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Miley and Jake had gone home. They had gone back to Malibu where they had met and first fallen in love. Leaving Paris had been hard but they both knew they'd be going back. Miley agreed with Jake…the house Jake had bought would be a perfect place to bring a family….someday.

And now…now Miley was really home…home where her journey to becoming Hannah…to becoming Miley had really begun.

She was back in Tennessee.

When they had returned to Malibu they had both thought long and hard about when and where they should get married. They had considered staying in Malibu and having a big celebrity wedding. That thought had lasted….well…. a few microseconds.

Both Miley and Jake wanted to keep being a celebrity as something they did….not as who they were. And so Miley had asked Jake if they could have their wedding in her home…where her Mother had loved her…and where her enormous family still lived.

Jake would have had the wedding on the moon if it meant that Miley would walk down the isle to him so of course his answer has been yes.

And here she was…in Tennessee….on her wedding day.

Everyone she cared about was going to be there today. She and Jake had found a spot overlooking the beautiful smoky Mountains to get married. It was a quiet hillside with a breathtaking view of the Mountains. Being late October the leaves of the trees were burning with color. They had found a farmhouse nearby that had been turned into a quaint hotel and had rented the entire place for them and their friends for the entire week.

The couple hadn't wanted to try and cram spending quality time with their friends and family into a few hours at their reception. So instead they offered everyone a week of being together as their wedding gift to the people they cared about most.

And they had all come to be with them. Lilly and Oliver, Jenna and Kevin, Jackson and his wife Sarah, and both their parents had been there the entire time. It had been one of the best and most relaxing weeks of their lives. They had gone hiking, fishing, and kayaking. Miley had even gotten Jake to try hoseback riding. She laughed just thinking of his expression that evening when he asked her if she could amputate his legs to make the pain go away.

It didn't matter though that her city slicker fiancé didn't love everything she liked to do…it just mattered that they were trying things and doing them together. The evenings had been Miley's favorite part of their vacation. The group would gather in the cool crisp autumn air around a big bonfire near the farmhouse for dinner. There were blankets everywhere and the couples would inevitably wrap themselves in them enjoying being close to each other and having fun with their friends.

Someone would always be playing the guitar and all the talented people in the group took turns singing some of their favorite music. All the tunes were soft with a playful country twang paying homage to where they were and how they were all feeling being away from the hustle of Los Angeles life. It was perfect. And tonight would be the last night everyone would be together. Tonight was the night that Miley and Jake would be married.

The wedding was going to be simple. There weren't going to be tons of decorations since the leaves were changing and there would be no competing with natural beauty on a day like today. They also realized that they didn't need tons of fanfare to tell each other they were in love, they just needed their family and friends.

And after all Miley was still a country girl at heart. So getting married here was really the only place in the world that it would feel right.

The wedding was going to be at sunset giving Miley and Jake the chance to spend their day together. Everyone else would have to wait.


Miley woke up early and prodded Jake until he showed signs of life. He smiled at her and grabbed her pulling her back in towards him as if she were a life sized teddy bear that he never wanted to let go. Miley smiled loving how it felt to be drawn up so close to him.

"Come on…I want to go and look at our spot….before everything gets too crazy." Miley begged him before getting out of bed and throwing on her clothes.

Jake watched this smugly enjoying the view of his soon to be wife changing in front of him. Miley noticed her admirer and promptly threw a pillow at him. "Get up." She commanded with a smile.

Jake smiled and got himself out of bed. "Gosh…we're not even married yet and you're bossing me around." He said with a smirk.

Miley turned and grabbed him by the collared shirt that he had just thrown on and was starting to button. She brought her face millimeters away from his. "And don't even pretend that you're not enjoying every minute of it." She said with a seductive glimmer in her eyes.

Miley then leaned in and kissed him as softly as she possibly could just tasting his lips.

Jake could only look at her in awe. "God I love you." He whispered huskily having every intention of wrestling her back to bed.

Miley shifted gears immediately. "Good….now get Dressed!"

Jake smiled and looked at his fiancé out of the corner of his eyes. He had no idea what he had done in his past lives to be this lucky. But he wasn't going to look a gift pop star in the mouth.

Jake and Miley stepped out into the cold brisk air of the early autumn morning. Miley was so excited that today they would be together forever. She wanted to look at their spot…the spot they would be married before everyone else. She wanted to hold him there and just let it sink in. So that's what they did. They walked to the spot on the hillside where they would tell each other that they would be together forever and just held each other silently.

Miley couldn't imagine anything better for her wedding day. She had everything she could possibly want….she was in the place that felt most like home in the entire world, she had her family….and she had Jake.

Miley closed her eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of his strong arms around her. She couldn't imagine all those thousands of brides who sequestered themselves away from their husbands on their special day only to reveal themselves at the ceremony. Not that she was completely above superstition…she wouldn't let him see the dress or anything but she loved that today the thing she would remember most….was him.

They spent the next few hours walking around the beautiful countryside and just being alone… together.

In the afternoon when it was time to get ready Lilly Miley and Jenna were treated like queens. Miley hadn't wanted anyone to fuss over her but of course Jake wouldn't have his wife doing anything herself on her wedding day. He had made sure each of the women had a masseuse and stylist to help them get ready and plates of food sent up so that they didn't get hungry.

It took all of them to get Miley into her dress but when she was ready she was stunning.

The three of them had gone shopping for the dress together after everyone had returned from Paris. It had taken a few days but they had found the right one. It was unique, elegant, and it fit Miley perfectly. The dress was sleeveless with a fitted waist bodice and a gorgeous skirt that flared delicately from her waist. The entire dress was ivory satin covered in white lace with tiny pearl beads along the bodice and sparingly along the skirt of the gown. Miley had her hair mostly down and wavy with part of the front pulled back out of her face. The only jewelry she wore were a pair of drop pearl earrings that had been her mothers that her dad had given her the night before. Beyond all that the thing that made Miley look so incredible was her smile. She was glowing… and it was infectious.

After a million little things had been taken care of it was time.

Miley took a breath and walked down the isle on her fathers arm the warm breeze and the bright color of the leaves nearly glowing in the sunset. She didn't remember much about the actual ceremony but she would always remember him. She wouldn't remember the gorgeous Armani suit that he wore or the designer shoes but she would remember the tears she saw in his gorgeous eyes as he saw her in the aisle and the look of utter devotion that he had given her as he slipped her wedding ring gently on her finger.

The ceremony went by far too quickly. Miley felt like she was back presenting her first Teenie not being able to concentrate on the words she was supposed to say when Jake was so close to her staring into her eyes and seeing nothing but her. It didn't matter though…she made it through. And with a kiss she was his. But her heart…her heart had always been his.

As they took their pictures everyone else gathered in the huge white tent on the soft grass for the reception. Miley had made sure that everything would be perfect for them inside. There were hundreds of hanging lanterns lighting paths to and from the farm house and into the tent area and thousands of candles when you entered. The flowers reflected the colors outside as an autumn glow seemed to have been brought underneath the canopy. The only thing Jake had insisted he be allowed to choose was their first song which Miley had begrudgingly given over to him. They had never really had one single song to call their own but Miley had faith in Jake. The rest of the music was already taken care of by musician friends of Miley's and even some of her family.

Suddenly the photos were taken and someone was ushering them towards the tent where they would be presented as man and wife. The sides of the tent had been closed so as to reveal the couple for the first time and so Miley wouldn't be able to peak at the contents of the tent before she was supposed to.

Jake leaned down and kissed his wife on the forehead. "I love you." He whispered softly so only she could hear despite the bustling of people getting everything ready.

It was maybe the millionth time he had told her that he loved her but the first time as husband and wife and it brought happy tears to Miley's eyes. He squeezed her hand and the two of them burst through the curtain to racous applause. Everyone was yelling and whistling and standing and clapping as loudly as they could…celebrating them.

Miley was overcome with it all. Jake had obviously made some arrangements of his own since everyone had sparklers in their hands waving them about as they made their way onto the dance floor.

Jake was leading the way. He had Miley by the hand and was walking through the crowd of people hugging them as they went until they were finally in the middle of the spotlights.

There was a stage already setup with a set of soft sheer white curtains covering the performers. The dance floor was aglow with candlelight.

Kevin came forward and handed Jake a microphone. Jake took Miley's hand in his and looked down at her. Then speaking into the mic for everyone to hear he made his announcement.

"I just wanted to thank everyone here for coming tonight. It's been the best day of my life and I can't tell you how great it makes both of us feel knowing we have so many family and friends who wanted to share this special day with us." Jake took a breath and looked at his wife who was beaming up at him and holding his hand still calm as a cucumber. He was now turned and looking only at Miley. "Miley." He said almost breathlessly and obviously nervous. "Today you have made me the happiest man alive and I knew that I would never be able to find the words to tell you exactly what you mean to me today. So I did what any man would do…and I decided to steal someone else's." Jake said with a smirk. "So without further ado….this song is for you." He said looking directly into her eyes.

Miley smiled knowing how sweet the man in front of her was. She couldn't wait to hear what he had chosen to represent their first song as man and wife. Jake had given the mic back to Kevin and was now turning back towards the stage where the sheer white curtains were slowly being lifted. As the players came into view Miley's jaw literally dropped.

Miley was stunned. There in front of her was one of her all time favorite bands and a constant inspiration for her music. She didn't quite believe her eyes. She leaned into Jake. "Is that….Rascal Flatts….at MY wedding?" Miley asked trying to keep her cool.

Jake just smiled and nodded. Miley's eyes got even wider. "Um….are you sure? Because the Rascal Flatts I know are Grammy winners! This couldn't be the same group of guys right?" Miley asked her fan status taking over her own celebrity.

Jake smiled at the shocked look on his wife's face. He knew he'd be spending lots of money over the next few years trying to bring that look of awestruck amazement to her face as much as possible. He loved it. He leaned his head down towards her ears. "So….do I get a few brownie points for this?"

Miley leaned back towards him still not taking her eyes off the group that was getting ready to start playing. "I….I…uh…I might even consider a get out of jail free card for this." She said still shocked.

Jake smiled and took his wife in his arms getting ready for the music to start playing around them.

Miley looked at Jake. Tonight she wasn't a Grammy winner herself…tonight she was just Miley a woman who was receiving one of the greatest gifts imaginable from the man she loved.

The lead singer Gary LeVox stepped to the front of the stage wearing an all black suit and bowed nodding at the couple on the dance floor.

The music started playing (A/N Please do yourself a favor and go to YouTube and get Rascal Flatts The Day Before You for this next part…TRUST ME!)

Miley only needed to hear the first few notes to know exactly which song Jake had chosen. She instantly felt tears in her eyes. They had danced to this once before. It was their first dance together on her porch in Malibu. It was just a song that had come on the radio the night they had finally gotten together in high school. Jake had asked her to dance. She had forgotten about the song, but she remembered the night perfectly. It was the night she realized that they really were no longer just friends…they had both moved past that without even realizing it.

I had all but given up
On finding the one that I could fall into
On the day before you

Miley was crying looking up at Jake and seeing the devotion in his eyes. She knew he was telling her exactly how he felt with the song.

I was ready to settle for
Less than love and not much more
There was no such thing as a dream come true
Oh, but that was on the day before you

Miley couldn't imagine a more perfect song for them. They had both been lost and had found themselves again the day they got back together. She knew that she could never love a song more than she would love this one from this day forward. She laid her head down on Jake's shoulder and let the words he was telling her sink in.

Now you're here and everything's changing
Suddenly life means so much
I can't wait to wake up tomorrow
And find out this promise is true
I will never have to go back to
The day before you

She wanted to tell him what this meant to her, how he made her feel. She lifted her head and met his eyes. Her voice was soft and breaking with emotion. "Jake….I.." Jake just smiled at her knowing exactly what she was feeling and kissed her still swaying to the amazing music.

In your eyes I see forever
It makes me wish that my life never knew
The day before you
Oh, but Heaven knows those years without you
Were shapin' my heart for the day that I found you
You're the reason for all that I've been through
Then I'm thankful for the day before you-
yeah, yeah

Their lips parted from one another. They danced in each others arms being contented just to stare into each others eyes and hold on tight. Jake broke his gaze and gave a nod to Kevin and Oliver. Soon their friends and family were joining them.

Now you're here and everything's changing
Suddenly life means so much
I can't wait to wake up tomorrow
And find out this promise is true
I will never have to go back to
The day before you

Was the last day that I ever lived alone
And I'm never goin' back
No, I'm never goin' back

Miley looked around at the people around her. They were all people who loved her and Jake. Some were laughing while dancing, some where too wrapped up in the person they were holding but all of them were happy.

Now you're here and everything's changing
Suddenly life means so much
I can't wait to wake up tomorrow
And find out this promise is true
I will never have to go back to

Miley thought of the troubled road that had led her here to be with Jake and knew that it had all been worth it. Her life was changing…and she couldn't imagine that it could possibly get any better than today. She looked up at Jake and saw the smirk and gleam in his eyes and knew that she was wrong. Her best days would be the one's that they'd share together….the one's yet to come.

Miley closed her eyes and placed her head on Jake's shoulder. She felt him gently stroking her long dark curls. And in that moment she wasn't a woman in her wedding dress, she was a young girl of 14 dancing on her fathers porch with the boy she knew she was destined to love for all eternity.

Yeah, I will never have to go back to
The day before you, the day before you


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