Moon Madness

Title: Moon Madness

Author: Smenzer

Characters: Elizabeth, Will, Norrington, Jack, Pintel, Ragetti, Gillette, Groves, Murtogg, and Mullroy

Pairing: Will/Elizabeth

Status: Complete

Word count: 3,130 words

Genre: Supernatural humor/parody

Disclaimer: The characters are not mine. They belong to Disney or whoever owns the Rights to Pirates of the Caribbean.

Summary: Elizabeth wishes for excitement one night of the full moon and encounters a scary beast. Who will save her from it? A POTC werewolf story!

Author's Note: Originally posted on LJ under a different account.

Elizabeth crept down the stairs of her father's mansion, a pale hand sliding along the polished wood of the banister. The hour was late and she was supposed to be in bed, but she wanted to go see Will to get in a bit of extra sparring practice. Besides, it wasn't really that late or that's what she told herself anyway. The clock had yet to strike midnight. Stepping onto the floor with one dainty slipper, she inched towards the front door and silently slipped out. Her white gown fluttered in the warm tropical breeze, a huge full moon rising up into the sky. Thankful for the moon's light, she hurried down the dirt path towards the blacksmith shop. Reaching it, she lifted the wooden bar that kept the door closed and stepped within. The shop was dark except for a small red glare coming from the dying fire in the forge and the crooked square of moonlight coming through the open doorway … and two tiny glowing yellow orbs? Elizabeth squinted, her forehead wrinkling, as she tried to ascertain exactly what they could be. They weren't candle flames nor where they lamps. In fact, they reminded her of eyes

Then something stepped forward, exactly what Elizabeth wasn't sure as she had never seen or heard of such a beast. It was as tall as a person and stood on two legs like a man, but it had the appearance of a wolf: yellow glowing eyes, a long snout filled with sharp white teeth and upright ears. Although its hands were human-like, each finger ended in sharp, curved claws. It also had the canine feet with the impossibly long foot, the toes tipped in blunt black claws. It's breathing filled the silent room, the nostrils twitching as it took in her scent. Its steady breath reminded her of the bellows used on the forge… And Will, where was he?

Brown eyes widening in fright, she clamped a pale hand over her mouth. Taking an unsteady step backward, she slowly inched away from the creature. Its golden eyes were locked on her, its gaze unwavering. Her heart pounded within her chest, small beads of salty sweat breaking out on her forehead. Her hand outstretched, she made contact with the rough wood of the shop's doorway and stumbled outside, her eyes never leaving the creature. It was still there, in the shop. Then it lifted its head skyward and howled, the loud cry echoing in the otherwise silent night.

Terrified, Elizabeth ran down the dirt road. She had wished for excitement, but this was too much! After being kidnapped by pirates and going on a grand adventure things back in Port Royal seemed incredibly dull, more boring than before. Each day seemed an eternity as the sun inched across the sky slower than a snail. The only real highlights to her day was seeing Will and practicing fencing; not that fencing was all that thrilling. Learning the moves and how to properly hold the blade was monotonous to say the least. Nor could she use her new partially formed skill because all the blades were in the shop, with the creature between her and the weapons! Another howl was let loose in the night, the terrifying sound sending icy chills down her spine.

"AWOOOO!" The beast howled. Unknown to Elizabeth, the howl actually meant: Elizabeth, wait! It's me! Where are you going? I love you!

Hair streaming out behind her, she ran even faster. Daring to glance back, she was dismayed to see the horrible thing chasing her! It was loping along in some weird four-footed style. Worst, it seemed to be gaining ground!

Shrieking, Elizabeth dashed around a corner towards the peer. Hope bloomed in her chest when she saw a familiar figure sitting on a wooden barrel drinking from a glass bottle. Wasting no time, she bee lined right for her pirate friend. "Jack, you have to save me!"

Jack blinked his coal-lined eyes, one dark brow rising. "Save ye from what, Lizzie?"

"That!" Elizabeth pointed at the rapidly approaching man-animal-thing.

Following her finger, Jack's eyes widened when he saw the creature running at them. Startled, he jerked backward, fell off the barrel and landed with a loud splash in the water.

"Coward!" Elizabeth yelled at his disappearing form, her hands tightening into fists. Remembering the fast approaching thing, she dashed further down the wooden sidewalk that ran along the waterfront. Each footfall sounded like a drum to her ears and she was sure the beast could hear her.

"AWOOOO!" It howled, letting her know it was still chasing her.

"What was that?" A voice floated to Elizabeth from around the side of a large warehouse.

"Don't know. Reckon we don't want to know either…" A second voice replied. "We're supposed to be looting the contents of this building…"

"But what if it's something bad?" The first voice asked, sounding nervous. "I don't like dogs, Pint. Not them big ones anyway. They have big teeth. What if them marines got themselves some big guard dogs?"

"They're not gonna get any dogs…" Pintel glared angrily at Ragetti. "Quit your yakking and help me break this door down. None of them marines are around and you know how the Captain is always talking of opportune moments…"

Shrieking, Elizabeth raced straight at Pintel and Ragetti.

Confused expressions on their face, they both gawked at her with partly open mouths.

"Save me!" She cried as she dashed behind Ragetti, crouching down somewhat to hide behind his tall frame.

"From what?" Pintel asked her. "I don't see nothing…"

"AWOOOO!" The beast slid around the corner, its long black claws making deep grooves in the wooden sidewalk. Breathing hard, its chest heaving visibly thanks to the bright moonlight, it took a menacing step forward.

Eyes wide in fear, Pintel gulped. "Yer right, Rags. Them marines did get a dog and an ugly one at that! Time ter leave!"

Running towards the nearby water, Pintel and Ragetti leaped headfirst in and started swimming outward.

"What? Wait! You can't do that!" Elizabeth cried at their retreating forms. "You can't just leave me alone with this … this … dog!"

The click of claws on wood drew her attention back to the beast. It slowly inched closer one step at a time, some horrible white slobber dripping from its jaws in long strings. Its chest was still heaving from its exertion, but it didn't look exhausted yet. The yellow eyes were locked directly on her; not once did it pay any attention whatsoever to the fleeing pirates. Elizabeth drew a shaky breath, stepping backward. "Nice doggy, doggy…"


A new burst of terror squeezed her heart and she turned, running for her life once again. After what seemed like forever but was actually ten minutes she came upon a nice home. Wasting no time, she flew up the porch stairs and started banging on the door with both fists. Pausing in her rapping, she turned to look behind her. The beast was coming up the path! Shrieking in terror, she pounded on the door with more vigor. Without warning, the door flew open and she stumbled forward, a pair of strong arms catching her.

"Elizabeth, what are you doing out at this hour and in your nightgown no less?" A sleepy James Norrington asked her. He was dressed in a white, mid-thigh nightshirt and was wigless, his natural dark hair hanging loose about his shoulders. "Why are you on my porch and …"

Before he could finish, Elizabeth shoved him out of the way and ran shrieking into the house.

Catching his balance on a nearby hall table, James turned to look out the still open door to see what had frightened her so badly. He looked just in time to see the ugly creature running up his porch stairs and then it leaped right at him. Its hands landed on his shoulders, its momentum knocking him over backward onto the hard floor. Then its back feet hit his stomach, as it made ready to leap over him, temporary knocking the air out of him. Its weight vanished a moment later as it, too, ran into his house. Elizabeth's loud shriek woke him out of his shocked state and he rolled over, quickly getting to his feet. Barefoot, he dashed upstairs to his bedroom to fetch his sword. By the time he rushed back downstairs a moment later, he was just in time to see Elizabeth dash back out the still open front door, the beast still after her. The remains of a potted plant fell off its back, Elizabeth's lame attempt of stopping it. James leaped over the remains as he joined the chase.

"AWOOO!" The beast howled, loudly proclaiming his love.

"Save me!" Elizabeth yelled to whoever was awake at the ungodly hour.

"Stop! You're under arrest!" James shouted at the beast in front of him.

Murtogg and Mullroy were on guard duty at the Fort.

"Did you hear something?" Murtogg asked his companion. "I thought I heard a woman screaming…"

"Sounded more like a wolf howling at the full moon…"

"Can't be no wolf. There are no wolves here in the Caribbean…"

Elizabeth raced pass them, shrieking.

"See? It wasn't a wolf." Murtogg replied smugly. "It's just Miss Swann."

The beast ran past them, hot on Elizabeth's heels.

"See? Now that was a wolf!" Mullroy corrected him, proudly sticking his chest out. "I know a wolf when I hear one…"

"That isn't a wolf…" Murtogg glanced at his fellow guard, frowning. "That's some sort of dog…"

"Elizabeth!" James Norrington cried as he raced barefoot past the two guards in just his nightshirt, a sword in one hand. "Raise the alarm!"

Murtogg shrugged his shoulders. "Guess it's the Commodore's dog…"

"Guess we better raise the alarm like he said." Mullroy said, shuddering. "That was a nasty looking wolf. Wonder if it has rabies…"

Elizabeth raced into the Fort as the alarm started to sound. The running around was really starting to tire her out. Her feet ached and now a sharp pain was stabbing her in her side. Why was the beast obsessed with her? Why hadn't it chased after someone else? And why didn't someone stop it? She could hear James shouting at it. A lot of good that did! It was some vicious, bloodthirsty animal with a one-track brain and he wanted to arrest it? "Just shoot it already!"

"I can't!" James shouted back at her. "I don't have my pistol!"

"This is a bloody fort! There are pistols everywhere!"

"AWOOOO!" The beast added, its sharp claws scrambling on the smooth stones that lined the fort's hallway. It sounded as if it was growing closer and closer…

Elizabeth had no idea where she was running. Yes, she had been in the fort many times but she hadn't been everywhere. There were doors along the lantern-lit corridor but most appeared to be locked. Still, she tugged frantically on each one as she hurried past. The loud bell was ringing and soon everyone would be awake. The beast would be cornered and killed. She just needed to stay ahead of it a bit longer. Gripping the handle of the next door, she was shocked when it actually swung open. Her slippers sliding on the smooth stones, she raced into the room, spun around, pulled the door shut and frantically searched for a lock…

"Miss Swann!" A startled voice exclaimed from behind her.

Spinning around on her heels, her back pressed against the wooden door, she was stunned to see a partially dressed Gillette and Groves, the two frozen in the process of putting on their white shirts. From the contents of the small room, it was obvious she had barged into their shared bedroom. The room had two beds, one under a window and the other along the opposite wall. Both men had somewhat reddened faces, no doubt due to a lady seeing them in an improper state without wigs, neck cloths and hats; their bare chests visible. At the moment, however, she couldn't care less. "The lock, where's the lock?"

"This is the barracks, Miss Swann." Gillette informed her roughly. "We do not have locks on our doors."

The door shook as something struck it from the other side and Elizabeth leaped away, screaming. Spotting a sword sitting on a nearby nightstand, she snatched it up and leaped up onto the bed nearest the window. Breaking the glass, she quickly scrambled out the window and dropped the short distance to the ground.

"Hey!" Groves shouted after her. "That's my sword!"

The door shuddered again and then crashed to the floor with a loud boom. A strange creature, partly hair-covered with a long snout, raced into their room and leaped out the busted window. A moment later the Commodore appeared in his nightshirt, green eyes wide with panic. "Where did it go?"

Groves pointed silently at the busted window.

James jumped up onto Groves' bed and crawled through the window, pausing to glare at his two officers. "Don't just stand there, get after it!"

"But, Sir! We're not proper yet…" Gillette protested, his shirt still not on.

"We need to get that animal before it gets Miss Swann!" James disappeared through the window and dropped to the ground. "One of you better have a pistol!"

Sighing, they grabbed up their pistols and Gillette his sword to follow their commanding officer outside via the window. They had no idea what was going on or why some strange animal was chasing Miss Swann around in the middle of the night. But thanks to her, they were now required to run around half clothed and miss their sleep.

Back at the main door to the fort, Murtogg and Mullroy were still on guard duty. Just because some wild animal had entered the fort didn't mean they could leave their posts. They had sounded the alarm as requested and now they had to wait.

"I know…" Mullroy suddenly said. "It's a werewolf!"

"Don't be daft!" Murtogg shook his heading, laughing. "There's no such thing as a werewolf!"

"Sure there is." The other man protested loudly. "You saw it. No dog could look like that, all deformed and yet man-like. Plus there's a full moon."

Both paused to stare up at the full moon high overhead, a shiver passing through both of them. They remembered the cursed pirates all too well.

"It's a dog and that's that!" Murtogg insisted, arms momentarily crossed over his chest, his weapon clutched in one sweaty hand. "A half-starved mongrel with bad mange and some birth deformities. Yeah and Miss Swann was about for a late stroll because you know how she is pirate-obsessed and all. It was rooting in a nearby bin and she startled it. Frightened, she ran and triggered its instinct to chase prey. Then the Commodore got involved somehow…"


"I hope it doesn't come this way…" Mullroy said as sweat beaded on his brow.

Loud shrieking grew louder and louder.

"It's coming this way." Murtogg sighed, standing up straighter and ready to salute. First Elizabeth ran past shrieking with a sword in one hand, and then the odd beast, then the Commodore followed by his half naked lieutenants. As Norrington ran past the two marines smartly saluted. "The line is getting longer…"

"Yep." Mullroy agreed. "Good thing we're on guard duty. I don't much care for running about."

A few minutes later, dozens of marines and navy personnel flowed out of the fort, all ready to run off in pursuit of the enemy. They were all very surprised when the guards on night duty informed them the enemy was a wild deformed dog. Port Royal was in chaos, armed soldiers running every direction and often jumping at each other's shadows.

Elizabeth was exhausted by the time she saw the first rays of sunlight creep up into the sky. The beast had chased her all night, howling every so often. No matter how she had tried to evade it or run around in circles it had followed her. Hiding hadn't worked as it easily followed her scent trail. And when she ran towards James and his officers, the thing just barreled them right over, the gunshots going wild. Clinging to the side of a nearby building, she glanced behind her fearfully. She hadn't seen or heard the thing for the past twenty minutes. Where had it gone? Was it lying in wait somewhere nearby, ready to jump out at her? Or had one of the marines finally shot it? A figure moved in the shadows up ahead and her heart sped up. Was it the creature?

"Elizabeth!" Will called as the shadowy figure stepped out into the sunlight. He was wearing his normal outfit of dark pants with boots, a white puffy-sleeved shirt and brown vest. "What's going on? Are we being attacked by pirates?"

"Will!" Elizabeth cried as she raced into his arms. "Some horrible beast was chasing me all night! No matter where I ran it followed me! It had glowing golden eyes and this ugly snout filled with sharp teeth!"

The young blacksmith hugged her tightly, long black claws morphing back into ordinary fingernails behind her back. "It's all right, Elizabeth. I'm here now. I'll not let some beast get you!"

Just then James and his two lieutenants appeared from around another corner. The Commodore's nightshirt was torn in several places from the wild beast leaping on him each time he stood between the creature and its prey. He didn't understand why the beast hadn't torn his throat out; it certainly had the opportunity. Except for a few minor scrapes and scratches, he was perfectly fine. Weary from running about barefoot all night, he was relieved to see Elizabeth safe. "Mr. Turner, did you see the creature?"

"What creature?" Will asked sleepily, muffling a yarn with one hand. "I just woke up, Commodore. I haven't seen anything except for my donkey in the shop."

"Some dog-like beast." The Commodore explained. Looking down at himself, he frowned. "Escort Miss Swann home and watch out for the creature. We need to return to the fort, get properly dressed and then search the entire town and surrounding area."

Safe in Will's arms, Elizabeth sighed happily. He was such a hero.

The End?