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Chapter 10: Soul Set Ablaze


"Well, that didn't go exactly as well as I hoped."

It was Ron who finally spoke up, trying to make light humor, after an awkward silence that filled the void as Junior's henchmen took his backpack and locked him onto the wall in a similar fashion to Kim and Monique, neither of whom had attempted real conversation since he'd entered the building with no plan whatsoever. He'd kinda hoped Junior would just give up, but that was before Shego became involved.

Shego and Junior; an item. Jungo, as Larry would call it, being the fan fiction nerd that he was. Ron just couldn't wrap his mind around that coupling. Why on Earth would those two have a thing for each other? Shego was successfully evil, smart, and violent; Junior… was not, well, at least that's what Ron had been thinking all these years.

No. No, he couldn't worry about the villains' relationships right now. He had to worry about his own.

The blonde boy looked over to Kim, whom he was closest to on the wall, and was surprised when their eyes met; she'd been watching him this whole time.

The teen heroine blushed and quickly averted her eyes to the floor. Ron always thought she was so cute when she was embarrassed.

Man, this is gonna be hard, he thought, miming Kim's actions and admiring Junior's new tiling with a frown.

Was she hurt? Angry? Would she never forgive him? Fear rocked Ron to his very core at the thought of losing his best friend and the fault being his own. That… that couldn't happen. It wouldn't.

"Ahem! Testing… one, two, three!"

Junior's shrill, accented voice snapped Ron back into reality, where he was captured by the villain he least expected to be captured by, who was now attempting to whoo another villain with the professionals would call "a date".

In the time between Shego's grand entrance and his recent thoughts (however long that had been), Junior had had his henchmen set up and plug in various speakers and lights for the stage in the center of room.

Currently, the rich boy was standing in front of a gold-plated microphone, tapping it with one finger. Ron didn't have to look far to find Shego sitting at the one table next to the stage, taking a sip from the chilled wine that'd been set out for her.

The former sidekick grimaced. If he didn't know any better, he'd say Junior was about to-

And that was when the music started. Popish, slow music that sounded as though it had been played on a child's electric keyboard.

All the lights dimmed except for the one that pointed center stage; in it stood Junior, and his microphone.

The millionaire grinned boyishly and grabbed the mic-stand dramatically. "This is a song I'd like to dedicate to my favorite girl in the whole world," he pointed to Shego, who seemed to pause in her drink and acknowledge the sweet dedication, but was a little unimpressed by the showy flirting.

That didn't stop Junior though. The music began to build and he pulled the mic closer, inhaling loudly.

Oh no, was Ron, Monique, Kim, and Shego's last thought before he began singing.

"From the moment we met…

I had to be with you.

And now that we are together, I know just what I will do.

You sparked a fire with your sarcastic flavor, now I just want to return the favor!"

He pointed at the villainess again, not noticing how much she was cringing as he entered the chorus.

"You set my soul blaze when I'm near you,

So I will fan the flames of our love!

So that the fire will grow ever stronger,

'Til the blaze… can be seen… from abovvvvvveeee…"

As Junior held the final note, Ron finally found the words to describe Junior's singing voice; nausea-inducing. Every note was so off it actually made the boy sick. And these lyrics… the Oh Boyz wrote these? The villain must've edited them.

His thoughts were suddenly drowned out as the second verse started. Ron braced himself. Junior's movie star grin came out during those next, wretched lines.

"I am rich and quite handsome

You glow green and are pale

For a time, we were together

And together, we went to jail."

The former sidekick swore he saw Shego glare in the direction of her crooner. Those lyrics weren't very complimentary… not to anyone but Junior.

"Your vicious taste for villainy,

Has somehow cast a spell on me-heee!

You set my soul blaze when I'm near you,

So I will fan the flames of our love!

So that the fire will grow ever stronger,

'Til the blaze… can be seen… from abovvvvvveeee…Above-ove-ove-ove!"

"Oh God, he's riffing…" thought Ron and the villainess at the same time.

"Oh! Oh, baby, baby, yeah!

You set my soul blaze when I'm near you,

So I will fan the flames of our love!

So that the fire will grow ever stronger,

'Til the blaze… can be seen…"

He took a sudden pause, for effect, and bowed his head dramatically for a few moments.

But much to everyone's dismay, it didn't last.

"From abovvvvvveeee…"

The note he hit was high, and extremely off-key. Enough to make one's ears bleed.

But Ron's ears were only ringing when the note finally cut off, and with it, the music. He looked to his side and found differing expressions on his friends' faces; Monique's face spoke of utter disbelief, while Kim just looked kind of annoyed. Just like Shego, who didn't bother faking a smile for the lovelorn villain.

Luckily, Junior couldn't read expressions very well; he seemed to take it as joyous disbelief. He released the mic stand and clamped his hands together.

"So… what did you think?" The eagerness in his voice suddenly made Ron feel the least bit sorry for him. Poor guy, crushing on one of the most awfully evil women on the planet.

His hopeful smile must've melted Shego's icy heart as well, because she began stuttering, searching for words that lied to the boy about her true feelings.

"Well, it was… hmm… wow…" she stood up, straightened her dress, and approached the boy with an uncharacteristic awkwardness. "It was… definitely interesting!"

She has a soft spot for him, realized the former sidekick. Who'd-a thought?

Junior's smile only widened at her half-compliment and he hugged her tightly, pulling her up onto the stage with his surprising grip.

"Oh, I knew you'd love it! I modified the lyrics to fit us and everything!" He squeezed her even tighter, and even though Shego seemed uncomfortable, she honestly smiled. His embrace was so warm, and comforting.

"No kidding," she managed to squeak out. All at once, the villainess ignored all her usual impulses around men and awkwardly hugged him back a little bit.

And there they stood, holding each other, smiling and laughing together. And for a moment, they actually looked as though they were in love.

Ron was flabbergasted, and could only think one thing. "This is way too weird."

"…Actually kinda sweet when you think about it."

Now doubly flabbergasted, the boy jumped when he heard the female voice respond to his thoughts. He found himself searching for the source… and meeting Kim's eyes again. This time she was smiling, and she didn't look away.

He wanted to smile back, but guilt was still choking his heart. He didn't deserve her or her forgiveness. He really didn't.

Ron wasn't having much luck forming clever words to respond to Kim, when he felt a sudden burning sensation on his inter-locked wrists. A second later, he was falling headfirst on the floor, and free.

"Wha-" Ron didn't have time to finish his sentence before a pair of pink paws reached from his head and clamped his mouth shut.

Rufus peered between the messy blonde locks of Ron's hair and waved with the laser pen his master had packed, mouthing a "hello".

The boy nodded in understanding. His naked mole rat must've gone unnoticed when the henchmen snagged his backpack.

"Good work, little buddy," the words were still muffled by Rufus' paw. The rodent quickly moved away, dropped the laser pen onto the floor, and slipped back into the safety of his master's pants pocket.

Ron stood and quietly grabbed up the pen, facing Kim with a careful smile. It was hero time.

Hoping the villains would stay distracted, he began working on Monique's restraints first.

"All part of the plan, I'm guessing?" remarked the girl as the manacles began weakening around her wrists.

"As of now, yes." Ron whispered impatiently. The crystallized goop snapped, and Monique slid down the wall, landing on her feet in graceful way that annoyed the boy. Why hadn't he done that?

He was surprised when the girl suddenly grabbed his shoulder and pulled him closer.

"You better start making nice with Kim though, because I can't afford anymore emotional shopping trips," it seemed to be a joke. And Ron almost laughed, until he realized that she wasn't done.

"Besides, it's almost like that girl… isn't complete without you."

The guilt welled up again. He didn't even feel Monique let go as he approached his ex-girlfriend, the awkward quiet taking over. He knew this was coming, and it was going to be the hardest part of the mission.

Ron stood on the tips of his toes in order to reach the restraints, and began working almost immediately. He swore he could feel Kim's eyes upon him, but he didn't dare look back to see if that was true.

"KP…" he started, still focusing on freeing her, "do you… do you hate me?"

He finally looked at her as he finished his sentence, and got caught in her sad olive eyes and wary smile. Dead to rights, she had him now.

"Ron, I-"

But the teen heroine wasn't allowed to finish her sentence before her trapped arms were freed, and slightly burned, by one detracted Ron Stoppable. With a silent "whoa", she fell forward, just as he had.

Snapped back into reality, Ron was quickest to act. He lunged forward and grabbed Kim by the waist before she could hit the ground, holding her up as best he could while anxiously looking the direction of the villains.

They hadn't moved, good, and extremely lucky. He pulled the redhead back up, pressing her to his chest with one arm.

The teenager only had enough time wipe his brow clean before he realized the compromising position he had his best friend in; both blushed and silently pulled away from each other.

Ron rubbed the back of his neck. "Er… sorry."

"We'll talk about it later," said Kim, but she seemed to be referring to something entirely different. "Right now, we need to get out of here. Those two are nothing the cops can't handle."

That was when she grabbed his hand.

"And for the record, I don't hate you."

Those words were ringing in Ron's ears as he let the teen heroine pull him across the room. It was a good kind of ringing.

The pair reached the door with haste, and found Monique waiting there with the missing backpacks. She passed Kim hers, and smirked when Ron dreamily took his bag in without a word of thanks. Yeah, she knew they would be okay.

It was just then that Junior and Shego finally parted, wearing grins that one would never expect to see on villains' faces.

"You really are something, Junior," said the villainess, her grin melting into a smirk.

"I am glad you think so," there was more than a little arrogance in the way he spoke. "And Father will be pleased to know that I've finally settled."

Shego laughed, a strange nervousness coming into her voice. "Heh… settled? What do you mean…?"

Her question was suddenly answered when Junior pulled a small, black box from his back pocket and got down on one knee.

He flipped the box open, revealing an obscenely gaudy diamond ring.

"Shego, with these prisoners as my witnesses… will you marry me?"

The words echoed over the stolen stereo system with irritable prominence, and the shockwave that ran through the room was amazing.

Kim, who had been in process of unlocking the entrance with her laser pen, stopped dead and wheeled around; trying to confirm that it was indeed Junior who had just proposed to her arch enemy. Monique had put a hand over her mouth in astonishment, while Ron just stood there, bug-eyed.

And Shego, poor Shego, as in the worst shock of all.

"M-marriage?" she stuttered, as if the mere word scared her. "Ah… Junior, don't think that's a little..."

Disappointment began filling the young man's eyes, and Shego forced herself to look away, searching around the room for any excuse to leave. And that was when she spotted the three heroes at the door.

Bingo, she thought, now cursing herself for even coming.

"Possible's escaped!" she exclaimed a little too eagerly, looking back at her would-be suitor.

Junior was on his feet in a second, looking on at his escaped prisoners with worried eyes.

"You still saw me propose, right?" he shouted over to the group. "Because I need witnesses, and-"

Shego groaned, not even wanting to hear the rest. She charged her hands with green power and lunged off the stage, racing to her targets with forged anger and some relief.

As her two friends scattered out of the way, Kim raised her hands in a fighting stance, meeting her opponent head on.

She dodged the first swipe Shego made, and grabbed the villainess' other arm, twisting it back in an attempt to toss her to the floor. Shego knew the move too well, and proceeded to force the redhead off with one kick.

"Ohhh… haven't even said yes yet, and you're already a bridezilla!" Kim quirked, moving in for another attack.

The black-haired woman blocked her skillfully, and took another swipe at the teenager's head. "Shut it, Kimmie. I was just as trapped as you in this case!"

Kim did nothing but smirk as the two of them continued their fight.

Meanwhile, it was Ron and Monique who faced off with Junior.

The blonde was the first to leap onto the stage, staring down the villain with a glare, who surprisingly… didn't return it as he stood in a defensive position.

"So, you did hear my proposal, right?" he asked in a tone that was oddly casual, considering the situation.

"Uhhhh… sure, yeah dude," answered Ron, clearly confused from the look on his face. Monique climbed up the stage and watched the boys with a similar expression.

"Oh good! This way, if she does say yes, she can't deny it later!" exclaimed the young man.

"If you think she would do that, then why ask her to marry you?" the boy asked, wrapped up in sudden interest.

Junior shrugged, smiling coyly. "There's just something attractive about a woman with a little spitfire, you know?"

The blonde nodded and mimed the smile. "Oh yeah, I hear ya."

"Ah, yes…" the villain said. The two of them the proceeded to look out at the stage lights dreamily, seemingly lost in their own thoughts. But it didn't last.

"Now… attack!"

And Junior proceeded to football-style tackle Ron to the floor, knocking several gadgets and Rufus off of Ron as he fell back, slapping his attacker rather pathetically as a line of defense.

Rufus sat up, massaging the bump that he formed on his head; between those henchmen that been so rough with the backpack and this, the poor creature was taking a rather fierce beating today.

Monique was quick to grab up the dazed naked mole rat and place him on her shoulder, where he was safe. She then looked back down, and saw a strange, slivery tube not far from where Rufus had fallen.

She picked it up and looked the thing over; its label read "Hair Gel". But it wasn't a brand she'd ever seen.

"Hey Ron, was does your hair gel do?" It was probably a bad time for such questions, but if Monique knew one thing about Team Possible, it was that their hair care products were never really hair care products; a fact she had learned the hard way at one sleepover with Kim.

Junior currently had Ron in a headlock, but that didn't stop the boy from talking. "Ugh! I dunno. That isn't mine!"

Monique realized that she had given Ron her best friend's backpack by mistake. She looked down at the tube yet again. She couldn't help but wonder…

Back with Kim and Shego, the two were matching each other blow for blow; punching, kicking, ducking, and blocking in a graceful dance of violence. Both almost seemed to enjoy the fight more than anything.

"So," started the redhead again. "Will Camille Leon be acting as your maid of honor, or would that just be weird?" Sometimes teasing her enemy was just too easy.

Shego growled. "I said shut it!" And without a thought of regret, she head-butted Kim in the gut.

The move caught the young heroine off guard, and she was sent flailing to the floor, all the air leaving her body at once.

As soon as Kim was down, the villainess leaped up and out with claws glowing, like a tiger recently uncaged. She closed in on her pray, ready to deliver the final blow.

There was a split second between the time the redhead regained her senses and Shego came down on her, and that was all that was needed for the girl to catapult herself out of danger. She flipped backward and skidded a few feet from her original spot.

Shego's powers melted through the expensive tiling as she was forced to land on her hands, then with one swift move, she pushed herself upward and flipped toward Kim again.

This time the young heroine came prepared, and blocked her off, beginning the cycling of parrying blows once again as the came closer to the stage.

Ron and Junior weren't making much progress with their fight either. So far, they had managed to slap each other silly and pin each other down at one point or another, only to be overturned and tackled again. Monique and Rufus watched with growing boredom.

"Give… up?" grunted Junior. Even though he had his opponent pinned to the floor, Ron had managed to get an arm around his neck.

Ron had defiantly considered giving in by now; this battle was getting no where, and once Kim defeated Shego, this guy would be toast.

But then he remembered why he came and what he came to do.

He came here prove himself to the one girl he wanted to to prove himself to. He came here to be a man and face up to his mistakes. Junior had made a fool of him, and he had made a fool of himself in turn, and that action had hurt someone very deeply.

Someone he loved.

He felt… no, he knew that he had to complete his mission. His energy began to return and burst to life, revived with a new thought.

The blonde snarled before speaking. "Never! I'm doing this…"

All at once, Junior found himself being lifted up. Shock filled him when he saw that Stoppable was pushing him off the ground.

"For Kim!"

Filled with his newfound energy, Ron let out a primal scream and pushed the villain into the air with one mighty shove. Junior screamed girlishly as he flew off his stage in a terribly ungainly manner.

As it turned out, it was at that moment that Kim and Shego's battle was passing by, and the villainess had the unfortunate position of being closest to Junior.

All at once, Shego was mid-kick was she was hit by one-hundred and eighty pounds of tanned, rich boy, and both were sent skidding across the floor, one on top of the other.

The redheaded teen, left without an enemy to fight, looked on in amazement; once at her clocked enemies, and then at Ron, who looked completely shocked at his own achievement.

"Wow, Ron…" started Kim. She jumped up onto the stage quickly, walking over to her friend. "I never knew you were that strong!"

He was still in utter shock, but from the more intellectual corners of Ron Stoppable's brain, he was able to scrape out some words.

"Heh, me either," he spoke as a sheepish grin crossed his face. A pang of happiness swept through him when Kim returned then smile.

She's worth it, remember, thought the teenaged boy. It's now or never.

Ron took a deep breath.

"Umm… Kim, listen. I just want you to know that what I said last week… I didn't mean it! Well, actually I did, but that was then and this is now, and if I had known then what I know now, then I definitely wouldn't have said what I said then, and I really wouldn't have to being saying what I'm saying now..."

He stopped the breathe, and no one missed the confusion in Kim's eyes.

The blonde sighed, knowing that he would simply have to spit it out.

Another sheepish look, and he started again. "I guess what I'm trying to say is-"

Two very angry screams cut off his words suddenly.

The two teens looked forward at the same thing, and gasped when they saw Shego and Junior racing torward the stage, fists raised and claws glowing as they charged their enemies. Clearly, they wouldn't be put down without a fight.

Kim was getting into the best position of defense, and Ron was trying his very best, when a large gob of purple slime flew between them and hit the villains straight on.

Junior screeched in surprise as he and Shego were thrown back to the ground, and plastered there with what smelled like… hair gel.

Kim and Ron exchanged confused glances, until Monique stepped between them with Rufus standing on shoulder, and the sliver tube in one of her hands, now opened and dripping purple goop. She grinned confidently.

"So that's what it does," the teenger quirked, admiring the gadget. She'd have to get herself one of these.

Monique looked at her best friend, and then her best friend's boy.

"Proceed," she said, and stepped back with a bow. Kim shook her head and smiled as she watched her gal pal, but quickly looked back at Ron. He seemed, once again, ready to speak.

"W-what I really wanna say is, KP… is that- well- that I was wrong. I shouldn't have accused you so quickly, and I should've gathered the facts before all that, but I didn't! Because… because…"

Because he loved her more than anything in this world, and the mere thought of losing her crushed him from the inside out; that was what he wanted to say, but Ron wasn't sure if Kim was ready to hear that. Were they really at that stage yet?

So all Ron mustered was the following words; "I'm… I'm sorry."

He didn't even get to the "will you ever forgive me?" part, before Kim pulled her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the mouth.

Ron gasped in shock, but didn't fight her off. Instead, he kissed her back, wrapping an arm around her waist as he had earlier. Monique smiled and jokingly covered Rufus' eyes; things were finally back to normal.

It was one long, beautiful minute later that the couple pulled away from the kiss.

"So…" said Ron, flustered but smiling wider than he had all week, "I can take that as a yes?"

Kim let out a laugh before wrapping her arms around him again. He sighed contently before embracing her back, feeling like he would never let go.

From their position on the lair floor, the newly captured villains watched the scene unfold from the glossy, see-through gel that trapped them.

"Aw! It's actually pretty sweet when you think about it," said Junior in a muffled voice.

Shego did her best to jam her elbow into his ribs and growl a few nasty words under her breath. This was the worst date she'd ever been on.



Fall wind finally found its way to Middleton, and was quick to change every color on the treetops and force its inhabitants to dress a little warmer, as it always did. Winter would be soon to follow.

But the people inside The Gold Dragon didn't care. Inside the Chinese restaurant, the atmosphere was friendly, the food was good, and the company was brilliant, depending on who you came with.

For Kim and Ron, the company couldn't have been better.

The interior of the eatery definitely held up to the namesake; everything was gold and dragon themed. The carpets, the walls, the curtains, the decorations that lined the booths and tables… all gold and red, or some variation of those colors, and with a stereotypical design of a dragon placed here and there. It was all very Americanized, compared to the actual Chinese eateries Kim had seen in her world travels, but she felt too happy to complain.

"So, we finally got our date," stated Ron in a muffled voice as he stuffed another forkful of noodles into his mouth, while Rufus drank the broth like a dog drinking water. The boy was wearing his red and black jersey and Khaki pants again, having changed out of his mission clothes.

"It was a little late, and I must admit, so the drama," added Kim, twisting her chopsticks between her fingers and smiling. She had changed into her white skirt and blue shirt, "but a date's a date."

Ron slurped up a few more noodles and grimaced at her. "Yeah… sorry for all the-"

The redhead placed her hand on her boyfriend's, making him lower his fork. "Ron, you don't have to keep apologizing. I forgave you."

"Yeah, I know…" he smiled and looked into her green eyes, still feeling unworthy of her. He suddenly looked to her hand.

"How do you use those?" he asked, pointing at the chopsticks.

Kim didn't answer, but instead used the exotic utensil to pick up a piece of chicken and effortlessly stuck it in her mouth, smirking the whole time.

Ron grabbed up the pair of chopsticks that had been left for him by the waitress, took one in each hand, and attempted to grab up a few noodles, but to no avail.

Kim held her face in one hand and attempted not to laugh as he tried several more times before giving up.

"I think I'll stick to Bueno Nacho, where I can eat with something reliable!" Ron wiggled his fingers pointedly.

The teen hero was about comment on how unsanitary that was, when a voice began echoing from the front of building, cutting her off.

Kim and Ron leaned out of their chairs in order to see the stage that had been set up in the restaurant. The manager was standing there with a mic in hand; his origins clearly American, but his accent trying to be Chinese.

"Now," said the man, still faking the accent, "coming all the way from Europe; the future king of pop himself… Junior!"

Senior Sr. Junior stepped onto the stage, wearing a slick tuxedo, and he grinned boyishly to the man before taking the microphone from him.

They had to come on karaoke night.

All the lights dimmed except for the one center stage, and the disco ball overhead. An upbeat, pop song began playing, and Junior took a deep breath and started dancing along.

"The tide is high, but I'm holdin' on

I'm gonna be your number one

I'm not the kinda guy who gives up juuuuust liiiiike thaaaaaat!

Oh, whoo! Oh!"

The song went about as good as you'd expect; ear-wrenching and nerve-wracking. Kim and Ron tried their best to tune out the song and enjoy their date. Technically, it was guard mission assigned by Global Justice, but no one said they couldn't make guard duty a little fun.

Still… Kim was beginning to wonder why she let Dr. Director talk her into this. Or why the GJ leader had let Junior and Shego have one last date before being sent off to separate prisons.

Because she has a sick sense of humor, thought the teen hero dryly as she plugged her ears with her index fingers.

From where they were sitting, they could see Shego sitting a single's table in front, still dressed in her evening finery, but with an ankle bracelet now strapped to her left leg. Her elbow was on the table, and her cheek was in her right hand; she looked bored out of her mind. And unaffected by the music, a fact that bothered Ron.

"How can you stand it?" he asked, none too quietly. But why bother whispering?

Shego didn't respond at first, which made the boy think that she hadn't heard him and he should try again.

But she seemed to see him out of the corner of her eye, turned her head to the couple, and pulled something out of her right lobe; ear plugs.

"What?" she snapped back, already annoyed that she'd been dragged on this stupid date.

Ron's voice went jaded. "Never mind…"

The villainess glared at him for a moment, then shoved the ear plug back in and pretended to watch Junior sing.

Poor Junior; both Kim and Ron wondered how long it would take him to realize that Shego would never accept his proposal.

Neither focused on it long; they were too obsessed with each other right now.

"But KP, I mean it," continued Ron as his girlfriend started eating again. "I've learned something from this experience!"

"Which is…?" Kim swallowed her chicken carefully before speaking.

"That I should trust you on everything, no matter what!" the statement was full of confidence, and Ron put his hands to his hips.

"So…" the redhead started thoughtfully, "we'll eat out at places like this more often if I ask?"

The sidekick who was no longer former raised his hands in defense. "Whoa! Let's not get crazy here…"

Kim laughed to herself and returned to her food, lifting her chopsticks in one, graceful move. "Well, I do like that you're taking responsibility for your actions."

Ron put his hands on his hips again, standing in his seat. "Yep, that's me! Mr. Responsible!"

His girlfriend giggled out loud as he sat back down and continued eating.

He was halfway through his egg roll when a thought occurred to him.

"But ya know, KP. I keep feeling like I'm forgetting something…" He rubbed his chin a little bit, then finished off his egg roll with one gulp, drowning out Junior's voice as best he could.


It was twelve past ten when Donnie and Riana Stoppable pulled into their driveway, laughing like half-drunken teenagers at the joke the company boss had told during the ceremony; it was amazing how funny actuaries could be.

They always had so much fun at the actuary awards when they didn't bring the kids, because then they were allowed to break out the light liquor and hilariously embarrassing stories.

But maybe it wasn't just that. Maybe it was the fact that Donnie and Riana could reconnect as a couple; they could act like they did when they first met.

Mr. Stoppable looked his newest, golden trophy, clasped in one hand; it would look handsome next to his Actuary of The Year award.

He shared one last kiss with his wife before the pair got out of their car, still laughing.

This happiness lasted for all of five more seconds unfortunately, before Riana opened the door to her house.

Both adults let their jaws drop.

The inside of the house was in absolute shambles. In the living room, pictures had fallen, the TV screen was cracked, the couch was overturned and leaking stuffing… The hallway was missing wallpaper, family pictures, and one of the steps that led upstairs was actually ripped out.

Neither parent bothered looking at the kitchen. They were too shocked.

Then, all at once, Ron's friends Zita and Felix slugged out the door, looking absolutely exhausted and the least bit freaked out. Their clothes were ripped and their hair was messy.

And in the teenage girl's arms sat Hana, looking innocent as ever.

Mrs. Stoppable didn't have time to ask a single question before the black haired girl forced the baby into her arms, expressionless.

"Just… take her," said Zita. And without another word, she and Felix slowly made their way down the sidewalk.

Donnie was about to pursue the teens, when another two exited his house; young fellows with glasses and freckles, one of whom they recognized as the manager of the local Bueno Nacho. He seemed to be mortally terrified, almost weeping into the shoulder of the other boy.

"So fast. So… very fast," he muttered, clinching his teeth.

"Just let it out, man," said the unknown boy in a nasally voice, as they too disappeared down the sidewalk.

The Stoppables were just about to enter their house and give their son a sound talking to… when another two came out, both much older.

One was skinny… and seemingly goth by the way he dressed, and the other was some sort of muscle-bound Bueno Nacho manager, from the looks of things. They looked as worn-out and beat up as the other groups, if not moreso.

The big one spotted the Stoppables and grinned stupidly.

"Fear not, citizens," stated the bigger one, the daze was potent in his voice. "Team Go has contained the threat known as "Tiny Evil", and once again, your streets are save! No… need to thank us…"

He stayed back and forth on his feet a few times before falling face down on their porch.

Donnie and Riana looked down with disbelief, then up at the skinny man, who could do nothing but grin sheepishly and wave.

The next sound heard was later proven loud enough to be heard throughout the whole Tri-State Area, so much that everyone- even Ron at the noisy eatery- heard it, and knew what kind of trouble the Team Possible member was in.

The sound went as follows:


~The End~



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I would also like to thank a few individual reviewers. Ace Ian Combat; for proofreading almost every published chapter and fixing various "boo-boos" I made, and even helping me improve as an author. Props to my mind-link sista!

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Arya MageFire: My best friend in the whole wide world! You give me waaaay too much credit as an author sometimes, you've supported me like my biggest fan, and even threatened my life in order to make me finish chapters! Love you lots, girlie! :P :D

A thank you to my family, who's put up with a year and a half of endless writing, and this thanks goes double for my father, who pitched this story idea to begin with.