Three's Company
By Seltap

"Thunderbolt Tempo!"

Surprised to the frantic call, the enemy stopped in her advancing tracks and carried her attention towards the dark clouds circling above her.

"Tch..." She clicked her tongue.
"When was she able to make tho...?!"

The question was lost as Nami watched her own lightning crack and her target immediately struck, the screams echoing throughout the ship before disappearing forever. As the lightning ceased its deadly strikes she watched the girl topple over.

Nami knew that girl would not be getting up again...ever.

She slowly walked her way over towards the lifeless girl. Her heavy breaths, newly formed scars, and bruises proved that this was definitely one of her more troublesome fights.

"Then again," she breathed "I knew it would be from the start."

Nami bent over and flipped the stilled body; staring hard into the cold, pale face of her worthy adversary.

"Why?" she reached out a shaking hand, cupping the dead girl's cheek lightly.
"Why do you look..." She gulped before continuing.
"…so much like me?"

Indeed, Nami was on her knees staring hard into the cold, pale face of a twin. A twin she had never once in her life contented with. A twin she had just rid the word of.

"Who are you?"


"NAMI-SWAAAN! Would you like me to make you another drink?"

It was another regular day on the Thousand Sunny; a bright, lazy day that Nami had been enjoying most of drinking, and conversing lightly with Robin, and Sanji.

"No thank you, Sanji-kun. I think I'll step out for a little while for some fresh air."

Nami stood from her seat, but Sanji was determined to get her back in it.

"How about I make you something to eat?" He asked, following her.
"A dessert perhaps for the mademoiselle?"

"Mmm..." Nami thought as she walked.
"No thank you."

And with those words Nami opened the door to let the suns' rays shine brightly in. Sanji stared at the now shut door and sighed in defeat.

"Oh Nami-swan," he whined "I wanted to spend the afternoon with you-uuu--"


Catching the cook's attention, Robin held up her cup.

"Sanji-san." She smiled sweetly, shaking her empty glass lightly.

Nami closed her eyes as she stepped out onto the green grass. The light breeze tickling her nose while the suns warmth shined down upon her, the sounds of the gulls soothing her mood.

"Catching up with Robin and Sanji-kun is fine and everything, but..." She heaved her chest up, inhaling the sweet air around her.
"I would much rather be out here than having to breathe in any more of that smoke."

She looked up towards the sky.

"Not even a single cloud! What a perfect!"

"AH! Nami!"

Nami watched as Chopper turned to her call. His eyes peering down at her while she glared up.

"I…I didn't see you down there. Uh...Ho...How are you" The small reindeer stammered.

"The same I was thirty minutes ago when you came barging in asking Sanji-kun for food, thank you!" The annoyance obvious in Nami's voice.
"Chopper, what are you doing with my mikan trees?"


Sweat started to perspire on the reindeer's furry head as he began to shake and stammer.

"Well?" Nami asked again, tapping her foot at her crewmate's pause.

"Tell her you came down with the can't-live-without-being-near-a-tree-disease!"

Chopper gulped at the risk, not wanting to take the whispered voice's advice.


"Tell her before she kills us!!"

"Shut up, she'll hear y..."

"Who else is up there?!" Nami called once again, noticing Chopper's mumbles.

Chopper couldn't control himself any longer. Nami was just too scary in this child's eyes.

"WAH-AH-AH!" he screamed as he frantically dove into the mikan trees, praying that his hiding skills had somehow improved over the last few hours.
"Usopp!!" He cried.
"We're dead, we're dead meat!

"Meat?!" Not surprisingly, Luffy's head was next out of the mikan bushes.
"Where?! Where's the meat Chopper?!" he cried as he began his routine meat craze.

"Baka's!" Usopp stood himself, grabbing Luffy by the hair and dragging him back down into the bushes.
"You guys are giving us away!" He cried.

By the time Usopp had finished his sentence though, Nami was already halfway up the stairs screaming; ears fuming and blood boiling.

"I'm going to kill you idiots!!"
"I thought..." She began, as she reached her hands into the bushes.
"I told you guys..." She yanked out both a screaming and crying Usopp and Chopper.
"To never..." She reached in again.
"Touch my mikans..." She pulled Luffy by his shirt

"Whoa-oh-oh!" Luffy tripped over his words, raising his hands up to his shoulders in defense.

"EVER!!" Nami spat the last words into Luffy's face.

Never letting go of the firm grip she had on his shirt, their noses were now inches from each other; and Nami's chest was heaving from heavy anger. A purple vein visible and throbbing on her temple; Luffy stared, not daring to take his eyes off hers before taking a giant gulp.

"Nami'" He finally began.

Nami raised an eyebrow, her eyes warning him to choose his words carefully, for they could be his very last. Luffy though, remained unusually calm.

"Nami, Chopper said..."

"EH?!" Cried Chopper to the mention of his blame.

Was the captain on this ship really blaming this all on him? Usopp reached for Chopper and before any more damage could be done, he placed his hand over Chopper's mouth.

"Sshhhhh..." Usopp whispered.
"I think Luffy has a plan to calm Nami down."

Chopper nodded to those words, understanding, and both watched their captain and navigator. Their fate to soon be determined.

"Nami, Chopper said..."


"Chopper said..."

Nami was starting to get irritated at the boy's pace, not caring if it showed.

"Chopper said what?" She spoke, shaking him a little by his vest in hopes to get a quicker answer from him.

In response, a wide stupid grin spread across the captain's face.

"Chopper said there was meat somewhere in your mikan trees!"


Everything fell into complete silence. As though the whole Grand Line had froze, and time along with it. Until...

"WAAAAHHHH!!" Chopper screamed while the tears flowed from his face.
"We're dead Usopp! We're dead me-MfmfFMf!" Usopp had managed to grab the reindeer just in time.

"Don't!" Usopp cried, tears leaking out of his eyes as well.
"Don't say that word! Don't make Luffy go into another craze!"

Usopp, sadly, was just as aware as Chopper was that they, were indeed, dead meat. Nami held her head towards the ground, her expression and thoughts, at that moment, a mystery to everyone. Luffy on the other hand was just as clueless as ever. He grabbed hold of one of her hands and dragged her towards her mikans.

"Help me move some of your trees so we can find it Nami!" He smiled in bliss.

"Luffy..." Her voice finally croaked.

"What is it Na...?"

Before that sentence could ever be finished, Nami's fist was already squared onto Luffy's nose. The boy dropping to the ground and rolling as he clutched his valuable sniffer.

"OWW!! Nami you hit me hard! Why the hell...?"

The death glare he looked up at brought Luffy to silence once more, and to his feet. He brought his hands respectively to his side, and bowed.

"I'm sorry, Nami."

He brought his head back up, staring hard into her cold eyes. Nami stared back, and watched as the blood trailed down from his nose to his shirt. She sighed.

"Okay, I forgive you."

Luffy Smiled, the blood still dripping.

"Really?!" He cried enthusiastically.

"Yes, right after you all pay 50,000 Beli...EACH!!" She cried as she pointed her finger once more at a shaking Usopp and Chopper.

His smile quickly disappeared.

"But that's not..." He began to argue.

But Nami was the one to cut him off.

"Not what?! Not fair?! Luffy it's very fair! All of you!" She glared her eyes to Usopp and Chopper who were now both hugging each other for dear life.
"Listen to me!" She ordered.
"These mikans. There... There the only thing I have left of my childhood memories."

All three boys looked down ashamed at her words.

"These mikans are the only thing I have left that belonged to someone very important to me, and every time I look at them they bring back the wonderful memories I had with her and my sister, but at the same time they hold painful memories. Ones that I should never forget, ones that have taught me valuable lessons, ones that remind me of my friends back home, but most importantly..."

The guys looked up, waiting to hear what she had next to say.

"They remind me of the day you guys came and saved me." She sighed before continuing, the memory playing back in her mind.
"So, now you understand why I don't let you guys go touching them. If something was to happen to my mikans, and I couldn't restore them…I would be crushed."

They three silent for awhile, taking in Nami's sentimental speech with a heavy heart.

"Wow," began Chopper "I never knew that those mikans were so precious to you. Nami, I'm really sorry."

Nami smiled at the doctor's kind words. Just the right medicine she needed to calm her mood.

"Yeah Nami, sorry." Usopp mumbled, throwing a thumb to his chest.
"I, the Great Captain Usopp, will never let anyone ever lay a finger on these mikans again!

Nami giggled to the brave speech before speaking.

"Thanks Usopp."

"Memories are a cool thing, huh Nami?" Luffy finally peeped.

Nami smiled.

"Yes Luffy, memories are..." Her jaw dropped at the sight of Luffy, as did Usopp's and Chopper's.

There was Luffy. Standing there like his normal self would, but holding a mikan in one hand while stuffing his mouth with a wedge. He gulped it down, and pulled out another. He looked from Nami to Usopp to Chopper and right back at Nami; gulping down another and pulling another.

"What's wrong with you guys?" He drooled.

"Wahhh!!" Chopper screamed.
"Usopp do something! If Luffy loses anymore blood... It could be really dangerous!"

Usopp could only gawk at the sight playing before him. There lay his captain, on the ground with his navigator on top of him, pummeling fist after fist into his face. Blood pouring and flying out of Luffy's nose and mouth. Usopp was only brought back from the horrid sight and into reality by a scream.

"Usopp!" Chopper cried again.

"Uh...Uh...What can I do?" The sharp shooter asked.
"Uh...AH! Nami look! TREASURE!"



"Ah no...I guess not. Wait!" Usopp snapped his fingers.
"Nami! Hurry! A storm is sucking our ship in!!"



Usopp sighed, this was definitely not a pretty site for any, and obviously something he could not stop.



The sharp shooter turned to see Zoro waving at him from the other side of the ship. He waved back and watched as Zoro pointed towards the sea. Off in the distance Usopp could see a ship some ways away. He squinted his eyes in attempt to get a better sight.

"That's...That's a huge ship!" He cried.

"Eh? Really?!" Chopper leaned over the rail to get a better look; his eyes sparkled at the sight.
"Wah! So cool!"

"W-w...wait a minute." Usopp panicked.
"It's heading straight towards us!"

"What did you say Usopp?" Nami's attention had finally left Luffy to bleed on the ground and focus on the approaching ship.

Like Usopp, she furrowed her eyes to get a better look.

"Hm, that really is a big ship," she blinked "and no doubt about it. It's heading right towards us."

"W..Whatta' we do Nami?" asked Chopper.

Nami only sighed and placed her hands on her hips. She remained silent for awhile. Lost in her own train of thought.

"Chopper," she finally spoke "go get Franky, and the others. Tell them...Tell them to get out here, and that they better be ready to kick some ass."


Nami watched as the reindeer scurried off to the others.

"Usopp!" She then called out.

"Ah sorry Nami," he replied "but I've seemed to come down with a terrible case of unable-to-fight-itis."

She scrunched her face and frowned. Not happy at Usopp's little play.


She turned towards Luffy on the ground. Most of his face was swollen, and still bleeding.

"I'm meally sowwy Babi."

Nami stared back down at her fallen captain, eye's expressionless.

"Usopp." She spoke and nodded towards Luffy.
"If I were you I would bandage him up."

"What? But it was you who..."

Nami paid no attention to his words and instead spoke her own.

"Otherwise it could be dangerous for us."

She turned back towards the sea and watched as the ship drew closer towards them.

"Tch..." She clicked her tongue.
"This could be troublesome."

"This huge ship, and absolutely no one on it?!"

"Franky, shut up." Zoro replied to the cry.
"The crew were all probably killed."

"WHA?! Then it's a haunted ship!" Usopp shook.

"Nami-swan! Robin-Chwan! Stay close to me, I'll keep you safe from any ghouls!"

"The ship docked right next to ours so someone must be steering it."

"Robin's right!" Chopper began.
"Someone might be needing help, or medical attention. We need to head for the front of the ship most likely."

"Shishishi, it's a mystery ship!" Luffy laughed.
"Alright! I'll go this wa--"

"Luffy don't you dare run off on your own..." Nami glared, and reached to stretch his ear.
"No funny business, got it?"

"Mmmmm..." Luffy pouted before throwing his hands behind his head, Nami was so stingy.
"You only wanted to come on board to find treasure..."

Nami blushed lightly to his words.

"I…I did not! I was, you know, worried..."

"Well, well. One must ask, what have we here?"

The crew turned to the sudden voice. Now facing a tall pale, skinny man; he looked like the typical pirate, white baggy shirt, black pants and boots. He carried a sword at his side and an eye patch on his right eye. Piercings' all over his ears and a red bandanna crossed his forehead back to his greasy, black hair. His eyes were black and sagged, and his hat instead of one skull held two, both sharing the same crossbones. He took the time to study them as they did him.

"Correct one if one is wrong, for one can be wrong, but you eight don't seem to be part of one's crew. Though one doesn't mind guests, one must say, that it is awfully rude to be sneaking on one's ship.

The crew all stared at the skinny pirate.

"Robin," Chopper whispered "why does he talk like..."

"Ahh, we're very sorry!" Nami took action, she didn't want to be in any more trouble than her crew, and her, were probably already in.
"Your ship did dock next to ours, and when we noticed that no one was on board we wanted to make sure no one was hurt."

The man smiled at her words.

"Ahh...I see!" He laughed.
"Please forgive one for one's rude welcome, but one has to concern oneself when something is out of place. One might think you are after one's treasure.

"Nami clapped her hands together to that one word.

"Treasure? You have treasure?" She beamed brightly

The man held his hat as he bowed to the group.

"One must say, welcome to one's ship, The Twins."

Sanji chuckled lightly at the ship's odd name.

"One is Captain De Kloon." He spoke as brought his head back up.

"Krunu?" Usopp tilted his noggin.

Luffy stepped forward.

"One is er-- My name is Monkey D. Luffy," throwing a thumb back he continued "and this is my Nakama. Why did you stop at our ship? Are you out of meat or something?"

Kloon chuckled lightly.

"One is mistaken. It was not oneself who docked next to your ship. It was ones crew."

"What kind of crap are you feeding us?" Zoro shot back.
"There isn't one man..."

"...or woman in sight on this ship!" Sanji finished.

"I can't smell anyone else either, but you." Chopper scrunched his nose.

"There seems to be no one else below deck." Robin spoke while uncrossing her arms.

The man raised his hands up in defense.

"Please..." He began.
"One is letting them take a break." A mischievous smile spreading across his face.
"Since they found one a nice new pirate ship full of treasures."

Nami reached for her Clima Tact hidden under her skirt.

"One wouldn't be speaking of one's own treasure now, would he?"

Kloon smirked at her and placed his hands behind his back.

"Even if one was, one has to wait for ones crew to wake up from their dark abyss before purging. Though one doesn't mind fighting now if one wishes for death."

"Bastard..." Franky growled while raising a fist.
"If you lay one filthy finger on the New Battle Franky, or my nakama, I'll tear you apart!"

"D...Da...Dark ABYSS?!" Usopp cried.
"Your crew isn't a bunch of zombies, are they?!"

Kloon rubbed his fingers over the patch that hid his eye.

"Something like that..." He mumbled

Luffy raised his fists, taking his fighting stance, anger written on his face.

"I'm going to kick your ass!" He cried before charging towards Kloon.

"HA! One would like to see one try!" He laughed as he flipped his eye-patch up.

Luffy raised his arms over his eyes as dark clouds swirled around him; he was suddenly engulfed by darkness. He heard the cries and screams of his Nakama behind him, but before he could react any further a powerful wind blew past him, knocking him over and sending him backwards toward the others. Scrambling, he managed to pick himself up, but could barely open his eyes. The wind blowing hard and harder into his face. He thought he heard Nami scream and did his best to open his eyes and take in the surroundings as long as he could. He watched as what look like white stars flew past him and watched as his friends struggled beside him. Nami nowhere in his view.

"...Nami..." He whispered through the howling winds.

Nami lay on her back, unable to move. Her eyes staring into the darkness surrounding her as stars flew past her. The wind had flown her backwards towards the back of the ship, away from her friends, away from Luffy.

"Luffy..." She whispered.

Just as quick as it came, the wind stopped. Luffy popped his eyes open and watched as the stars danced around him. Then, the wind began its terror once again, only this time it was going the opposite direction in which it came. Luffy saw that his surroundings were suddenly changing back to The Twins. He picked up his head and watched in shock as the navy swirls and stars were being sucked right into Kloon's right eye. As the last swirl and star entered the empty socket, Kloon flipped the patch right back on.

"Lock." Kloon smiled

Exhausted from the exposure, Luffy fell to his knees as well as the others. He heard Kloon cackle in front of him, remembering Nami was still nowhere near. Picking himself up, Luffy spotted Nami at the back of the ship. She wasn't moving.

"Nami!" He yelled.

Too tired to run, Luffy slowly made his way towards her until...

"Now!" Commanded Kloon.

Luffy watched as the scene of Nami suddenly changed into pitch black. He was falling, and so were the others. He heard Usopp and Chopper scream. He heard Zoro curse, and Sanji mention something about a trap below them.

'Nami...' Luffy thought to himself.

He watched as the only light above him slowly vanished.

"Nami!" He screamed.

He was falling farther and farther down. This was the only time he wished that Nami was being dragged into the darkness down alongside him, then that way he would at least know she wasn't separated from him. He dared not think of what Kloon would try to do to her.

"Nami!!" He gave one last cry.


Nami rubbed her head.

"What happened? Where am..?" She gasped as the previous events hit her like a bat in the head.

She quickly stood herself, looking towards where she last saw her comrades. Not a single one in sight.

"Usopp!" She cried.
"Sanji-kun!! Luffy!! Minna!!! Where are you?!"

Nami panicked as she heard no calls or replies back. She rushed her way over to where her friends were laying only minutes before and fell to the wooden ground below her, frantically rubbing her hands against the boards and crying out.


The tears in her eyes began to leak. Fear was starting to settle in, fear of both loss and solitude.

"Luffy where are you?!"

She stood herself back up and sprang into a jolt, frenzied in her searches now.


Fear coursed through her body, her heart beating rapidly.


She turned a swift corner.


Nami had hit something hard, causing her to stumble back before falling to her behind. She looked up to see what she had hit and gasped with wide eyes at the sight.

"W…What is this?!" She asked as she sat starring in horror at the figure before her.

There stood a twin of her, an almost perfect mirrior, or at least someone who looked exactly like her. The only difference between them was their outfits.

Nami was quick to her feet, raising her Clima Tact. Though she knew she should be worried and searching for her friends, she also knew when it was time to focus, especially if a battle was approaching. The other woman only stared. Her eyes expressionless, she held a jagged knife to her side. Nami would have been more surprised at the girl's sudden appearance but having three crew members, all with odd powers, she knew better.

'This has to be the work of an Akuma no Mi, but then again I can't be sure...' Nami thought to herself before calling out.


The other Nami only stared to the other's shout.

"Who are you? Are you a real person or," Nami gulped "something else?"


"Answer me!"

"I'm...Nami, and you... You are ruining my birthday." The other girl spoke in monotone.

"Birthday?" Nami questioned, tilting her head as she thought of her own birth date, she knew her would not be for another few months.

The girl began to inch her way towards Nami, raising her knife high into the air.

"Tch..." Clicked the real Nami.
"This might be troublesome."

Nami softly rubbed the girl's cold cheek with her thumb before rubbing her own warm one. She felt uneasy, this girl felt like the real deal.

"I hope...I hope she wasn't really alive." Nami softly cooed.

She carefully closed the sleeping girl's lids. Pitying her and the sight around her; but it was no time for her to mourn for long.

'Wait for me you guys, I'm coming to find you!' She cheered in her mind.

Nami stood, a new determination flowing through her. She started to sprint her way towards the front of the ship.


The ship shook violently before her legs could get her far, causing her to fall.

"What's going on?!" She cried.

As quick as the shaking came, it stopped. Nami picked herself up again and looked around.

"What in the world was thaaAAAA--!"

The shaking began its havoc once again, and once again Nami found herself on the ground; her cheeks pressed against the boards as frowned irritated.

"What the heck is going on?!"


"Huh? What was that?" Nami spoke, pressing her ear against the floor boards as she concentrated on the voice.

She could hear someone yelling down below her.


The ship shook lightly again after the call.

"Ah! That's Sanji-kun! It sounds like he's fighting someone…" Nami spoke.

Pushing herself up, she headed towards the nearest stairs; glad to hear that one of her comrades was, somewhat, well. But what of the others?

"Luffy." She whispered while she ran through the dimly lit hall.
"Wait for me..."

Nami couldn't help but moan at the sight that seemed to of passed for the last ten or so minutes.

"This is the thirtieth room I've passed!" She huffed.
"How big is this ship?!"

Following the loud bangs and yelling's, it didn't take Nami too much longer to find the room Sanji was in. She burst into the room and ducked as a chair came hurtling towards her. She screamed as she covered head, the chair bursting into pieces and dust as it hit the wall.

"Waahhh Nami, Nami, Swan! are you, you, okay, okay? I hope, hope, this bastard, bastard, didn't hurt, hurt, you, you!"

"Eh? Sanji-kun, why are you echoing?"

Nami looked up. Her eyes widened at the sight in front of her. Two Sanji's stood towering over her like hungry vultures. Both had their one eye shaped like hearts, and like the Nami before her, both had different outfits on.

"Bastard, don't answer Nami-san with that voice!"

"Eh? Are you trying to tell me what to do, shit head?!"

Nami watched in awe as both Sanji's sent the other flying towards the ship's walls, the boat rocking to each other's impact.

"What kind of trick is this?" Nami asked herself.
"Why do we all have twins?! Why are they attacking us?!"

"Bunshin Bunshin no Mi."

"Eh?" Nami questioned before spinning to face the voice behind her.

"One is a cloning man."


Nami stood, her clima tact raised towards Captain De Kloon.

"So one can see, that one was able to beat oneself? Very Interesting..." He spoke while rubbing his chin.

"You! I knew this was an Akuma no Mi ability from the very start!" Nami spat.

The captain only stared at her Clima Tact.

"So that's why one was able to finish ones' clone off so easily." He chuckled.
"If only one had known at first that this thing was a weapon, it wouldn't have been so easy for one...Not that one can make another clone, since one defeated oneself."

"You, what kind of game are you trying to play? Where's the rest of my nakama? Where's Luffy?!" Nami again raged.

"Luffy, huh? Does one have something special for ones captain? Since that's the only name one's ever heard one speak out…"

Nami blushed lightly to his bold words.

"Sh-shut up! Something like that is not true!"

Kloon simply smiled and averted his attention behind the girl. He chuckled again as he watched Sanji and his clone fight.

"It isn't as easy for one," he nodded towards Sanji "to be fighting one's self."

Nami growled and quickly glanced back to his words. She didn't want to take her eyes off of the deranged man for too long.

"Sanji-kun!" She finally yelled back.

She watched as Kloon raised an eyebrow, questioning what she would do next. Both Sanji's stopped and turned their attention towards Nami; legs still in midair, their eyes pumped hearts.

"Yes?!" They cooed in unison.

"Please Sanji-kun! Stop fighting each other, for me?" She asked sweetly.

"Hai!! Anything for Nami-swan!" They cried together as they clasped their hands.

Nami stuck her tongue out towards the now growling captain and winked. She had won this battle.

"One thinks one is so clever." He growled

"I don't think you are a match for these two, Captain." Nami replied.
"Though you may make clones, your clone plus my Sanji-kun are at my command."

She smirked triumphantly. The captain straightened himself up before laughing.

"My dear one," he spoke "don't think one is out of the game quite yet."

He smirked as he snapped his fingers once and then snapped again. Nami watched carefully as his eyes darted behind her, a sinister grin spreading across his face. Curiosity getting the better of her, she quickly turned herself and watched as the clone Sanji no longer had hearts for his eye. Instead they were dark as he stared them coldly at her.

"Nami-san will never love me...She only loves treasure and nothing else..." He swayed on his feet while slowly mumbling his words.
"She never appreciates the work I put in for her... The hours I sacrifice, THE DAYS!" He hysterically cried out.

By this time Sanji was beginning to look dark and crazed in her eyes.

"Sanji-kun, what are you…?" She was cut off.

"The only way I can live happy... the only way I can respect Nami-san ever again..." He wasted no time darting towards her in full speed.
"Is to kill her before I hear her reject me one more time!!"

Nami watched as the clone charged full speed towards her. She tried to back up as she saw the insane look in his eyes but tripped to the ground. She closed her eyes, waiting for the swift kick that would surely break her neck or crack her skull.

"Back off!!"

She opened them to see both Sanji's fighting once again.

"Bastard! Don't you dare lay a finger on my Nami-san!"

Captain Kloon chuckled behind her. Nami wasted no time turning to face him again.

"Does one see? These are ones clones," Kloon threw out his hands before him "and one has the power to change ones emotions, and they will fight with that emotion boiling in them!"

Nami felt sick.

"This isn't right!" She yelled.
"Controlling someone's mind!"

Kloon paid no attention to her words.

"These are the ultimate warriors! How can one beat oneself?! How does one win when one is evenly matched?! It's impossible! They will both end up killing one another!!" He cackled.

Nami had had enough. She swung her Clima Tact at the insane man. Reacting fast, he leapt backwards to her swing. As he landed to the wooden ground he bolted down the dark hall. Nami following close behind.

"Nami-san! Wait for-GAH!"

"Where is he?!"

Nami had lost sight of Captain Kloon.

"Damn this stupid lighting!"

She gasped as she heard the door behind her close. She turned to reach for it and bolted into the room. She watched as Kloon raced towards another door.

"Stop!" She called out, and was surprised when he obeyed.

His back hunched over and facing her. Before long, he twisted his neck to glare at her. Though it was fairly dark, Nami could see the madness shine in his eyes.

"You better give up!" Nami cried to Kloon.
"As soon as Luffy comes, he won't let you get away without a beating!"

"Luffy…? Ah yes...The one one fancies..." He smirked

Nami gulped. She could see that he was coming up with a plan.

"One wonders," he cut through her train of thought "what this Luffy would be like if one viewed one as a piece of meat?"

"Wha-What are you talking about?! You're mad." Nami spat.

The captain only smirked and rubbed his chin, taking in his sweet thoughts before throwing his hands towards the floor.


Nami was caught off guard as a black explosion erupted from the floor Kloon had his hands facing. She watched as the black smoke rose towards the ceiling, white stars beginning to twirl around it. It whistled loudly as the stars and clouds started to spin faster and faster. She watched agape as an arm popped out of the dark clouds, then another, then two legs. The smoke was starting to disappear and Nami knew perfectly well that Captain Kloon had made another clone, but whom? She squinted carefully and saw that the figure up towards the ceiling had its back facing towards her. She could make out a big red and gold captains jacket. The jacket covered the legs, but she could still see the sandals on his feet. She then noticed the straw hat and black messy hair.

"That's not possible..." Nami's whispered as her eyes widened like plates.

But the voice that came from it confirmed her suspicions.


Nami watched, both dazzled and horrified, as the figure that was now falling towards the ground was indeed no other but the clone of her captain.


A/N: Be nice please, this is my first fanfic. After reading 'Nami's Little Dark Secret' by SorceryGeniusLina, this story just popped into my head, and I had to write it! xD I mean two Luffy's both fighting for Nami. What's better than that? The story takes place after W7 arc. So if you haven't read past that chapter, or you watch the American version then there are probably SPOILERS ahead about pirates, ships, and bounties. You've been warned, well not really if you've read this chapter xP.