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Summer of changes

Hermione sat in the den of her house watching her television. As usual when she wasn't with her muggle friends during the summer or being dragged around by her mother she was in the den or in her bedroom writing letters to her friends or reading in her father's office. Hermione had gone through many changes in-between the last 2 months. Her father was given a new job and they moved to an upper class muggle community, her mother spent all day with her personal trainer at the gym or shopping or on trips. Hermione stayed a bookworm, only thinking about school, writing letters, and reading. She also made a new friend named Kelis who was her neighbor and had become her best friend. Kelis's father owned nightclubs and Hermione's owned restaurants it was only time before they became business partners. Yes, she had gone through many changes, little did she know she would encounter more as the summer went on.

There was a ring at the door and Hermione ran to the door and answered it. Kelis was there smiling with a mischievous grin on her face. Hermione looked curious but didn't ask as the blonde girl walked in and made herself at home like always. Kelis looked at Hermione and said, "what are you wearing? …Forget it… Do you want to go to a nightclub with me?" Before Hermione could say anything in protest Kelis then said, "you're not wearing that are you? Wait a minute I have a great idea" Hermione sat there speechless like almost always. As the bouncy cheerleader then screamed "MAKEOVER!" Hermione nearly fell over but just smiled. It was times like this where she started thinking like a pureblood and that muggles were in fact annoying and that she wished Ginny was here so someone knew how she felt in this world and she only had one month before school started again. She then looked at her friend who was now staring at her as if she was waiting for something. "What?" Hermione said simply looking clueless. "I just told you to get changed and you did that freaky blackout thing again where your deep in thought…. I TOLD YOU THAT SCARES ME!" Hermione giggled and then said, "come on lets go upstairs and ill get changed." Kelis smiled and followed.

After Hermione changed and grabbed her purse they were out. Hermione wanted to take her car her father bought her it was a red and gold escalade. Not only was she proud of her car she really didn't trust Kelis's driving. She was like Lindsay Lohan or even worse. After a short argument they were in Kelis's mustang.

Hermione never could win an argument with her.

They arrived at the mall and after having valet parking take her car they walked into a salon. Little did Hermione know this was where it would all begin.

The lady looked at Kelis and smiled and said, "Kelis back so soon? Who is the friend? Did you come to get your hair done?" Kelis smiled and said "No Darlene actually I was wondering if you could do her hair and maybe give her a manicure and pedicure a facial…the whole works while I shop for her!" Hermione nearly gulped and ran out of the salon but before she could Kelis grabbed her and shoved her in the comfortable leather chair. Hermione then said, "what are you doing?" Kelis smiled and said "Hermy trust me. Okay, ill be back with your new wardrobe and makeup and jewelry in three hours. Enjoy yourself it's a gift from me to you" and with that she was gone walking out of the salon with her purse swinging in her hand and her high hills clicking out the door.

It seemed like forever after all she didn't know what they were doing to her. She looked at her nails they were fake and long and French manicured as well as her toes. She then felt the chair turn around and she was facing a mirror. Darlene smiled and said, "well what do you think? Kelis will be very pleased" Hermione nearly stopped breathing in her reflection was a straight long haired (probably extensions) blonde with perfect eyebrows a clear face and makeup! Just as expected Kelis walked through the doors and almost screamed. "Hermy you're…. You're so…" Hermione cut her off by saying "ugly, different, stupid?" Kelis then said "no even Better you're beautiful."

Darlene walked in and said "you're done go have fun no need to thank me for all the hard work I have done."

Hermione then smiled and said "Thanks Darlene" She walked out of the salon and for the first time guys looked at her. It felt good. After Kelis finished paying she walked out to find Hermione on her iphone taking pictures for myspace and giving out a number to a hot guy. Kelis then smiled and said, "I have created a monster."