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AN: This takes place three years after Kagome returned home after defeating Naraku. After graduating at the top of her class, Kagome got a job from the present Sesshoumaru as his advisor and company ambassador in London.


Category: Crossover

Anime(s)/Manga(s): Hellsing/Inuyasha

Genre: Romance/Mystery/Tragedy/Action/Horror

Pairing: Alucard/Kagome, and maybe some Sesshoumaru/Integra

Summary: Now twenty years old and done with her quest concerning the Shikon no Tama, Kagome moves to London and works as Sesshoumaru's most trusted advisor of his company and is owner to a growing chain of orphanages for children born from the supernatural. One night while walking home, Kagome runs into what looks like a hostage situation with Scotland Yard and what looked to be some type of military in front of one of her orphanages located in England. And the ones holding the hostages... are not human nor is it a demon… but artificial vampires.

Although, Kagome was able to take care of the Freaks with the help of two of her eldest orphan Dhampirs, Tragedy creeps up on the miko with a betrayal that wasn't in the Vatican's control…


Passion of The Un-Dead

Chapter One

The night was quiet in London… a little too quiet for Kagome's taste. After a long day of working as Sesshoumaru's advisor, all that she wanted to do was just wanted go home to her English condo that Sesshoumaru bought for her nineteenth birthday and just sit on her balcony to stargaze with a glass of wine.

Yes, the final battle with Naraku had come and gone with very little casualties. After the said battle, Sango and Miroku were married and left to rebuild Sango's village a month after their wedding. Shippó had decided to train under Sesshoumaru in the arts of fighting as well as some Kitsune magic from one of the Taiyoukai's servants. Inuyasha… well… let's just say after the final battle, he left without a word. And everyone else had a happy ending, along with Kouga and his clan.

What happened in the final battle, you ask?

- Flashback -

After defeating so many of Naraku's forces, Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha had kept hacking away at Naraku's hordes of underlings, the same went with Sango, Miroku, Koga, and his clan. Kagura and Kanna had already been set free by Kagome a month before confronting Naraku and were fighting along side Kagome and her friends. Shippó was left with Kaede so he wouldn't get involved in the fight. And Kagome took on Naraku by herself.

Sometime before going after the final shard that was at the border between the living world and the afterlife, Kagome went under vigorous training under Sesshoumaru and his best soldier of the Western Demon Army. It had seemed that Sesshoumaru's best was an expert on Miko purification and had helped in controlling her powers greatly. With her skills and agility, Kagome was able to take out Naraku with out anyone else getting hurt.

All in all, everyone got the happy ending they wanted and deserved.

- Flashback End - (Not really much of a Flashback, but bear with me)

Anyway, Kagome was on her way home to relax after doing nothing but working with Sesshoumaru and his colleagues on what could help Sesshoumaru's company to keep businesses flowing.

Yep, working with a bunch of stuffy old men (minus Sesshoumaru of course, he's still young in demon years^^) who had done nothing but try to hit on her, were major sexists, and/or tried to impress her with their so-called "grand ideas" for the company. Their efforts to get her attention were really bothersome to her and Kagome thought that they would never get a clue that she was uninterested in them and, in her mind if her father was still alive, they would be around his age. And Kagome wasn't into human men who were much older than her by twenty to thirty years. Hell, those who were divorced had kids who were her age.

As Kagome rounded a corner that led to her place, she saw that the orphanage she often visited was surrounded by what looked to be the British authorities and what look like some sort of army officials and soldiers. As she wondered what was going on, worry crept though her being when she heard the scream of one of the older orphan girls.

With her instincts kicking in and not willing to trust these people with their guns and so-called protocol when it came to the children, Kagome took off into an alleyway making sure no one saw her doing so.

When she was sure no one saw her and that no one was in the alley, Kagome took out her Taijya mask, that Sango had given to her, just incase she came across a demon that used poisonous fumes, out of her messenger bag. In this case, she was going to use the mask to hide her face so she won't have to be caught by the police or military officials and be interrogated by neither of them in the future. That was the last thing she needed after settling down in London and tries to lead a normal life.

Once the mask was in place, she tugged at one of the charms on her bracelet materializing it into a long sword and took out a talisman that was made by Miroku for her.

With her ready, Kagome carefully and skillfully made her way up a fire escape to reach the roof and get ready for a surprise attack from within the orphanage and chase out the enemy while getting the eldest orphans she had trained on their feet to protect the younger ones.

- In Front of The Orphanage -

Those who worked with the Hellsing Organization were on edge about the situation. The freak they were up against was smart- really smart. Taking an entire orphanage hostage was something they never encountered before. They wanted to take the Freak out but they didn't want to jeopardize the children inside.

Pip didn't like it one bit when the situation involved children, especially when there was a big chance that they were too late and they were turned into ghouls.

Seras didn't like this either. And she knew that her Master, Alucard felt the same way. She knew that he might be a bit on the crazy side when fighting any freaks and ghouls, but she knew that he wouldn't hurt a living child. Her worries were cut short when she smelled the scent of rain mixed with some unknown flower in the air and looked up to see a silhouette in the roof of the orphanage.

From her vampire vision, Seras could tell that it was a woman in a long black trench, a mask, and a long sword in her hand. There was a brief chance moment when the woman looked straight at her before swiftly moving to the door on the roof.

She then felt Alucard appear beside her as she turned to him as if silently asking if he who or what that was, and if they should inform Integra about it.

Alucard had felt the presence of someone strong coming close to the orphanage and then felt it make its way to the roof of the said orphanage. And when he looked up, he saw that it was a woman. She was strong, even for a human. He could feel her power from where he stood on the ground despite that she was keeping it in check.

"Master…?" He heard Seras speak. He could tell that she was confused by this turn of events and was curious about the woman who was on the roof. Just as he was about to answer to his fledgling, the screams of children and gunshots sounded from within the building before one of the freaks was thrown out a window that was on the top floor.

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