. What is it Jere, dear?" With Jeremiahs greeting, Luna had snapped out of her reverie.

"Mum, what would you do if your child was homosexual?"

"Well, I suppose, I'd be a bit sad I couldn't have grandkids but I'd still love him," she said looking lovingly at Jeremiah. "Well, I couldn't unless he was inlove with a male vela or a merman," she added thoughtfully.

"Really? What do you think dad would do?"

"I don't think he'd be that surprised honestly. I'm sure he has an inkling. Plus, there's a time where he felt that way too, ya know."

"Really? When?!" This news had made Jeremiah feel much more relaxed. But it wouldn't stay that way for long.

"Well, you talk to him and he'll tell you when he feels its appropiate or if he wants to. It's not my place to tell you, even if I so much want to" Luna replied in mellow tones.

"Okay, gues I better talk to Dad then, huh, Mum?"

"Guess so, sweet 'ums. So, who is it?"

"My turn to be mysterious"

And with those words, and a sinking heart, Jeremiah left the comfortable aurora of his mom's office. I don't want to talk to Dad, but he is really good at these things. But..it's Artemis…I just won't tell him who. Jermiah slowly went down the steps, past the gargoyle who seemed to mock him some how, as if the stone knew, seriously. He trudged along to the opposite side of the castle, avoiding glances.

"Dad, I have something to tell you, and something to ask."