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Lilly Truscott sat on the living room couch. She looked nervous. Her mother had just called a family meeting, and family meetings were never good news to everyone. She was relieved to see her mother with a smiling face. But she was not, however, relieved to hear why.

"Lilly," said Mrs. Truscott, "how do you feel about the size of our house?"

Lilly found this question to be a random one. "Well, I guess it is a little tiny."

"How would you like to have a bigger one?" her dad said.

Lilly could see exactly where this was going, and she did not like it one bit. "Where is this bigger house you speak of?" she asked suspiciously.

Mrs. Truscott mumbled something Lilly couldn't understand.

"What?" she asked.

"Washington, D.C.," Mrs. Truscott repeated, waiting for the explosion to erupt from her daughter. She got no less than she expected.

"No, you can't be serious! How could you ever do such a thing without telling me?" Lilly asked incredulously. "And in the middle of the school year, too!" Tears welled up in her eyes.

"Honey, listen! You know we'll let you visit Miley and Oliver during every vacation. And we'll let you call them as often as we can afford to. I'll even buy you a webcam!" Mr. Truscott said.

The webcam thing sounded okay. "Okay," Lilly said. "So when do we leave?"

"We move in a month," said Mrs. Truscott. (A/N: I've never moved before. Is the process really doable in a month? I'm pretty sure that's accurate.) "So let's get crackin' on that packin'." Lilly rolled her eyes.

"You will be going to Washington Preparatory Academy," said Lilly's father. "We've already sent al your stuff in."


Later that night, Lilly called Miley to tell her the bad news, but she wasn't quite sure how she would take it.

Her call went to the answering machine. Lilly had forgotten Miley had a Hannah concert.

She didn't want to upset her friend at a time like this, but it was urgent. "Miley, I'm moving to Washington, D.C. in a month. My parents want a bigger house. I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but I just thought you ought to know. Call me back when you can."

Next, she called Oliver. He picked up on the first ring. Lilly's voice was steady now. "Oliver, I'm moving to Washington, D.C. in a month."

Oliver was in denial. "No, that's not possible! Lilly, I've known you since preschool. Your parents cannot just get up and move without having a good reason!"

"They want a bigger house. They've already bought it, and there's nothing I can do about it. They said I'd be going to a public school called Washington Prep. I'm sure I'll be miserable there. But my dad said he'd buy me a webcam, so that'll be okay. Everything will probably work out, at least I hope so."

"Alright. Get some sleep Lilly. I'll miss you."

"Yeah, but at least we have a month left. Goodnight."

"Back atcha." They hung up.


When Lilly woke up the next morning, she found Miley sitting by her bedside. "I got your message," Miley said. "Your parents said I could help out with the packing and stuff, if that's okay with you."

"If that's okay with me? Miley, you're my best friend! Why would that ever not be okay with me?"

"Well, I thought maybe you wanted to be alone, and-"

"It's called a rhetorical question, Miley." Lilly said, cutting her off. They both smiled.

"So, my parents said I could visit during every single vacation. Plus, my dad will buy me a webcam. It will be like I never moved."

"True, but you will probably make new friends," Miley said.

"Maybe, and maybe not," Lilly replied frankly. "I have no idea what the kids at Washington Prep are like. But even if I do, you're my best friend ever, and nothing could ever change that, even if our friendship has to be distant."

"And I'll visit you in Washington, too! This will work out fine!" Miley said. Secretly, she thought, And no one to embarrass me backstage anymore. Lilly still gets star struck often.


A month later, Lilly was on a plane flying to Washington. She sat with her mother and a serious-looking woman who was on her laptop the entire trip. Lilly was not only bored out of her mind, but very nervous. She was worried that Washington Prep would either be filled with gangs, or crowded with Amber and Ashley clones. She was worried that there would be a heavy workload and she wouldn't even have time to talk to Miley and Oliver. But mostly she was worried that she would find someone who she liked more than Miley, and that she would have a new best friend. She didn't want that, and she knew Miley didn't either.

The next day, Lilly went down to breakfast. Her mom served her a stack of pancakes. Lilly drenched them with syrup and took a bite.

"Hey Lilly," her mom said. "Why don't you try to make some friends at school today?"

Of course, Lilly did not want to meet new friends, but she went anyway to make her mom happy.

As Lilly trudged through the campus, she looked for a girl her own age to talk to. She saw a girl hanging with some boys, but they looked like they were her best friends, so she decided to leave them alone. But the girl saw her and called Lilly over to the table.

"Hey, are you new here? My name's Meena." Lilly ignored her. She did not wish to be friends with this Meena girl. She had her own friends.

But something else drew her to the table. It was the boy sitting next to the girl. He had short blonde hair, with a nice figure and a big smile. He was really hot. He wore a blue shirt and blue jeans. A new boyfriend is not the same as a new best friend, Lilly thought. I want to get to know him. She sat down at the table.

"Hey, what's your name?" asked the cute guy. "I'm Newt, and these are my friends Cory and Meena."

"Hey, Newt, Cory, and Meena. I'm Lilly, and I just moved here from Malibu. Today is my first day."

"Well, welcome to Washington Prep," said Cory.


The first time I saw that girl, Lilly, I think her name was, I found her very beautiful. She was really quiet, but I'm sure she's just adjusting to the new school. I would love to get to know her. She's so pretty. I especially love the red blouse she wore today. I know she acted strange, but I guess she's just sad that she had to move so suddenly. She said she had to move because her parents wanted a bigger house, and they didn't tell her until after they bought it. That's got to be rough. I bet she had to leave behind a lot of friends. That's never easy. My pity for her makes her more attractive. I really like this girl, and I want to date her. This whole thing would be so much easier if I weren't dating Jessica. I love her, too, and I'm not about to dump her. But then again, watching Lilly in science class today makes me realize that she's certainly no smarter than I am, so if I ever date her, I won't feel the occasional pangs of intimidation I still feel when I'm with Jessica. I don't want to cheat on the girls. Is dumping Jessica really worth it? I mean, I've only known this girl for a few hours, and I've known Jessica for five months. This is all so confusing.

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