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Summary: Hermione was nineteen when Lucius came to live with her, It was only suppose to be till his house was rebuilt, since after the Death-Eaters had burned it to the ground with his wife inside it. Well things change in two years. Oh yes Ginny, and Draco got married after the war with her parents blessings, they dated through the war, they have a two year old. Lucius was in Azkaban for a year before they learned he was under a spell, and therefore couldn't control his actions. Hermione was nineteen when he arrived at her door, now she is twenty-one, Ginny is twenty, and Draco is twenty-one. I made Lucius forty.


He stood outside the young womans door, with the piece of paper given by Dumbledore himself, he said that this was where he was to stay until his mansion was rebuilt. He blamed 'Voldamort' for everything that went wrong in his life, to the death of his wife, till the last day he stayed in Askaban. If it hadn't been for the Council Of Magic, he would still be in that place away from his son.

The girl looked around, trying to see why the man was still standing on the porch, she had watched him from the window for the last thrirty-minutes, and he still hadn't knocked, "What is he doing?"

He finally knocked on the door, 'Well it wasn't like I had any where else to go'

The girl opened the door, smiling at the man, "Did you have trouble finding the house?"

"No, just knocking," He smiled at the young woman, "I want to thank you for taken me in."

"I would do anything for Dumbledore," She stepped aside so that the guest was able to come into the house.

He looked at the girl, "I am only here until my house is rebuilt," he gave the young woman a half smile, "I am sorry about your parents."

"I am sorry about your wife," She answered, as she led the man up the stairs, "You can stay here as long as you need to, it will be nice to have comapnay," she led the man to a small room, which assist of a bedm, dresser, and desk, "This will be your room, probably not what you been expecting, but it's what I have."

The man set his bags at the foot of the bed, he smiled at the young woman, "Again, thank you."

She smiled back at the man, "Don't worry about it, I am cooking dinner, if you want some come down to my kitchen."



"Stop it, I am trying to cook," The woman smack away the hand, which kept trying to untie her apron, she turned and stared at the man, "Lucius Malfoy, you are impossible, you know that?"

"Remember the first time you told me that," He grinned still tugging at the girls apron.

"When are you going to start building you mansion again," She turned back to her cooking, smiling.

He slid his hands around the young girls waist, and started kissing her neck, "Come now, you would miss me, Hermione," he set his hand on her stomach, "And what would our child think, if we lived in separate houses?"

"Speaking of child," Hermione turned in Lucius's arms, "We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow."

"Oh yes, I nearly forgot, well Draco, and Ginny are going to be here for dinner any minute," Her leaned in and kissed the woman, as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

She looked down at her stomach, "I am only three months, and already I am sticking outm," she felt her lover's lips on the side of her neck, she closed her eyes, "You are starting something, you know you can't finish."

"Can't I, love?" He lifted the young woman in his arms, and carried her to the top of the stairs into the master bedroom, "That sounded like a challenge," he flicked his wand, causing both there clothes to vanish.

"You know this is how I ended up pregnant in the first place," She wrapped her arms around Lucius's neck.

He positioned himself in between her, he and grinned, "Then you should stop challenging me, love."

She bucked into him, as she felt his member inside her, she pulled him down for a kiss, "I never complained, just pointing out a fact, love."

He lowered his head, and started kissing her behind the ear, and slid one hand down to her breast squeezing the nipple between his fingers, causing a soft moan escape her lips, "You like that."

She ran her fingers through his hair, "You know I do," she felt him bite down against the skin of her neck, then his tongue massaged the sore spot, he had just bitten, "You-You- Your son is coming to dinner, you sure you want him to see the hickies his father left."

"Love, I am sure he doesn't care," Lucius released himself, at the same time as Hermione came.

They laid in bed holding eachother, for a little bit.

Hermione sat up, remembering about the food she was cooking, "Lucius, you always do this," she went to her closet and grabbed some close, and quickly changed, "Dinner is probably going to be burnt."

"Love, I charmed it so it would finish cooking itself, and turn off when it was cooked," He got off the bed, and walked over to the woman, not caring that he was naked, "Come lay down with me," he leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips.

She sat on the edge of the bed, and staired at where he still stood, "Get clothes on, Lucius."

He walked to his dresser, and grabbed a white t-shirt, and jeans, then threw them on, he saw his lover bite her bottom lip as she stared at him, "Like what you see, love?"

She blushed, realizing she had been staring, she looked at him, "You realize we have been a couple for a year, and three months tommorrow?"

"Yes, and you put a charm on your room so I wasn't allowed in it for the first three months of us dating," He sat beside the woman, and wrapped an arm around her, "Which is why, I think it is time for us to get married."

"Married?" Hermione stared at her lover.

"Yes, I want you to be my wife, love," He placed his hand on her stomach, "I never loved another woman, the way that I love you. I had to marry Narcissa, and the only feeling I had towards her, was one that any man would have, or should have for the mother of his child. With you though, I loved you before I learned you were pregnant."

"You know I love you," She crawled behind him, and stood on her knees as she started putting his hair back in a ponytail, when she was finished, she leaned in, and whispered in his ear, "I will marry you, Lucius."

Lucius spinned around, and wrapped his arms around the girl, causing both of them to fall back onto the bed, "I love you."

"So I heard," She rested both hands on each side of her stomach, and smiled at the blonde, "We love you to."

He lifted her shirt enough to see her stomach, and rested his head gently over her stomach, he closed his eyes when he felt Hermione's soft hand on the side of his face, "What time is the doctor appointment tomorrow?"

"Eleven," Hermione was trying not to fall asleep.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Lucius sat up, and stared at the woman her loved, "You could sleep love, I could entertaine our guest," he grinned, "Where are those sex photos I took last week."

Hermione got out of bed quickly, she glared at the man, "You would actually show your son pictures of you having sex with me?"

"Good point," He wrapped his arms around the woman, "It got you out of bed though, didn't it?"

"I just don't want to be rude to your son, and Ginny," Hermione lead the way back downstairs, and into the kitchen, "You answer the door, I'll get dinner on the table."

"Alright," Lucius watched as Hermione walked into the kitchen, then finally opened the door.

Draco had a diaper bag over his shoulder, and his wife, who was carrying there two year old, in his other arm, "Sorry we're late dad, Aden was taking a nap, and we didn't want to wake him up just to bring him to the car," he let Ginny, and there son into the house first.

"Can I see my grandson?" Lucius reached out his arms, as Ginny placed the baby in the mans arms, she smiled at the two, "Pretty soon you will be holding you own child," she looked in the direction of the kitchen, and back at her father-in-law, "What did she say?"

"She said she would marry me," He was smiling at his grandson, "What do you think of that, your grandma, and dad are the same age."

"Don't remind me father," Draco shook his head, "Where is my soon to be step-mother?"

Lucius lead the way into the kitchen, where Hermione had just finished setting the table, he smiled at her, "Look who I have, love."

Hermione smiled at the child in Lucius's arms, "Hello Aden, how are you?" She looked at Ginny, "How are Ron, and Harry doing?"

"They are doing fine, both there wive's are fighting again, so they are unable to talk to eachother, but it will pass," Ginny answered a little annoyed at her sister-in-laws, "You would think with them being twins, they would get along a little better, wouldn't you?"

"What are they fighting over now?" Hermione helped Lucius put Aden, into booster, which the grandfather had purchased the other day at a baby store, she kept her eyes on Ginny.

"Padma ended up getting pregnant first, and mom is excited, so I am thinking that Pavarti is just throwing a jealous fit," Ginny looked at her son, then at Lucius, "What is that?"

"I baught him a booster seat, while looking at baby beds for our little one, thought it would be good, so he could sit with us at the table," Lucius sat between Hermione, and his grandson, he looked at the food and smiled, "Smells good dear."

Hermione smiled a little, as she stared down at her plate, "Thanks. You smell to."

"Excuse me, love?" Lucius stared at the woman confused.

Draco was laughing, "Dad, I think she is falling asleep."

Lucius stared at the woman, "Mione, are you alright, love?" He shook her gently.

Hermione sat up, she smiled at Lucius, "I am trying to keep my eyes open, but I am finding it hard to," she took a bite of her food, "You know what, I think I am going to excuse myself, and go to bed." She rested her head on her arm, and fell asleep.

Lucius looked at his son, and smiled, "Good work son," he waved his wand causing the table to clear, he looked at his daughter-in-law, "I want her to be surprised when she see's the new house, so my son put a sleep charm on her."

Ginny grabbed her son, and followed the men into the living room, "You have the floo connections all set up?"

"Yes," Lucius looked at his son, "It's called Granger Manor," he dropped the powder his son had placed in his hands, and tossed it to the floor of the fireplace, "Granger Manor."

They appeared inside a Dining Hall, which table was made up of Red Wood, and sat thirty people easily, there was a picture of Hermione sitting on his lap, while at Harry, and Pavarti;s wedding reception, they had managed to fin a place where they could be alone, and that was when George caught them in a loving embrace, and had them smile for the camera. He had enlarged it, and used placed it over the fireplace. She was wearing a pale pick dress that lookied stunning against her sking, her hair was in as half bun with a rose centered in it, and her shoes rested next to his feet, she had just kicked them off.

"Potter's wedding?" Draco appeared with his family, and smiled at his father, "You have changed."

"They did have a beautiful wedding," Ginny smiled at the picture, she laughed, "I remember when you two sneaked off, that was when George decided to follow so he could take a picture, that was almost a year ago."

"Time to wake up up," Lucius looked at his son, "Son, wake her up."

Draco nodded as her waved his wand at Hermione, causing the girl to open her eyes, he looked at her, "Surprise."

Lucius carefully set Hermione down, he smiled at her, "Darling, this is our house, love."

To be continued...

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