Fear of Thunder


Meshiru stretched her arms up and yawned as she finished unpacking the last box. It felt good to be back in Japan. Walking out of her bedroom, Meshiru seated herself on one of the kitchen's stools. Her white laptop sat on the kitchen counter, Meshiru sat for a moment on it until she found what she was looking for.

"Found you," Meshiru muttered quietly to herself. Scrolling down on her laptop's screen, Meshiru read the address of a building. Currently wearing a simple white t-shirt and jean capris, Meshiru walked to the door of her apartment. Quickly sliding on her wooden sandals she opened the front door went out and locked it behind her. Meshiru's face bore a small grin on it while she ran to the address of the building she was seeking.

It was almost midnight, so there was basically no one outside in the neighbourhood. Which made things easier for Meshiru, having to not run into people. The building was fairly close to her own home, so Meshiru would be able to reach it in about five minutes. Sprinting that is, which she was. Some may wonder why visit a building when it's almost midnight, but Meshiru knew that he would still be up at this time. Stopping at the corner, Meshiru took quick breaths and brung her breathing speed back to normal. She then decided to walk the rest of the way, which was only a couple of steps.

Meshiru surveyed the building before entering it. It seemed that room with the highest window was still on, so she decided to start with the top floor. Walking up to the building's front door, Meshiru attempted to open it and was surprised to find that it was unlocked. Meshiru ventured in calmly and casually. Easily finding the elevator to the building, she wandered in hoping that this was the right building. Pressing the highest number in the elevator, Meshiru stood patiently as she waited to arrive at her destination. A light 'ding' rang in the little square and Meshiru looked up as the doors began to slide open.


"Eh?" Was the only sound that escaped Meshiru's lips when she saw some fire shoot out, after it vanished there was only a leg left. Tilting her head silghtly, Meshiru's eyes narrowed a bit as she saw the A-Ts on the foot of whoevers leg. Peeking her head out the elevaor and turning it to the left where the leg came from. Meshiru saw a red-haired male.

"Don't damage them before I get a chance to question them, Spitfire," A voice over by the computers said.

"It's a female," The red-haired male responded to the voice. Meshiru thought for a second. 'Spitfire? That name sounds familiar'. The leg of Spitfire lowered and he moved over to where Meshiru stood.

"You don't look to dangerous now," He said while examining Meshiru. "Entered the wrong place, perhaps?"

"Er... I don't think so, I believe this is the right place," Meshiru said looking up at the red-haired man. Taking a step out of the elevator doorway, before it tried to close again. "I'm looking for someone named Yoshitsune," Meshiru continued while looking around the room a bit more.

"Hmmm... Follow me then," He said after a moment and began to walk over to computers. Meshiru followed curiously.

It had been about two years since she had left Japan and finally returned. Currently Meshiru wondered how her childhood friend, Yoshitsune, was doing. Yoshitsune was a couple of years older then Meshiru, but they lived beside each other when they were younger. They also started A-T at the same time. Even how close they were, Meshiru hadn't told Yoshitsune everything yet. Such as the fact that she was leader and founder of Fallen a small and elite team. Though the only member of Fallen currently is Meshiru. There was also another secret that she had hid from Yoshitsune, the fact that she was the legendary 'Dragonfly'. Dragonfly was an extremely know Storm Rider once in Japan, but recently Dragonfly had vanished. Two years after, a sighting of Dragonfly was called.

Meshiru then suddenly remebered who Spitfire was, the Flame King. "Silly me, how could I forget something so simple. Perhaps that was why those A-Ts looked familiar. It was a Regalia I was looking at," Meshiru silently scolded herself in her head when Spitfire had stopped walking.

"Your name?" The voice from before said. Poking her head out from behind Spitfire, Meshiru smiled warmly at the familiar face she saw.

"What do you mean 'your name'?" Meshiru questioned with a small grin as she stepped over to Yoshitsune.

"I don't believe it," Yoshitsune said suddenly with his tone changing. His eyes widened a bit as he took this all in. "How long have been back for?" Yoshitsune asked reclaiming his composure.

"About a day now," Mehsiru replied with a little nod.

"You know each other?" said the voice of Spitfire, he was looking between the two, a bit confused.

"This here is Meshiru and he is Spitfire," Yoshitsune explained shortly with a simple gesture at each named person. Meshiru place out her hand to the head and even more taller man. Spitfire took it and shook it. She reminded him of someone he knew, they were almost the same height. Probably Meshiru was about two inches shorter though. Shrugging his thoughts off, Spitfire began to wonder what those two connections were.

"We're childhood friends," Meshiru said suddenly, it was almost as if she had read Spitfire's mind.

"Have a seat," Yoshitsune said standing up and sliding over to some couches in the room. Following Yoshitsune, the three took a seat. Yoshitsune spoke again after they all sat down. "It's been a while hasn't it?"

Meshiru simply nodded her head in agreement while her mind reminsced on those memories.

Spitfire looked over at the clock before saying, "It's getting fairly late, I'm going to head home now. It's nice meeting you Meshiru."

Yoshitsune and Meshiru said their farewells to Spitfire as he went to the elevator. After he left the two continued their conversation of catching up.

"Did you stop riding, Meshiru?" Yoshitsune asked looking down where her wooden sandals sat under her feets.

Shaking her head Meshiru responded, "No, no. It's just I've only been back for a day, so I've been busy unpacking and all. And... Ah.. Um..." Meshiru paused for a moment after fumbling with her words. Letting out a sigh, Meshiru thought quickly what she should say.

"..." Yoshitsune was a bit silent, it had been a long time since they last talked,. but he never expected her to be so out of placed.

"Yoshitsune... You don't know me very well like you think you do. I never told you everything. Other then the little things," Meshiru said looking downwards at her fingers.

"I think I understand. If I could remember all of our conversations, I would realize that you never said anything about those A-Ts of yours," Yoshitsune said casually as a way to get Meshiru to relax a bit.

"You're right," Meshiru said looking up again. Leaving Yoshitsune wondering how he was right.

Putting her hand in her pocket, Meshiru pulled out something. Placing it on the coffee table that sat between the two, Meshiru slid it over for Yoshitsune to look at. He picked it up to only discover that it was an emblem to a team. There was two wings crossed over with the feathers facing upwards. Not even bothering to read the letters written on the left side, Yoshitsune had already recognized which team the emblem belonged to. He was amazed and shocked as he held the little thing in his hands.

"Meshiru... You defeated Fallen?" Yoshitsune said with absolute surprise in his voice.

"No, no. Silly Yoshitsune. Not defeated," Meshiru responded shaking her head. Yoshitsune looked at her with confusing in his eyes.

"Dragonfly," Meshiru easily explained with one word.

"How long... How long were you Dragonfly?" Yoshitsune questioned even if he knew the answer before it was answered.

"A couple years now I guess," Meshiru said with a light shrug, "You see, Yoshitsune, I'm sorry I hid this for all those years. Then suddenly vanishing and not telling you where I went. It's something I live with. It's almost a burden to me. You know what Fallen and or Dragonfly is known for. To end the flight of those who abuse A-Ts. That is the Broken Road."

Looking straight at Yoshitsune with her endless black eyes, Meshiru waited for him to consume allt he information given so far. After taking in a silent breath, Yoshitsune responded.

"Broken Road?" Confusion showed all over his face, not caring if he didn't have his normal cool.

"Oh! You probably know it as the Lost Road," Meshiru fixed and saw that Yoshitsune suddenly understood.

"I always thought that the Lost Road was just a rumour," Yoshitsune said with a rare thoughtful face and then he quoted, "'Of all the major Roads, there was one that rode the other way. A Lost Road. To be forever forgotten and to be never riden again.'"

"Because its an unusual Road. Very different from the others. Though, through my eyes ever Road is related to the Tropheum Tower. Some wish to conquer the tower, few wish to protect it, and one wishes to destroy it," says Meshiru. Her eyes stayed ever so blank, just as they were kids. The same deep black eyes.

"So why tell me this?" Yoshitsune asked with his normal tone coming back to him.

"I want you, Yoshitsune, to become Fallen's second member," Meshiru said with a smile that told the rest.

Scratching his head, Yoshitsune nodded his head with a little grin on his face. "Just like before..."

Meshiru stood up a bright smile stayed on her face. Yoshitsune too stood up while looking over to the clock. They chatted for quite a whil. almsot two hours. Seeing Meshiru to the elevator, she gave Yoshitsune a wave goodbye as the elevator closed and brung her down the building.