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Esme was not happy to see us all go. She was not used to the house being completely empty of all except Carlisle and herself. Alice tried to tell her that it was like another honeymoon for them. Esme reminded her that she had already had several. It took Carlisle to reassure her that this trip was needed. Not mandatory, but needed.

The Volturi themselves encouraged us to go, which meant that we were expected to. The Denali coven was already there, as were about ten others vegetarians from around the world. The vegetarian vampires were the only ones that could handle such close human proximity without losing control to our blood lust. Therefore, we were the Volturi's only hope to be of influence in this new project.

The goal of this project was simply this: to create a sort of understanding between all of the world's most dangerous beings. In other words, they hoped that by sticking vampires, werewolves, witches, and humans into the same boarding school, we would at least try to get along. I personally thought that it was a disaster waiting to happen. Humans were meant to be our food, the werewolves our mortal enemies, and the witches an unnecessary nuisance. Apparently this thinking was supposed to change during our stay there. I doubted it.

The headmaster and founder of the school was Elias Gringle. The man, although I personally thought was a little batty, had everything well thought out, planned, and under control. He had the dorms situated so we couldn't smell the humans or the wolves. The wolves couldn't smell us either, and they somehow managed their dorms so that if they spontaneously changed, they were no threat to the humans or themselves. The witches, from what I understand, were simply in a different dorm and allowed to roam the campus. As long as they didn't operate their magic anywhere near humans, nor to them or any of the other species.

I wonder how Jasper will do with humans around on a daily and nightly basis. Alice's thoughts broke through my own, for I had been worried about that too. Jasper sensed our worry and looked suspiciously at us, before sending a calming wave throughout the whole car. I sighed, gladly letting the calmness fill me. I needed it.

This project is utterly ridiculous. How do they expect us to get along with a bunch of worthless dogs. Rosalie's nose reflexively scrunched at her thought. I snickered to myself before answering her rhetorical question.

"They don't expect us to get along Rose, just not to fight. I don't think we will come in contact with them anyways." I watched in the rearview mirror as she frowned in my direction.

I wasn't asking you, Edward. Would you please turn off that CD. Not all of us like classical music.

I rolled my eyes before turning it down to barely a murmur. Of course, all of us could still hear it clearly. Rosalie huffed slightly before turning back to stare out the window, her thoughts on whether they would let her and Emmett room together.

Emmett's thoughts were similar. Wondering whether we could skip some classes on sunny days, if they had grizzlies, if they understood that Rosalie and he were married and needed to have a physical relationship. When his thoughts started to go into detail, I tuned them out with a slight grimace. I would never get used to that. Emmett noticed and smirked at me before reaching over to grab Rose's hand. She smiled at him, surprisingly soft for someone who could be so cold. No pun intended.

I can handle this. It's the same as the public schools that we attend. The only exception is that humans are living so close. As long as they don't actually bleed in front of me, I'll be ok. I looked at Jasper beside me. His face was perfectly composed, not showing any trace of what he was feeling. He caught me looking and gave me a wave of reassurance. I guess I was worrying for him.

I'll be ok Edward, don't worry about me. Alice does enough for everyone. I held in my laughter just barely. I had a feeling Alice wasn't supposed to know that. I saw her glance suspiciously at the two of us, eyes narrowed. Jasper looked at her sheepishly and I felt the edge of an intense calming wave. Alice visibly relaxed, with a half-smile on her face.

"Now I know you thought something you shouldn't have, Jasper darling." she stated in a calm, collect voice. Jasper winced and sent yet another calm wave throughout the whole car. Despite his desperate attempts to have Alice forgive and forget, I was glad he had sent it. Because now the school was coming into view, and I had felt the anxiety that had troubled me every time I thought of attending it. All of our enemies and our denied food source would be enough to make anyone anxious.

And if we screwed up, the Volturi would make personally sure that we never did again.

I pulled past the tall, wrought iron gates with the school emblem of a crescent moon atop a sun. The sun and moon were surrounded by stars and gusts of wind. The school name was underneath it. Amicitia. Carlisle informed us all that it meant either friendship or alliance in Latin. How….fitting.

I would give the headmaster this, it was beautiful. The entrance hall was a lovely off-white with a golden dome. In the distance, too far away for my sense of smell to reach, but close enough to see, was another large building with blood red dome. Our dorm, I assumed. The headmaster has a very dry sense of humor.

In the distance, I saw very similar buildings, one with a deep royal blue dome, another with a sparkling emerald green dome, and the last, and closest, had a surprisingly pretty dark brown color. I had a feeling the wolves were housed in the dorm with the brown dome, the witches with the green, and the humans in the blue. Again, he had a dry sense of humor.

After parking in front of the entrance hall, we all stepped out of the car in unison and walked at a human pace in. I took in the entrance hall in more detail. We were walking up dazzling white marble steps and past thick marble pillars. The pillars were wrapped with gold ivy and glittering silver flowers. Thick oak doors with an intricate and detailed carving of the school's emblem stood open before us.

We walked past the open doors and swept into the large hall. I spared a glance up at the brilliant golden dome, then swept my eyes quickly over the rest of the interior. In the center, off-set by the light golden-tan marble, were three large basins Compared to the elegance of the building, they stood out like a sore thumb. Made out of dully shining stone, they sat on the floor in a line leading east. The one closest to us and in the western most direction, was the largest, the next one smaller than that, and so on. Floating in them were the same flowers on the pillars. I frowned, confused. I was sure they were made out of silver, how were they not sinking?

Rosalie's clacking heels announced our arrival. She was being impatient. I frowned in her direction. She smiled wickedly at me, before turning her attention to the man walking towards us.

I suppressed the monster in me that was screaming to rip his throat out. Nothing out of the ordinary. Jasper struggled a bit. Of course, you couldn't tell from his expression, but his thoughts consisted of one little chant. It's for Alice, It's for Alice. As if on queue, Alice gently grabbed a hold of his hand. Jasper smiled thankfully at her.

The man was before us now, yet gave us enough space so that his scent didn't overwhelm us. Had he sensed Jasper's discomfort?

"Welcome to Amicitia. I assume you are the Cullens and the Hales, correct?" the man asked in a deep voice. He was definitely English.

"Yes, you are correct." Alice spoke up, detaching herself from Jasper and taking a few lithe steps forward. "And am I correct in assuming that you are Headmaster Gringle?" Jasper watched her, waiting for something to try and harm his precious Alice. I watched out of the corner of my eye as his knees bent ever so slightly in a ready-made crouch. I didn't blame him, there were wolves here.

"You are correct, Alice. I must say, it's quite unnerving to meet one who can see the future. Although I did have a run-in with a few fortune-tellers back in '67. They almost broke off my hand in an effort to read my palm. Haven't visited that town ever since." he chuckled at his own story. Alice seemed quite taken aback. Her thoughts explained that he said this on such a whim, she didn't have time to see it. I smiled at her thoughts and expression.

That man is a strange one. I kind of like him. Emmett.

Was he comparing Alice to a fortune teller? An exasperated Jasper.

Why do we care about his unimportant life? None other than Rosalie.

Edward, I presume? my head snapped over to the headmaster. He was smiling as if nothing was out of the ordinary. I nodded my head ever so slightly, my expression guarded.

No need to worry, your coven leader, Carlisle, informed me of you all. As did Aro of the Volturi. Aro was particularly interested that you and Alice were attending. He seems glad to have you involved in my little project. In his words of course. And you can tell your brother, Jasper, that no wolves are going to harm his wife, they aren't around here this time of day.

I nodded, relaying the message at vampire speed to Jasper. He didn't relax at all. The Headmaster chuckled, leaving Jasper with a perplexed look on his face. I had to say I agreed with Emmett. This man was a strange one.

"Sabrina, Hunter, could you come here please?" the Headmaster didn't raise his voice, yet two people were by his side in a flash. Vampires. "I distinctly remember asking you to watch how fast you move." Gringle asked of the two, frowning.

The old man forgets that we could crush him with our pinkies. The female, a slim looking blonde with dark gold eyes. She just rolled her eyes, deciding it best not to voice her thoughts. The Volturi, I could see, remained an ever present threat to all of our kind.

"Come on Gringle, there's no one here but us." That was the male. He had no problem voicing his thoughts. I could see why. He was rather bulky, not so much as Emmett, yet still intimidating. He had black as pitch hair that hung over his eyes giving off a sinister look.

The Headmaster seemed to ignore him, turning back to us. He was clearly not intimidated. "These two will show you to your dorms. All that I remind you of is this: Even though you may not agree with what is going on here, try to keep an open mind. Hunter, Sabrina, you know what to do."

The two nodded, both of their thoughts showing how disgusted they were to follow a human's orders. They walked at a brisk human pace out of the front door. The female motioned for us to follow her. An unneeded gesture. We walked out the door and down the steps. I noticed that we were heading north, in the direction of the elegant building with the blue dome. I frowned slightly in puzzlement. Was this the right way??

"The Headmaster placed us in the star dorm. Or the one with the blue dome. The wolves are in the sun dorm, the one with the red dome, the witches in the wind, or green, and the humans in earth, or brown. I'm guessing that you guessed wrong?" the female, or Sabrina, asked with a smirk. She was walking by my side now.

"He really is a very strange man." I muttered. Sabrina laughed, throwing her head back and tossing her bleach blonde hair.

"You don't know the beginning of it." She said with a smile.

He is very handsome. Or as the humans say now, "hot". I bet he's good in bed too….

I tuned her out with disgust and stared straight ahead, not sparing a glance her way. She seemed unperturbed. Hunter's thoughts showed me that he had noticed the attraction omitting from her, and didn't like it. It seemed that although they weren't an "official item", they did as much and had as much history as any couple. His thoughts went into more detail than actually needed and I was sure Jasper was suffering from the lust that was probably rolling off of him in waves.

"This here is where we attend class. The humans and a very few witches come here too. The Headmaster has it arranged so that the humans travel to the wolves classes, the witches classes, and of course, our classes. It's a rather foolproof method, really. We don't deal with the wolves at all, we see the witches very little, and you learn to not notice the human's scent. The worst that happens is that a human will come in smelling a little…..wolfy." Sabrina chuckled darkly at her statement. I completely turned away from her in disgust rolling my eyes. Emmett caught on and smiled evilly at me. I glared at him. Alice's vision consumed me for a brief second, and we exchanged a glance. She immediately grabbed Jasper's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. He nodded in understanding, and immediately started to brace himself.

The humans would be coming out in three….two…..one. The bell tolled and a few rambunctious teenage boys ran out, laughing while they pushed and shoved each other. More filed out after them from the five or six classrooms. Girls shrill laughter filled the air as the humans thoughts filled my mind. I immediately turned them to background noise, noting that the arrival of "more gorgeous people" was nothing new. Emmett, Rosalie, and I moved ever so slightly so that we blocked Jasper from the humans. I noticed that Emmett grabbed Rose's hand after more than a few of them started looking her over. Still, the humans kept a good distance, their instincts kicking in even if their minds didn't register the danger.

My eyes scanned the crowd, waiting for them to disperse so we could get to our dorms without having to actually push through the crowd. That might be too much for Jasper. That was when I saw her. A girl of about 17. She was pretty by human standards, with straight mahogany hair that reached past her shoulders and a thin figure. Yet her eyes were what drew me in. They were so different from other humans. Aged far beyond her years and with so much depth, surprising due to their chocolate brown color. The way she looked at us, it made me wonder if she could possibly know.

"That girl, she seems so, different." I muttered, more to myself.

"That, that's Isabella Swan. And you're right, she is very different from other humans." Sabrina stated with a wave of her hand, almost as if she was dismissing the human girl. Isabella's piercing eyes continued to eye us all. Almost sizing us up.

"She smells incredible." Hunter whispered in my ear. I glared at him. Surely a vegetarian like himself shouldn't be thinking those thoughts. He shrugged at my glare. "You can't condemn me until you've smelled her yourself." he muttered. He was right, of course. I understood that some humans have a more compelling scent than others. Yet she was starting to walk away, and the wind wasn't in my favor.

I brushed it off, just another human. At the most she was possibly as strange as the Headmaster. Possibly. The humans finally dwindled down to a manageable number and we continued to our dorm.

I hate being the weak one. Jasper. I looked over to him, frowning. He shrugged

Poor Jasper, this will be hard on him. He better not be beating himself up. Is he, Edward? Alice. I hesitated for a brief second, not wanting to rat on my brother. Alice gathered from my hesitation that he was and squeezed his hand tighter.

I hope that Jasper can handle this. The last thing we need is the Volturi on our asses if he messes up. Rosalie. Behind all of the selfishness was an underlying tone of concern.

I don't like the way this idiot is looking at Rose. Emmett, of course. I hadn't really noticed Hunter's constant glances in Rosalie's direction. I had grown used to all of the attention Rose was constantly getting. I tuned into his thoughts cautiously, not sure if I wanted to hear what was on his mind.

God, look at her body. Even better than Sabrina. I bet she'd be a good fu… I immediately tuned him out with disgust. Jasper looked at me, curiosity in his eyes. I nodded in Hunter's direction and he smirked knowingly.

Is he thinking about Rose, Edward? I nodded at Emmett's question. He growled lowly. Sabrina and Hunter looked at him in surprise, Hunter with a shadow of guilt on his face. The rest of the family repressed their grins feebly, while Rose placed a soothing hand on Emmett's arm. "She's taken, buddy." Emmett growled out. Understanding passed over Hunter's face and he nodded sheepishly muttering something like 'how could I have known'. Sabrina looked away, pouting. I smirked at her obvious jealousy.

We continued up the glittering white marble steps to our new home. The blue dome winked at us in the sunlight, oddly reminding me of stars. The pillars were a brilliant white to match the steps, as was the rest of the building. Silver ivy climbed the pillars, glittering blue star flowers placed in even intervals along it. The maple doors were again 15 feet tall, this time with constellations carved into it. A quick glance showed Pegasus, Andromeda, Pisces, Cancer. A winter sky.

Sabrina and Hunter opened the doors, both still glowering. The smirk that started to form dropped. The inside was clearly amazing. The blue dome cast a slightly dark sheen around the room, emphasizing the atmosphere. About 20 feet from the door, a narrow and long reflecting pool stretched the length of the room. It was pitch black and more glittering blue starflowers floated gently in it. The white marble was replaced with a dully shining grey with swirls of off-white. The walls were made of rough stone, setting a beautiful contrast to the elegance of everything else. Four tapestries covered the walls, two on each. They seemed to be of the fall, winter, summer, and spring skies.

Actual tapestries, wow. Alice. I nodded in agreement.

"All of you will be staying in the fall hall. The entrance is below the furthest tapestry on the right. I believe some friends of yours are there as well. Your names are on your respective rooms and married couples are allowed together. If you have any questions, we are both in the summer hall. Now, if you would excuse us, we have to find the so called 'guardians'." Sabrina whipped around, Hunter following slowly, sensing he was in trouble.

"Wait, guardians?" That was Alice, ever the curious one.

"Yes, the Headmaster seemed to think it necesary to have two humans as guardians. They simply make sure that no other humans accidentally screw up around us. Of course, they think this gives them to the right to tell us what to do." Sabrina sneered. I frowned, as did my family. Although it was a relatively good idea, it seemed a bit too…risky.

"Why would Gringle tell these two humans about our true nature? Aren't the Volturi upset?" Jasper asked, his expression blank. That meant he was hiding what he felt.

"They already knew. The boy was raised around wolves, although he isn't one himself. From what I understand of the girl, she was saved from being drained by a vampire by another vegetarian. Her parents, however died by the vampire who attacked."

"Won't they be a bit prejudiced?" I asked, my frown deepening. I didn't like that humans knew about us. Wasn't it in their nature to go gossiping among their friends.

"The boy hates us all equally and the girl strongly believes in this project." Hunter explained in a slightly aloof tone. I curiously took a look into his mind. He was thinking about the girl with the strange eyes. Thinking about how different she was, how good her blood would taste, how wonderful of a vampire she would make….

I was caught by surprise by that thought and worriedly continued to listen. He had no intention of changing her, nor of drinking from her. Just an odd fantasy.

"Should we know who these two are?" I heard Jasper ask. I tore away from Hunter's thoughts, turning the volume back to a low murmur.

"You've already seen one of them." Sabrina stated, as if this was one of the most obvious things in the world.

"We have?" Emmett's voice was laced with confusion.

"Why did you think Isabella was so different?"

A/N: Yes, this is my first fanfic., and yes it is a bit of a Twilight/Vampire Knight crossover. However, you don't need to have read Vampire Knight to read this. I simply took the guardian idea and the boarding school idea. The plot is completely different.

The rest of the story will mostly be in Bella's POV, but the beginning had to be in Edward's.

This will probably be the trilogy, and the title may change.