Warriors: The Following

Book 2: The Flood

"The blue-eyed cat will seal the fate of the river and let the warring winds cease."

Icepool has finally been made into a warrior and with her new position comes new responsibilities. The threat of WindClan is getting greater and not all Clans are as strong as RiverClan. Meanwhile a new danger is arising in Icepool's life and it has nothing to do with enemy cats. Icepool is torn between Rainwhisker and Cloudspot and both toms aren't too fond of each other. The prophecy is coming to pass and it's up to Icepool to save RiverClan.



Silverstar- beautiful gray tabby with a sharp tail.


Pinetail- dark brown tom with green eyes.

(Apprentice- Seapaw)

Medicine Cat:

Owlear- young dark gray tom with pointy ears.

(Apprentice- Willowpaw)


Wingfeet- light brown tabby tom.

(Apprentice- Rockpaw)

Tinystripe- small white and grey she-cat.

Fernfoot- black and white she-cat.

Birdsong- long legged she-cat with black fur

Rainwhisker- grey and black tabby tom.

Coldsnow- calico tom with hazel eyes.

Crabclaw- black and white tom.

Rosetail- small brown and white tabby.

(Apprentice- Pondpaw)

Icepool- light grey she-cat with blue eyes.


Dawncloud- grey and white she-cat.


Petalcoat- dusky brown she-cat with dark green eyes.

Dewfur- solid grey tom with a torn claw.

Oldwhisker- oldest cat in Riverclan, blind tabby tom.


Rockpaw- black tom with hazel eyes.

Pondpaw- black and brown tom.

Willowpaw- brown tabby she-cat.

Seapaw- black she-cat with a white tail.


(Miststorm's and Pinetail's)

Hawkkit- white and brown tom with green eyes.

Stormkit- long-haired cream colored she-cat.

Runningkit- brown tabby she-cat with hazel eyes.

Mosskit- light brown tom with a white underbelly.

(Dawncloud's and Wingfeet's)

Lichenkit- light gray she-cat with green eyes.

Cricketkit- brown and white tabby she-cat.

Yarrowkit- dark brown tabby tom with a white underbelly.



Redstar- red furred tom with green eyes.


Applefall- light brown she-cat with white paws.

Medicine Cat:

Foxtail- reddish-brown tom with a bushy tail.

(Apprentice- Wildpaw)


Larkfeather- grey tabby she-cat.

(Apprentice- Mudpaw)

Quickstep- calico tom.

(Apprentice- Lightpaw)

Molefur- dark brown tabby tom.

Bluesky- light grey and white she-cat.

Goldenpelt- light blond tom.

(Apprentice- Flowerpaw)

Badgerclaw- heavy black and white tom.

Sootface- dark grey she-cat with green eyes.


Mudpaw- brown tabby tom with amber eyes.

Lightpaw- calico she-cat with white paws.

Wildpaw- black tom cat with large ears.

Flowerpaw- light grey tabby she-cat.



Strongstar- black tom with silver fur on his muzzle.


Volefur- brown and white tabby tom with sharp claws.

(Apprentice- Fangpaw)

Medicine Cat:

Poppypaw- light brown she-cat with blue eyes.


Spottedmask- splotchy black and white she-cat.

(Apprentice- Acornpaw)

Peachpelt- light orange tabby she-cat.

Darkears- black tom with blue eyes.

Tallwhiskers- long-legged tom with tabby brown pelt.

(Apprentice- Deerpaw)

Sparrowwing- dark brown tom.

Cloudspot- white tom with black spots on his tail.


Deerpaw- brown tabby she-cat.

Fangpaw- huge black tom with long teeth.

Acornpaw- calico she-cat with blue eyes.



Tearstar- dark grey tabby she-cat.


Lilyshine- brown tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Medicine Cat:

Tosstree- scraggly black tom.


Irisclaw- light grey she-cat.

(Apprentice- Robinpaw)

Yellowtip- harsh-looking black tom.

Junetail- dark grey and white she-cat.

(Apprentice- Whitepaw)

Winterwind- white tom.

Brookheart- light grey tabby.


Robinpaw- orange and white tabby tom.

Whitepaw- cream colored she-cat with hazel eyes.