Madame Zula looked at Lucius, "I know you probably don't want to hear this right now, but if I were you I would stick to apperating room to room, because there are dozens of reporters who are eager to know all about, Lucius Malfoy's Quints."

Lucius nodded, "Your right, I don'r want to hear that right now, but thanks for the warning, how are my babies?" He was still holding onto his lovers hand.

"They are all doing good, the staff, along with myself were surprised she hadn't gone into laber sooner then she did," The medwitch smiled at the sleeping mother, "Alot of mothers don't take me serious, because they think they could handle themselves, but not miss Granger, she doesn't take risks, when it means it will possibly hurt what's dear to her."

"She is always looking out for other, before herself, that is why I know she would be a wonderful mother, and wife," Lucius kissed the top of the sleeping mothers hand, and smiled, "I love you."


Alright the first month the babies had to stay in the hospital, even though Madame Zula had said they were born healthy, she still didn't want to take any chances saying they were only four-or-five poinds each. Now that they were almost six-and eight pounds, and between eleven-or-fourteen inches, Xavior, Anthony, both weighing eight-pounds, fourteen inches, with Brendan, along with Josh weighing seven-pounds, twelve-inches, and Kylena six-pounds, eleven-inches, were now getting ready to go home.

It was two months now, since the babies had been out of the hospital, Hermione was right about it not being easy, but like Ginny had said it was all worth every minute, and she knew that it was meant to be like this. She had gotten five basketnettes, for her room, until her, and Lucius thought it was time for the babies to be in there own rooms, but not yet.

Lucius was holding Xavior, and Kylena, while asleep in an arm chair at the Burrow.

Hermione took in the site with a smile, there were two babies, just staring up at the sleeping father, watching him in his peaceful state, she notice Draco, and Molly trying not to laugh at the unusual site, she was holding Brendan in her arms, "Who would ever imagine this moment happening?"

Ginny, who was holding Josh came back into the house, she, being herself couldn't hold back her giggles, "Now that is something you don't see everyday."

Draco, who worried that his wife would end up dropping his brother, took the baby from her arm, he looked at his brother, "Yes, I know your sister-in-law is crazy, sometimes."

Author was showing Aden, his uncle Anthony, careful that the two-almost-three year old couldn't pinch at him, "What do you thinik of your uncle?"

Aden looked at Hermione, then at the baby in Grandpa Weasley's hands, "Mynie Baby?"

Hermione smiled at the two year old, as she went and sat beside Author, taking her son from his arms, "This is your uncle Anthony," she made an awkward face, at how it sounded, "That sounds weird, saying he is older thin his own uncle's, and aunt."

Molly laughed, "I myself had an aunt five years younger then me," she set Brendan in the stroller, then went to collect Kylena from Lucius's arm, she smiled at the little girl, only to be paid back with a cry.

Lucius opened his eyes, then looked at his sons mother-in-law, he stood to his feet with Xavior in one arm, and reached out to rub his daughters small arm, 'Hear now, miss Kylena, this lady here is your big sister's mother, so you stop that crying." Didn't work.

Hermione went and set baby Anthony into the stroller behind Brendan, and went to get Kylena, she looked at her lover, "Love, she loves Molly, I am sure she does, but at the moment she wanted to be in her daddy's arms, and by the way, why do you talk to our children, as if they are adults," she looked at Molly, just think four more months, and you will be having another grandchild," she looked at Ginny, who was nowholding Josh again, and smiled.

Molly smiled at her daughter, and son-in-law, "Yes, all these children running around the Burrow," she looked at Kylena, now in Lucius's arms, "This little one is going to be a daddy's girl."

Lucius grinned at the little girl, he could already tell by the shadow of his little girls head, that she would have the same color hair as her mother, "You are going to be a beauty, might have to never let you go."


"Daddy, what are you doing?" Kylena climbed into one of the chairs in her fathers office.

"Working," Lucius said, trying to keep focus on the letter he had to write.

"Why?" She was now on his big desk, laying on her stomach, as she watched her father work, her hair covering most of the paper.

"Because," He tried to keep his thought on his work, but it was sometimes hard to do when your five year olds curly brown hair hovered over the pages.

"Because, why?" She watched her fathers hand move over the paper, as he wrote.

"Why aren't you bothering your mother?" Lucius stared at his only daughter.

Kylena looked like she had just remembered something, she smiled at her dad, "Mommy told me to tell you something."

"That would be?" He looked at the little girl, who at this point, was now on her back trying to see what her dad looked like upside down, and smirked.

"I forgot," She got off his desk, and started running out the door, tripping over herself, then laugh at her own action, two times.

He sensed another pressence or two in his room, as he got ready to leave his office, in search of his wife, he took a breath, "Xavior, Anthony, come with me boys," He watched his identicle sons, come out from there hiding, and walk in front of there dad, "I am assuming you two would know where Brendan, and Josh are, right?"

"They're hiding in Space," Anthony answered, reffering to Brendans 'Space Room'.

"What were you doing, then?" Lucius was confused, as he looked, and listened to Xavior.

Xavior smiled at his father, "We're hiding from them, hide-seek."

"So who is going to look for you?" Lucius stared now at Anthony.

Anthony rolled his eyes, as if his father said something stupid, "They are after Kylena finds them."

"Does your sister know she is playing with you?" Lucius gathered both boys, in each arm, as he carried them towards the space room.

"Kylena was the one who said for us to hide, and she would count to a hundred-fifty-three, then come a find us," Xavior answered innocently.

Hermione was sitting on the floor in the Space Room, with Josh, and Brendan, she smiled at her lover, as she had the other boys, both resting there head on her lap asleep, and pointed towards a now sleeping Kylena, "So you want to go stay with Ginny, and Draco, along with Aden, and Hunter?" Hunter was four months yonger then the Quints.

Hermione smiled at Xavior, and Anthony, "Yes they want to see you this weekend. Kylena is staying with Harry, and Pavarti, and Brendan, and Josh are staying with Ron, and Padma," she smiled, so we will have a weekened for ourselves."

Lucius levitated Brendan into his space bed, then smiled at Josh, and his wife, "Why don't you apperate Josh to his dinosaur room, then I will put Xavior in his in his pirate room, and Kylena in her unicorn room," he smiled at his little princess, she looked like an angel while she slept," Then put Anthony in his Knight room."

"Yes dear," She held a sleeping Joh with one arm, and held her hand out for Anthony, "Time for bed, my babies."

After the parents set there babies into bed for the night, they went to there own rooo, put up a screen on there wall, so they were able to hear, and see rather there children were safe or not. They enjoyed there time together after there babies had gone to sleep.

"Five years old," Hermione smiled at her husband, after thirty minutes of laying in silence.

Lucius smiled when he noticed all five of his children no longer on the screen, "They're coming."

"I can't sleep," The Quints were all stading in the doorway to there parents room.

Hermione giggled, as she watched her husband expand the bed, and pull out five extra blankets for his childre, "Come up here."

All five found there spot between the parents, Xavior, Anthony resting the head afainst there moms lap, Josh, Brandan laying on the foot of the bed, and Kylena snuggling up against her daddy's shoulder. They was a typical night for the Malfoy.

The parents levitated each of the childrens blankets over there, now sleeping bodies.

This was a typical night for the Malfoy-Granger family.

To be continued...