Title: Part as Friends

Summary: "Lost your heart? Well, we'll see about that. Remember, who's your Madame Governor!"

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I laugh at you.

Author's Note: So, I got the audio to the S.F. preview, and I nearly imploded with joy. I love these lyrics…So good. I don't like this little one shot drabble, but I needed to do something with it.

Part as Friends

"Listen, Nessa…?"

She ran one finger down his palm, and he couldn't help but shiver under her touch. So intoxicating, so deadly…



"Maybe it matter less a little now that I'm leaving here tonight."

She leaned her body towards his, and he sucked in a breath.


So heartbroken. He swallowed. She had to know. Everyone had known, and Nessa could never have been so blind.

"I'm going to that ball to take my chance once and for all to try and stop her."

He felt her last breath hit his chest, and then she stood there-not breathing-with her bottom lip between her teeth. She blinked.


Oh, sweet gods above. She really hadn't?

"Yes, Nessa, that's right. Nessa, I lost my heart to Glinda the moment I first saw her. You know that."

Did she really think that he could've ever…He could've, but not now.

"Lost your heart? Well, we'll see about that."

He swallowed. Her body turned away and then back towards him as her eyes widened. Her chin tucked towards her neck, she gave him a small half smile. Boq stepped back.

"Remember, who's your Madame Governor."

He remembered that all too well…

"Please try to understand!"

He licked his lips as he watched her step towards him, step back, step forward and turn. Her breathing quickened, and somewhere in the back of his mind he remembered her old panic attacks-her fits of rage and depression.

"Did you think I'd let you leave me here flat while you went gallivanting after her?"

She threw one arm towards the door. Her smile was bare and violent now. He reached towards her one more time.

"I never meant to hurt you!"

She shook her head as she looked at him. Well, he had. He had hurt her. Boq took a breath, and Nessa felt her heart constrict as she spoke.

"You're going to lose your heart to me I tell you. If I have to…I have to…Magic spell you!"

Maybe she shouldn't…

"I know it's too late to make amends, but, Nessa, can't we part as friends?"

Or maybe she should…


So, I'm not too proud of this, but I just love the lyrics to the S.F. Preview of WWotE. Please review.