Just some questions that I've been asked by my friends. I decided to answer them here to help clear a few things up...

Question-Ok, so what exactly inspired you to write this fanfic?

Answer-Well, basically, I was a bit disappointed with the special Phantom Planet. Yet, it also gave a new perspective on how to write fanfics for me. Sure, the series is over, and a lot of plot lines were answered. Yet, a lot were left unanswered. Perhaps one of the best-known unresolved plot-lines involves the open-ending to the plot of TUE (The Ultimate Enemy). It caused me to ask the question "What would happen if somebody released Dan?" From there, this fanfic was born.

Question-Why Dan of all characters?

Answer-So many questions were left unanswered when it came with Dan. He's such an enigma when it comes to his personality. Plus, I just love the psychotic jerk.

Question-Did Dan become a good guy at the end?

Answer- Oh, heaven's no! Dan is still a destructive monster. Also, Dan has stated several times he doesn't believe in good or evil. He simply does what he does because he can.

Question-But, you had him crying and expressing his love to his family. Isn't that out of character?

Answer-No. I mean, it helps to read the fanfic to understand why Dan acted so unusually. In the fanfic, Maddie expresses concern and even mourns the death of her son. Also, Danny told his future-self that Dan was still considered a part of the family even though he's a ruthless murderer. To me, Dan acting OOC (Out Of Character) would be if he were to start bawling or apolologizing to his family...or if he suddenly turned into some sort of do-good hero. I've always felt that, deep down inside, Dan still loved his family and that he had some emotion...he just doesn't like to show it.

Question-Whatever became of Freakshow?

Answer-I don't know. (Laughs) I guess he's still out cold in that warehouse.

Question-Ok...Flaming belch? What?

Answer-Funny story behind this one...ok, it's funny to me at least. See, there's this debate among DP fans that if Danny has ice powers...would that mean that Dan has fire powers. Well, I decided to give Dan fire powers in this fanfic...and ended up giving him the ability to breathe fire...or belch fire in this case.

Question-Is that why you made Dan fat?

Answer- Actually, Dan was fattened up in this fanfic for two reasons. One was simply because, I felt that him spending so much time in that thermos with no exercise (I'm sure he got food somehow...erm...let's leave that to the imagination) caused him to put on a few pounds. The other reason is explained in the fanfic...Dan's belly fat is the fuel source to his fire.

Question-Will you be writing a sequel to this fanfic?

Answer-I plan on doing so. However, I currently don't know what it's going to be about.