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Finding the Family Tree


Leader: Speckledstar- white cat with black and brown spots.

Deputy: Snowflight- pure white tom with blue eyes.

Medicine Cat: Longfeather- gray tabby tom with a narrow face.

(Apprentice- Dapplepaw)


Junglesun- mottled brown tabby tom with a long coat.

(Apprentice- Yewpaw)

Stonedust- long-haired light gray tom.

Sandmask- light orange she-cat with a white face.

(Apprentice- Tulippaw)

Fawnfur- tan she-cat with a white underbelly and paws.

Spidersilk- black, long-legged tom with green eyes.

(Apprentice- Darkpaw)

Softear- white she-cat with brown paws.

(Apprentice- Treepaw)

Cedarheart- big black and white tom.


Dapplepaw- calico she-cat with pale eyes.

Yewpaw- brown tabby tom.

Tulippaw- white she-cat with dark gray splotches.

Darkpaw- dark gray tom with blue eyes.

Treepaw- thin, light brown tabby tom.


Grassypelt- thick-furred she-cat with brown stripes.

(Mother of Cedarheart's kits: Flowerkit, Brindlekit, and Crimsonkit)

Wavewind- blue-gray she-cat with white paws.

(Mother of Snowflight's kits: Whitekit, Oceankit, Frostkit and Spottedkit)


Bramblespot: brown tabby tom with a white tail.

Treestump: heavy black and white tom.

Flamefur- tabby she-cat with orange fur.


Fawnfur is a devoted ThunderClan warrior who lives for the cats in her home. She has a brave and strong mate who loves her. She has a special relationship with the ThunderClan leader. But something is missing from Fawnfur's life. When she was a kit, Fawnfur was abandoned by her birth parents and ThunderClan took her in. Now Fawnfur wants to know who her parents were and why they cast her aside. Fawnfur sets out on a daring journey leading her away from her home and closer to danger.