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Last time on "Passion of The Undead"

After Kagome and Cody were out of hearing range, looking for Cain and the younger girls, Integra turned to Alucard who was grinning – probably at the news of Anderson still alive after having his head chopped off – and spoke, "Alucard, should they be coming to the manor to stay, I want you and Seras to not only protect them but also teach the children of their vampiric origins. I don't know how long they will be staying but I'm not going to take any chances of risking their safety if the Vatican renegades do come to London to finish what they started."

Chuckling at his own twisted amusement and the prospect that he'll be facing Anderson again, Alucard obliged, "Yes, my master."


Chapter Ten

Three pairs of red and red-violet eyes with two blue and one Emerald specked with gold stared at the Hellsing manor partially surprised while also in awe; surprised because of how huge it was and awed because of the architecture.

Anya and Aurora sighed before the former spoke, "Man, we're definitely gonna end up getting lost in this place." Aurora agreed with Cain and Cody inwardly agreeing as well although, they'd never verbally admit it to the younger ones.

Kagome chuckled a bit before admitting, "It's all right, you two. There's no doubt in my mind that I'll also get lost in this place. Although…" she glanced at the Hellsing manor, "I don't know which is bigger… Sesshoumaru's vacation home in Kardamili, Greece or this…"

"I think the castle he bought in Ireland is bigger…" Cody added his two cents before the small group heard a chuckle.

All their attention was turned to Walter whom was standing in front of them when he had bid them welcome to the Hellsing Manor. The old butler apologized if he had started them before smiling in welcome, "If you and the children will follow me, Miss Higurashi, I'll show you to your rooms and then lead you to Sir Integra's study."

Nodding, Kagome followed Walter up the stairs with the children following her inside. As Walter led them to the second floor explaining what was accommodated with the rooms (bathroom, extra towels, etc.), Kagome felt like she was being watched. After the children were given their rooms, Cody and Cain given their own rooms while Anya and Aurora insisted on having Emma be roomed with them, and Kagome was allowed to set her bags in hers, Walter then led her to where she was to meet Integra.

Before leaving with the butler, Kagome took in the huge space that was now her room with dark cherry wood furniture and other elegant antiques. The bed was four-posted with a canopy with light blue gray curtains and matching sheets with the comforter and a couple of pillows being a slightly darker shade. The window curtains and the rug were the same color as the comforter as well.

The colors of the fabrics contrasted with the dark shade of the wood while some of the vases were white with lavender designs and such making it a very nice and cozy room.

As she was setting her light luggage of a single suitcase on the bed, Kagome heard Walter say, "I hope the room is to your liking, Miss Higurashi. I felt that you seemed the type to favor the color blue."

"It's wonderful, Walter-san. And I really do like the blues and how they clash with the dark wood of the furniture." Kagome replied, with a soft smile. Turning to Walter she added, "I'll start unpacking after speaking with Integra-san. I wouldn't want to keep her waiting."

"Of course, Miss. If you will follow me, I will show you to Sir Integra's study where she's waiting." And with that, Kagome followed the butler back into the hallway after shutting the door behind her.

Halfway from her room was when Kagome started to get annoyed with the feeling of someone watching her.

A little unnerved by the feeling of eyes intensely staring at her from head to toe, Kagome kept looking behind her shoulder, hoping to find the one staring at her. But each time the entire way to Integra's study, Kagome would be met with nothing but the shadows in the hall behind her.

Before reaching Integra's study, Walter inwardly smirked when he noticed that Kagome kept looking behind her. The butler knew that it was most likely Alucard staring at the eldest of their small group of guests; most likely curious of her since she had been so willing to take in dhampir children and also have ties with the Pope, aside from taking care of the Vatican's next and rightful leader of Section XIII. Walter also guessed that the vampire being curious was also because she was able to easily decapitate Anderson that night.

Now standing in front of the door that lead to Integra's office, Walter gave firm knock before he was given permission to enter the room.

Once inside, the dark haired butler announced to Integra that Kagome and the children arrived and he had brought Kagome to her.

Looking up from her paperwork, Integra gave permission to let the Asian woman into her office.

As Walter motioned for Kagome to enter the room, he assured, "Sir Integra will see you now, Miss Higurashi. After the meeting, I will come back to lead you and the children to the dining hall for lunch."

Nodding her thanks with a smile, Kagome entered the very spacious office that belonged to the head of Hellsing. The floors were checkered black and white. Off to the side of said head's mahogany desk were a bookshelf and two great windows to the left of it while another two were positioned behind Integra.

After Walter had shut the door, Kagome made her way to the front of Integra's desk and waited patiently for the older woman to speak.

Integra watched the younger woman intently after she finished signing one of the documents she was given to sign before standing from her seat and welcoming with her hand offered to shake, "Welcome to the Hellsing Manor, Miss Kagome. I hope the rooms that were accommodated to you and the children were to your liking."

The tragedy of what happened to the majority of the children in Kagome's care still affected Integra… and after being told at the aquarium that Maxwell and his most loyal followers was after Cain to keep her from ascending her position of being rightful leader of The Vatican's Section XIII, Integra wanted to help and offer shelter, protection, and security to the dhampir children, despite that they were under the Pope's protection.

Taking the offered gloved hand in a gentle but firm hold, Kagome shook it before replying, "The rooms are more than what we're use to but, all the same, we love them."

"That's good to hear. And I hope the packing and travel wasn't too difficult…"

"Not at all… Emma was actually so excited to come that she was the first to finish packing her things." Kagome smiled at the memory of Emma packing what little she had at her condo so quickly the night before but the miko knew that the older woman before her was trying to make her feel comfortable but wanting to get this over with so she can at least settle in the room she was given, unpack her clothes, get some rest before eating anything despite she hardly had much of an appetite since after the night her orphans were killed.

"Not to sound or appear rude, Sir Hellsing, I'm certain that you're busy running your organization and doing what you can to help protect your country and the royal family… I believe that you'll want to cut to the chase."

Integra knew that the woman in front of her, although she hid it well for the children's sake, she was hurting a lot more than she let on. Most likely was feeling the grief of a mother, since she had said that she cared for each child in her care like they were her own.

'Right now… by helping her provide more security to the children, despite their vampiric heritage, is all I can offer until Maxwell and his lackeys are caught.' Integra thought before nodding with a compliment, "How very observant of you." Taking a cigar from a box set on her desk and lighting it, Integra took a drag before exhaling and speaking, "Yes… the main reason I wanted to speak with you was to lay down the rules of my household, so to speak."

At Kagome's nod, she continued, "Although I don't know a dhampir's diet specifically… my first and foremost important rule is basically 'no biting my men or my guests'. I don't want them to be turned into ghouls or vampires themselves. If they need blood, they can ask Walter for the medical blood we have in supply for Alucard and Seras. The lower levels of this mansion are off limits, unless I deem it's all right or in case of emergencies. It's a cluster of mazes down there and I don't want to use my men as a search party when there's a chance of them getting lost their selves."

Integra gave a smirk when she saw a slight amused upturn of Kagome's lips when she nodded, before continuing after another drag from her cigar, "Aside from those rules and no roughhousing or games, which may most likely lead to something breaking, you and the children have free reign to explore and do what you wish. If you or any of the children wish to leave the mansion for shopping or anything, you will be given an escort or two. And I also would like to ask that you or Miss Cain not lead my men on into dates or one-night stands."

At that last part, Kagome turned almost completely red in the face at the suggestion but reassured all the same with a slightly embarrassed stutter, "N-no problem there, Sir Hellsing. A majority of the men I took notice that night don't look to be my type. Not to mention… I don't think Cain's into older men unless they're demons who physically appear to be around her age or vampires who are pacifists."

It was Integra's turn to be amused as she chuckled. The blue-eyed Asian woman was modest like the Police Girl but not overly with how composed she appeared. She was also casual with her last statement and seemed to like being on friendly terms with whomever she comes into contact with without being overly familiar with them.

She had a feeling she would grow to like this woman. And the children being present in her home would be quite a change in scenery.

Not liking the uncomfortable silence after what Integra just said for a rule on her and Cain, Kagome decided to change the subject, "Um… if there's a chance of us staying her longer than expected while hunting down Maxwell and his followers, what are we to do for schooling? Cain and Cody are already graduates but I still have the twins as well as Emma in elementary and middle school…"

"I will hire a tutor for them who will teach their grade levels. Added to that, despite how perturbed I am of the thought, I already gave the order to Alucard to help teach them of their Vampiric heritage. I would give the job solely to Seras Victoria but she's a fledgling her self and still has a lot to learn from her master." The thought of Alucard having to play school master to the children just fed Integra's amusement to no end and believed it to be payback for all the trouble he usually causes her.

Kagome gave a soft smile, thankful for the older woman of helping with the education of her younger orphans. But feeling a little guilty that she's most likely living in the manor free and the chance of there not being much to do to help distract her, she asked, "May I ask one last question, Sir Hellsing?"

"Please, Miss Kagome, you may use my first name; Integra. What is it you wanted to ask?" Integra asked with one last drag from her cigar before snuffing it out in her ashtray.

After a pause, Kagome spoke, "With your organization dealing with rogue and artificial beings of the supernatural… is there anything I can do to help?" At the tanned English woman's curious look, the miko elaborated, "I feel uneasy about living here and not doing anything to earn it… so I was hoping I can, maybe… work for my keep? Plus, my brother gave me leave after what had happened…"

Although she wanted to tell her new guest that it was fine for her to work for her to earn her room and such and wanted to tell her to take the time she needs to heal from her ordeal, Integra remembered that many have their own ways of coping with a tragedy. Wanting to make sure, she asked, "Why do you want to work when you've just gone through the loss of almost your entire orphanage, Miss Kagome? Surely you would take the time your brother gave you to mourn…"

Turning her attention to the tiled floor, Kagome thought over her words before answering, "I've already been through a loss before and it tore at me, making me more depressed by the day if I just sat around doing nothing. The only way I can cope is if I keep myself busy somehow… whether it's by chores, cleaning and maintaining weapons, or even putting my combat skills to use… it takes my mind off of being depressed and helps me deal with my losses. It's just the way I learn to cope…"

From the shadows, Alucard listened to every word spoken between the two women.

For a moment, he felt his brow twitch at hearing his master's amused thoughts about his playing school teacher for dhampir children but had let it slide, reminding himself that the human female taking care of them could only teach them so much using what she knew about half-breed demons. Plus, he already agreed when Integra gave the order to protect them and teach them all they needed to know about their vampire heritage.

When his master made the rule of 'No seducing her soldiers', he had to keep himself from chuckling aloud at the embarrassed flush that colored the Asian woman's face before she made a reassurance that she and the older Dhampir female in her care had no desire to do such a thing.

And when the woman, 'Kagome' he remembered her name, asked what she could do to 'pay rent' for her room as well as the children's, his curiosity peaked, wondering how she'll work for the Hellsing Organization. When she mentioned doing chores, Alucard's mind instantly pictured her in a maid's uniform; thigh-length, showing the right amount of cleavage, and complete with a feather duster. The last two tasks she mentioned she could do erased that image and replaced with the woman cleaning his Cassel and Jackal carefully and expertly before another took it's place as well but of her cutting down and killing ghouls and Freaks that cross her path.

His mental picture of her wielding her sword almost drenched in the blood of her kill; a sight of a bloody goddess, made pleasured shivers creep up and down his spine and made his grin much larger than before.

A part of him hoped that his master would allow the little woman to fight to earn her keep, wanting to see that image of her much sooner in battle.

The No-Life King's thoughts were put to a halt when he heard Kagome's other reason for wanting to work for Hellsing while living in the manor. Her reason being her wanting to keep herself occupied to help her cope with the deaths of the children she was supposed to protect.

He waited for what his master would say but there was no doubt in Integra's mind about hiring Kagome to fight with her men in the field… but she was concerned for her mental and emotional state after the tragedy she went through recently.

After a long pause from Integra and her staring at Kagome while deep in thought, the Hellsing woman came to a decision with a sigh, "Very well… once I'm certain that you and your charges are settled in, I will have you working with my men on exterminating ghouls and any Freaks we're ordered to kill. I'm giving you this job because I've already witnessed how you faired against Father Anderson that night and I believe you'll be a valuable asset in our fight against our enemies."

Nodding, with a relieved air about her, Kagome replied, "Thank you… and I understand."

"I've also seen how… Cain and Cody… held their own as well. Whether they want to help or not is their choice… most especially Miss Cain's since Maxwell is after her life the most."

"I will talk to them about it. There's a chance of Cody agreeing but only so he'll make sure that I won't be harmed. I'm not sure about Cain since, as you said, she's being targeted by Maxwell and his men."

With the promise of Integra debriefing her and Seras will give her and the orphans a tour of the mansion tomorrow, as well as Walter telling her the meal times of both humans and vampires later, Kagome was given permission to leave with the older woman telling her that she'll see her again at dinner.

After she exited the office and closed its door with a sigh, Kagome almost jumped three feet in the air with a high pitched 'eep' at hearing Walter speak so suddenly. Seeing that it was indeed Walter who called her name, Kagome rested a hand over her heart and gave a relieved laugh, "Oh, Walter! You scared me half to death…"

"I am sorry for startling you, Miss Higurashi but I was coming to escort you back to your room and also tell you of the times for you and the children's meals, as well as curfew times for them." Walter apologized, offering Kagome a hand so he could escort her back to her room.

With a nod, Kagome walked alongside the older middle aged man as he mentioned that he helped the children unpack their things already and said children were with Cody and Cain.

Once at Kagome's bedroom door and remembering that everyone among the cooking staff and himself not knowing anything about the diet of dhampirs, Walter asked "I also came to ask you about the children's diet since the cooks have never prepared meals for dhampirs before. I know that they most likely still drink blood but as far as human food goes, we know nothing."

Looking up in thought, Kagome started off, "well, yes they do still drink blood but –" her brows furrowed slightly as she saw a part of crazy red eyes staring at her but continued to list off what Walter and the kitchen staff needed to know, "– not as much as a purebred vampire. They sometimes still get the urge when fighting or the scent of one drop but the only times they really need it is when they're hurt or are in need of nutrients that human food can't give."

With the eyes, a huge grin appeared just below them showing two rows of pearl white teeth with four deadly canines, "They also still eat normal human food but their red meats are preferred to be cooked until rare or medium-rare. They're not that picky about anything else but to be on the safe side with them, I don't add any garlic to their meals… the same with onions since I've been told by them that they can't stand to smell, whole, freshly cut, or cooked."

The eyes above her seemed to narrow slightly in amusement and curiosity before she finished, turning her attention away from the shadows above her and to , "Other than that, there's nothing else off about their diet compared to normal humans, other than sensitivity towards the smell of onions and wanting to avoid an allergy to garlic."

"I understand. Thank you for mentioning what not to put in their meals. I will tell the kitchen staff of what you told me." Before Walter was about to turn and leave, he turned back to Kagome and asked, "For the blood, how many packs of medical blood would you say the children consume?"

"I'd say… at least, one to one and a half each for Cody and Cain… and the twin at least one each per day, depending if they use too much of their energy in fighting or training." With that said Walter gave a nod before excusing himself and allowing Kagome to unpack her things and maybe take a short nap before dinner.

As she brought her bags and set them on the bed to unpack, Kagome still couldn't shake off the stares that she didn't doubt came from the vampire, Integra called Alucard.

Folding her t-shirts and casual shorts and pants, Kagome wondered as she started to put them away in drawers, 'Should I deal with him myself… or should I tell Integra-san…?' When it came to putting away her undergarments into a drawer, Kagome's brow twitched at hearing the not so quiet pleased growl-purr as she was putting away lace bras with their respective matching panties.

Dropping the red silk, black laced bra that she was about to fold and put away, Kagome looked at every corner of the room and called out in an annoyed voice, "You gonna continue acting like one of those virgin nerds who peep in on college girls or show that you have a pair and come out?"

For a moment, all was quiet to the point where she could hear a cricket make its music or a mouse scurry. But then again with how intimidating and dark vampire's aura was, nothing would make a noise even if you tried scaring it to death. Kagome then walked up to that most shadowed parts of her room to take a closer look at them to see if she could see or sense anything of the vampire. Thinking he wasn't going to come out, despite that she could still sense him within the room, Kagome muttered, "Hmm… guess he didn't have a pair."

"On the contrary…" a deep voice behind her spoke, cool breath blowing in her ear, "I have a lot more than any human you've met."

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