This story plot is entirely owed to my dad. We were talking about KP one morning, and he threw out this idea, saying I should write it down as a fan fiction. I developed it a little, and found this would be a great story, romantic, adventurous, and funny! But my main goal for this is to write it similar to an episode, so hopefully I can get that right.

Note: Takes place early Season 4, probably right after Clothes Minded.



Disclaimer: I don't own Kim Possible or any of the characters affiliated with it.


Chapter 1: The Date.

Nighttime fell over the Possible household with much grace, the full moon rising up from behind the sheltered trees and hanging over the rooftop, casting beautiful, misty light onto the shingles and the darkened, crunchy grass as shallow winds rustled the strands together, adding to the noisy movement of the multi-colored leaves, filling the crisp, autumn evening with soft but glorious, musical whispers...

At least the outside was like that anyway. Inside, however, sounded anything but peaceful.

"Where is it?" Kim grunted in annoyance. Another shirt flew out of her closet, landing on the floor next to her long discarded green halter-top she had not worn since mid-Junior year. Three more articles of clothing were flung out, followed by a stressed growl.

Kim stormed out her closet with an awkward gait, pushing back her hanged clothes and clearing her path. An annoyed snarl had crept across her face, forcing her olive eyes to narrow and her orange, glossy lips into a frown. She stopped in front of the accumulative pile of discarded clothing and set her hands on her hips. One of her feet was bare, save for the bright red nail polish that was neatly painted onto the toes, and lifted an inch from the ground, while the other styled a light blue, semi-tall heeled, open toed sandal.

She looked at the mess and frowned in disgust, but continued her search without falter, hobbling over to the right side of her bedroom, over to her computer desk.

She'd looked everywhere else, why not?!

Kim opened and closed several drawers, lifted her geometry notes away, then set them back down. Standing on her tiptoes, she hunched over the computer screen and looked around the back of her desk. No luck. Kim furrowed her eyebrows and groaned, then stood up straight. Crossing her arms, she gave her room an overlook, chewing on her bottom lip toughly.

Mrs. Dr. Possible passed Kim's open door with a full laundry hamper clasped in her hands. She looked into the room, just to check on Kim, and her eyes widened with surprise, observing the clutter and her very distressed daughter, whose back was turned. Kim tapped her bare foot a couple times, still looking around. She rubbed her chin with her hand, and then made a beeline for her bed. Putting her knees to the peach colored floor, she got down on her stomach and stuck her entire upper body under the bed skirt, grumbling incoherently as she pushed her way through old discarded items that she had not seen since junior high.

Mrs. Possible narrowed her eyes, dropped the basket in the hallway, put a hand on her hip, and entered the destruction zone carefully with a slightly annoyed gleam in her sky blue eyes. She kicked her way through Kim's wardrobe, old shirts, skirts, shorts, a little black dress. The only missing article of clothes was the-

She dug her hand into a nearby pile and pulled out a blue and white jumpsuit, the matching gloves, belt, and boots had been detached and were scattered amongst the rest of the disorder. Mrs. Possible shook her head, disappointed at her daughter's untidiness, Kim usually kept her room in a manageable order, with a little more then one or two things to be found on her floor, and had never trashed it quite this bad. This was terrible.

Mrs. Possible gently placed the super suit onto the pink chest that was slid up to the front her daughter's bed and, sure it was safe now, turned to Kim, who was still halfway under her bed and fully occupied with her search.

"Ah ha!" the words escaped from below. Kim emerged from the floor quickly, scrambling to her feet as she produced a matching light blue sandal in her hands, clutched by the strap. She smiled triumphantly, glad she had relocated it before it was too late, but her victory mood was quickly changed as she caught sight of her mother, who gave Kim an irritable and questioning glare, her arms crossed over her chest. Kim's smile quickly fluttered and she placed her free hand under the sandal for balance.

"Kimmie, look at this mess!" her mother stated sternly, gesturing to the winkled clothes that twisted around their legs.

Kim looked at her room seriously for the first time in the ten minutes that she'd spent destroying it. Her mom was right; it was a total disaster area! Guess she shouldn't have gone so crazy when it came to finding a stupid shoe; she could've just put on another pair instead. But no, those were the ones she wanted; they looked best with her outfit tonight. The color matched her blue halter-top perfectly, and made her look more mature with the white, fluffed skirt that barely brushed her knees, but without looking too grown up. After all, Kim knew her boundaries, and there was no point in dressing trashy. Then again, she thought, holding up the sandal, I really could've spared myself the mess and looked good at the same time.

She twisted her mouth into an apologetic frown, raised her hand, and was about to explain her situation to Mrs. Possible, when a loud, melodic chime sounded from downstairs. The two Possible women froze abruptly and both out looked at the empty hallway. Another chime resounded up before Kim heard the front door open quickly. Some banter was exchanged between the visitor and person who was allowing him to enter, then a voice called to her room.

"Kimmie-cub, Ronald's here!" Mr. Dr. Possible shouted in his usual good mood.

Kim smiled brightly. Ron was finally here to pick her up, she'd been afraid she would take too long to get ready thanks to the missing shoe problem and would have to postpone their evening. Looks like things had worked out in her favor. She turned to her mother, grabbing the sandal strap with both hands, smiling sweetly. Mrs. Possible raised an eyebrow warningly; she was expecting her daughter to clean up her room after all that drama. Kim saw the doubt in her mom's eyes and quickly switched her tactic, shaping her face to fit a different emotion. Her lip wobbled and her eyes grew large.

"Pwease?" Kim said in a pitiful voice to match her most infamous Puppy Dog Pout.

Mrs. Possible's expression didn't change, but her daughter's approach certainly had weakened her. Why had she taught her that trick again? Her mouth twitched as Kim inched a bit closer, those big, green eyes only widening as she did so. There was no winning this, Mrs. Possible thought, and she smirked. Kim's face straightened out a little in the gleam of hope she had caught.

"Go on." the brain surgeon finally said.

Kim smiled in gratitude and gave her mother a slight hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks Mom! I'll clean up when I get back! I swear!" she called as she rushed out, making a skillful leap over the clothes hamper (emphasis on the skillful, have you ever tried clearing a basket of laundry in one, high heeled shoe?) and speeding into the hallway.

Mrs. Possible watched quietly, a knowing smile smoothed across her face and she crossed her arms. She remembered a time when she was like that. Teenagers, you couldn't live with them and you couldn't live without them. Oh well, might as well just let Kimmie and Ron enjoy their date, she'd have her daughter pinned to clean this either way.


Ron stood, humming to himself quietly as he waited at the door, rocking back and forth in his white sneakers. He styled his normal attire, red jersey and kaki pants. They weren't heading to any fancy restaurant tonight, no point in overdressing for a simple date. No Beuno Nacho though, he thought cautiously. Kim had mentioned that she was sick of dates there, as that was where they had spent their last three. After much thought and a day's worth of paging over the phone book for a eatery that "doesn't serve anything soaked with hand pumped cheese," he inwardly quoted Kim's words from the week before, which he had agreed to with much disappointment. In the end, he has settled for a steak house just outside of Upperton, but only after he confirmed, from the restaurant manager, that they at least sold nachos along with the meals (though he doubted they would be as good as Beuno Nacho's). He agreed no Beuno Nacho for this date, but it didn't mean he had to deny himself and Rufus the greatest of all foods.

He furrowed his brow, from his spot downstairs, he could hear a strange stomping sound, like someone jumping on one foot in a large shoe. Familiar, but incoherent grunts echoed from the higher level in time with the stomping, creating a strange, noisy beat that caused Rufus, during one of his deeper, nicer naps, to peek from his fabric home in Ron's pocket and squeak questioningly, still drowsy and confused. Ron looked down at him and shrugged, just as bewildered by the sound.

Kim emerged from the hallway, hoping on one foot, holding other in an unstrapped shoe as she struggled to finish putting it on. The redhead clutched the blue strap tight, and, trying to keep her balance, attempted to push it into the metal latch on the other side of the shoe in her wondrous hurry. Ron's attention switched onto the outer balcony that lead to stairs, and he watched with shock as Kim bounded for the stairs on one high heel.

She bit down on her lower lip and sweat coursed her brow as she pulled harder to make the strap go over her foot. The shoes were on the brink of not fitting anymore. Her shoe size had to change now, of all times, when she was trying to leave. She gritted her teeth, annoyed by the rotten luck of tonight.

In her tedious attempt to attach the sandal, Kim had not been watching where she was walking, or where the second floor ended and the stairs began. Kim hopped back another foot, the stair rail appeared out of the corner of her concentrating eyes, but it was a second too late. The back of her heel was already slipping over the side of the first stair.

A quick scream and a 'whoa!' escaped her lips and Kim redirected her attention to saving herself. Her arms flailed, letting loose the shoe, to grab hold of the metal rail, but as her body fell from balance, it came just out of reach. Several more desperate snatches at the air were made by the teen hero before she went tumbling from the second floor.

"KP!" Ron called to her as he watched her slip, worry and fear glittered in his eyes. "Don't worry, I'll catch you!"

It wasn't more then a moment later that Ron realized his girlfriend needed no help. As she fell to the fifth step, Kim instinctively stuck out her hands, bracing herself as she landed on her palms a split second later. Pushing the rest of her body up with all the strength she could muster into her arms, she launched herself back into the air. Doing a quick flip, the redhead dived back down toward the bottom floor.

Ron took a few steps back in caution and watched with zealous as Kim landed on her feet like a cat, bending her knees and bracing her right hand to the floor. A confident smile etched across her face and her eyes were filled with adrenaline. Rufus clapped and whistled at her amazing feat.

Kim straightened out her skirt over her knees, then reached down to her foot, the unstrapped blue sandal still there, amazingly. With a grin, she pulled the thick strip of blue fabric and bending plastic over the side of her foot and, without struggle, slipped it through the metal latch. A little snug, Kim thought, but decided to ignore it.

With another sweep at her skirt, Kim finally stood up and looked Ron in the eyes. He was smiling, mesmerized, but not surprised, by his girlfriend's quick thinking. Kim opened her arms in question, then asked with a smile;

"So, ready to go?"


A swing of a car door, and Kim slid into the driver's seat of the Roth SL Coupe. She planted her feet on the floor of the car and gripped the steering wheel with one hand. Ron didn't own a car yet, Kim thought to herself, though he was saving up a little his weekly Smarty Mart pay since he'd started working there. He was getting close, he kept saying. Nevertheless, Kim had conversed with Wade and her brothers about building Ron his own 'Stoppable-moble' for his birthday. He'll like that, she knew he would. Red and black; those were the colors he'd wanted for his dream car, she reminded herself, they matched his jersey.

Ron sat himself into the passenger seat and pulled the seatbelt over his chest, pressing it into the metal buckle on the right side of him. He stole a quick glance at Kim and smiled softly, she had dressed up tonight, just for him. And there he was, in his school clothes. It made him feel a little guilty, to say the least. He hadn't done anything special for her tonight; he wasn't even driving her to the restaurant.

"I am way underdressed tonight," he said, gesturing at Kim's stylish, but not fancy, ensemble. Catching the flirtatious and sweet complement, she stared down at herself quickly, then at Ron. She smiled and reached a hand for his cheek.

'I don't know, Ron," she replied coyly, leaning in a little closer, "I think you look kinda cute,"

Ron picked up on the gesture, and followed his girlfriend's lead, closing the space between their faces and preparing for the kiss of a lifetime. He caught sight of Kim puckering her lips before closing his eyes, smiling a little as her hand remained on his cheek, which was growing warm. He still got hot flashes whenever she kissed him, it was an impulse, but Kim never seemed to mind it.

Their lips were near touching when a familiar melodic static came from the car's video screen. The darkness brightened as a composed Wade Load appeared on the computer, blinding the teenagers with unexpected light.

"Hey guys!" the thirteen-year-old exclaimed cooly. He stopped, noticing the near romantic pose his two comrades were. He frowned.

"Sorry for the interruption," his voice was apologetic, but his eyes spoke of thankfulness, Kim read it, and she smiled, giggling inwardly. Ron, on the other hand, just seemed very annoyed.

"Aw, come on, why can't we just kiss already?" he whined. He was sure this was like, the tenth kiss Wade had 'unintentionally interrupted'.

Wade was awkwardly quiet. He always seemed to catch them right when they started being... mushy. Even for a boy who had explored his feelings about romance not but a month before, something just really grossed him out about the idea of Kim and Ron kissing. Maybe it was just that he'd known them for so long, and he was still getting used to the boyfriend/girlfriend thing.

Or it's was because it reminded him of the fateful day when he'd tuned on Kim's locker to give her an update on a mission, only to find she and Ron locked in a passionate kiss in front of the screen. He had always suspected hidden feelings, but it had been very unexpected. He fried one of his computers with the soda he spit out too, Moodulator-enforced kiss or not.

Wade shook himself from his thoughts and pulled himself into recent times, remembering that Kim and Ron were still there, and he had a mission to run by them.

"Well, anyway, just got a hit on the site," he said in his urgent but cool manner. Both teens shared expressions that bordered between exasperated and serious, but they listened keenly. Wade typed several things on his keyboard as he spoke. "Robbery in progress, Jimmy Ding's Diamond Collection in Los Angeles. I hacked the security tapes, take a look at this!"

He pressed a final button on the keyboard, and a video stream overlook the screen. Through soft static and transparent lines, the main room of the diamond emporium appeared. Between the marble floors and glass cases filled with jewels so expensive, it would take two lifetime's worth of work at Smarty Mart to pay for one of them, it looked more like a museum then a place to shop. Night had long since fallen, as moonlight cascaded through the glass roof, forming long shadows from the glass cases.

All seemed well. Then, a sharp shatter from above. Clear glass fell to the floor in a quick, violent and painful shower. Once it ceased, several long coils of rope slid down from the roof, and five men slipped down them; all were dressed in black and hooded, save for one, though his hair was so short and so black Kim could have mistaken it for a hood in the shadowy room. He spoke quietly to the other men, waving his muscular arms about as he so. His tanned skin gave away his identity so quickly, Kim almost found it funny.

"Sr. Senior Junior!" she exclaimed, pushing her index finger into the back of the recorded young man.

"Really?" Ron scrunched his eyes up, trying to see what his girlfriend saw. After a few moments, he gave up trying. "What makes you say that?"

They exchanged gazes a moment, then looked back at the screen. The five men had disappeared, leaving the destruction in their wake. Nothing expect the diamonds, which they had left untouched, occupied the room. Silence proceeded with general creepiness, reminiscent to the disturbance. Kim expected that the video was over and waited for Wade to appear again.

Sr Senior Junior popped up instead, causing a jump of unison between two very unsuspecting teen heroes. The video was still going! They both leaned closer as their young enemy, who took up the entire view of the camera. Unlike his henchmen, Junior styled his usual tight, yellow shirt and black pants. His hair was shiny, over-lathered with La Goop no doubt, and he wore a million dollar (quite literally) smile. He winked at the camera smoothly, struck a couple of over dramatic poses, stroked back his sticky hair, even checked his teeth for stray food as Kim and Ron watched with bewildered expressions. The redhead rolled her eyes, Junior could never resist a chance to be on camera.

The young billionaire continued his dramatic act for several minutes, and just when Kim was finally ready to stop the type, bored out of her mind, Junior stopped in front of the screen. He gained an almost evil looking grin, and held up a pair of pliers. He almost looked menacing, Kim and Ron thought together, but quickly took it back when Junior attempted an evil laugh, which came out nasally, annoying and girlish, before he approached the camera, again, almost menacingly, pliers in hand. It was a few more moments of torturous laughter before the video and audio gave out, leaving nothing but welcomed static.

Kim and Ron exchanged sullen glances as Wade reappeared on screen,.

"Now why does Junior have to rob people, he's already rich!" Ron exclaimed.

"Don't know," Kim stated, a mission ready tone in her voice. "But better put a rain check on that dinner date, Ron, we've got a villain to bust!"

Ron sighed in disappointment. "Just once, I'd like a date night that didn't require a robbery or world domination!"

He doubted his request would ever be granted.



This is something I've been trying to get done all summer. It won't be as long as some of my other work, less then twelve chapters. My first experiment in real K/R too, so tell me if I did it right. This should be a fun trip, hope you join me for it.

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