Soaring Smoke

Smokey is a loner, who is used to living in the harsh wilderness and fending for himself, even though he's only eight moons old. Ever since his parents died, Smokey has had to take care of himself and his younger sister. But when a tragic accident occurs that shakes Smokey to his core, he flees from his temporary home and happens upon the Clan cats. He is grudgingly accepted into WindClan and now the renamed Smokepaw must prove to his new family that he is as loyal as a Clan born cat. But not everyone is going to make it easy for him.


Leader: Fallenstar- mottled brown and white tom with large ears.

Deputy: Puddledrop- black she-cat with white ears and feet.

(Apprentice- Cherrypaw)

Medicine Cat: Cottonsky- white she-cat with hazel eyes.

(Apprentice- Breezepaw)


Whitefoot- dark brown tabby tom.

Heathersong- calico she-cat with green eyes.

(Apprentice- Webpaw)

Ravenwing- black, long-furred she-cat with amber eyes.

Brackenface- black and white tom.

(Apprentice- Bamboopaw)

Goldeye- gray tabby tom with amber eyes.

(Apprentice- Smokepaw)


Cherrypaw- orange tabby she-cat.

Breezepaw- white tom with black splotches on his tail.

Webpaw- dark gray tabby tom with white feet.

Bamboopaw- tan she-cat with a pure white tail.

Smokepaw- black tom with a white spot on his chest.


Silkshadow- blue-gray she-cat with green eyes.

(Mother of Brackenface's kits: Harekit, Yellowkit and Eggkit)


Oatfield- light brown tabby tom.

Juniperpelt- white and black she-cat, retired queen.


Leader: Swiftstar- thin black and white tom with green eyes.

Deputy: Ratfang- black tom with large front teeth.

Medicine Cat: Lightstripe- pale she-cat with amber eyes.

(Apprentice- Mangotail)


Ivytail- light gray she-cat with long legs.

(Apprentice- Mousepaw)

Jaguarheart- dark brown tabby tom.

(Apprentice- Palepaw)

Maplebark- light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Talontree- black tom with huge paws.

(Apprentice- Plumpaw)

Berrywhisker- tall she-cat with brown and black fur.


Mangotail- light orange she-cat, training to become a medicine cat.

Mousepaw- light brown tom with hazel eyes.

Palepaw- light colored tom.

Plumpaw- calico she-cat with green eyes and a long tail.


Littlenose- small black she-cat with a very pink nose.

(Mother of Talontree's kits: Mistykit and Meadowkit)

Jayfur- gray tabby with green eyes.

(Mother of Swiftstar's kits: Minnowkit, Tallkit and Rollingkit)


Ancientfur- oldest cat in ThunderClan, brown and white tom.

Wingflight- scrawny black she-cat.

Willowmist- calico she-cat with a broken paw.


Leader: Streamstar- black she-cat with blue eyes and a white tail.

(Apprentice- Shellpaw)

Deputy: Greeneye- brown tabby tom with bright green eyes.

Medicine Cat: Mossbelly- tan and white tom with a drooping eye.


Blizzardpelt- white she-cat with blue eyes.

(Apprentice- Vinepaw)

Swamprain- brown tom with a white underbelly.

(Apprentice- Tigerpaw)

Snaketooth- black tom with a white throat.

Redstorm- dark orange tom with green eyes.

(Apprentice- Hawkpaw)

Cloudysky- creamy furred she-cat.

(Apprentice- Floodpaw)

Gorsemask- brown tabby tom with a white face and tail.


Shellpaw- black and white she-cat with pearly whiskers.

Vinepaw- gray tabby tom with amber eyes.

Tigerpaw- light brown tom with black stripes down his back.

Hawkpaw- calico she-cat with blue eyes.

Floodpaw- white tom with green eyes.


Loudpurr- heavy-set she-cat with tabby brown fur.

(Mother of Gorsemask's kits: Umberkit, Strongkit, Fishkit and Sunkit)


Onefoot- a gnarled old tom with one white foot.

Patchedfur- white and black she-cat.


Leader: Darkstar- black tom with hazel eyes and sharp ears.

Deputy: Crowcall- black tom with a white underbelly.

Medicine Cat: Brownthroat- dark brown tabby tom.

(Apprentice- Loudpaw)


Logstump- brown tom with gray eyes.

(Apprentice- Brightpaw)

Eagleclaw- white tom with unusually long claws.

(Apprentice- Rabbitpaw)

Climbingcloud- brown tabby she-cat with white spots.

Shadewing- dark gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

(Apprentice- Sootypaw)

Tumbleleaf- small brown and tan tom.


Loudpaw- heavy, tall tom with black fur.

Brightpaw- white she-cat with hazel eyes.

Rabbitpaw- light brown tabby she-cat.

Sootypaw- light gray tom with piercing amber eyes.


Waterflower- gray and white she-cat.

(Mother of Crowcall's kits: Silverkit, Mountainkit and Bluekit)

Twigwhisker- brown tabby with blue eyes.

(Mother of Tumbleleaf's kits: Dustkit and Firekit)


Stripedtail- calico she-cat with a mottled tail.

Beefur- black and white tom with numerous bee stings.

Rockface- dark gray tabby tom.