Braig had turned his hair into a fucking snow cone.

No, of course Braig couldn't have instead have just poured some water on his head. (For God's sake, it had only been some drink!) Instead, for revenge, he just had to dye his hair every single friggin' colour of the rainbow.

And what the hell, Xehanort just had to send him out on some petty errand to get groceries.


What luck Ienzo was having today.


"Hahaha! You actually did it! You're such a loser, Reno!"

"Oh really, your turn is next! Truth or dare?"

And look, some children had just splashed him with water. Fun. Yay.

With a frustrated groan, Ienzo sits down beside the fountain, wishing someone would just shoot him already.

Stupid Braig and his beer, stupid Xehanort with his groceries, stupid children who won't stop laughing--


What the...?

Freaking hell.

He had just been kissed by a hyper five-year old. On the lips.

Despite his aversion to using such a vulgar word, he had to say...Ew. (Ew. Yuck. NowayWHATTHEHELL!)

The girl grins widely, reavealing rainbow sugar coated teeth.

"Haha! You'be just been kissed by the Great Ninja Yuffie!" And as sudden as she kissed him, her face turns deadpan. "Skittles. Taste the rainbow."

And then she runs away maniacally laughing.

He is going to fucking kill Braig.