Introduction: Episode 8.05 starts approximately two weeks following 8.04. This is part of a full series, so please read the previous episodes prior to reading 8.05. These are episodic – and each episode will be in segments much like the TV show.

Notes: It has been a couple of weeks since the proposal. Remodeling of the crap shack is going to begin and it has been agreed that Lorelai would spend her time at Luke's apartment during the construction. April has already returned to New Mexico to begin her first year in high school and Rory, having given her resignation to her boss in Iowa, is now back home in Stars Hollow - awaiting her grandparents' return from Europe... and her new job as Jr. Editor for the Hartford Courant.


8.05 Luke Versus The Gilmores



EMILY: ...we leave for Europe in a couple of weeks.


RORY: ...everything's fine?

LORELAI: (Sincerely) Never been better. (Sighs) I probably shouldn't say this out loud and jinx it… but everything is perfect.

RORY: Really?

LORELAI: and dad are still in Europe and won't be back for two more weeks… see? Perfect.


LORELAI: (She leans back on the bench and looks out) So Jackson walked home to get the car for you?

SOOKIE: (Smiles, and nods) He's too good for me.

LORELAI: (Smiles again adoringly) You deserve the best. (Pause) I hope to have that one day. (Looks at Sookie) What you have with Jackson.

SOOKIE: Aw, Lorelai you have that with Luke.

LORELAI: (Confesses) Not everything.


APRIL: (Randomly) Are you going to marry her?

LUKE: (Surprised by the question… and how frank it is) What?

APRIL: Lorelai. Are you two going to get married?

LUKE: Well… things are a bit different this time.

APRIL: How are they different?

LUKE: (Sighs, and looks down at the counter) April, I don't know how to answer your question.

APRIL: Okay. (As she gets up from the bar stool) I honestly think the answer is obvious… but you can take your time figure it out, dad.


It's night time. Luke turns around to watch Kirk and Lulu. He takes a moment to observe them walking hand in hand. It brings a smile upon his face… and makes him think…


LUKE: How's everything with Rory?

LORELAI: I feel like there's something going on with her... and she doesn't want to reveal it yet.


RORY: (Blurts out) I got a job at the Hartford Courant.

LORELAI: (Surprised) What?


LORELAI: ...what is it?

LUKE: (staring into her eyes) Marry me.

LORELAI: (Leans back in shock) Luke?

LUKE: (Makes it sound more official) Lorelai, will you marry me?

Lorelai's expression turns to a faint smile as the scene fades.



We see Luke cleaning out some space and arranging things in his apartment, when he hears a faint knock on the door. He turns around, tilts his head, then moves to the door and opens it. It's Lorelai holding a rather heavy red box.

LUKE: (Assumes the responsibility of the box immediately, then places it on the floor) What the...?

LORELAI: (Lets out a heavy sigh) God, that was heavy!

LUKE: (Still standing at the door) What are you doing? I told you I would bring the truck over.

LORELAI: Yeah, but I didn't want to bother you... (Luke notices at least 6 other large boxes behind her - along with some smaller ones, all red in color. This makes him ignore Lorelai's comments and move out to the hallway)...

LUKE: What the hell is all this?

LORELAI: (Grins) All my stuff.

LUKE: (Astonished at how much she packs) All your stuff. (Points at the box he helped take down) What's in there?

LORELAI: (Grins again) I can't tell you... it's a secret. Victoria's. (Luke rolls his eyes. Lorelai winks) You know, so we can play runway one night.

LUKE: How long did Tom say it would take them to finish the house?

LORELAI: Two months. Rory is going to talk to my parents tomorrow about moving into the pool house when they return from Europe. (Remembers) Oh... (gestures towards the bottom floor) Kirk's bringing up the last box.

LUKE: Kirk?

LORELAI: Yeah, I hired him to help me move.

LUKE: I guess it's too late to ask you 'why'. (Turns and looks at the boxes lined up outside his apartment. Then shakes his head again in confusion) How come I didn't hear anything out here. (As he tries to guess the weight by slightly kicking a box) These are heavy, you made no sound moving it up here...

LORELAI: (Nods with a smile) Yeah, "Kirk's Silent Movers." (Lorelai just stands there)

LUKE: Of course. (After a brief pause, he sighs and squats to pick up a box to move into the apartment) Let's get these in...

LORELAI: (Clasps her hands) Yay. (Lorelai moves to get some of the smaller boxes)

LUKE: (Grunts as he picks it up) What the hell do you have in here?

LORELAI: (Shrugs) Just shoes.

LUKE: Why are the boxes red?

LORELAI: (Grins as she places the smaller box in the apartment) Kirk sells them. It's a part of the whole package. It's a marketing stratedy. He feels that people should move in style.

LUKE: (Places the box carefully on the floor and moves out to the hallway again to pick up another. As he picks it up and strides into the apartment) This is insane.

With that last word the bottom of the box dismantels and what seems to be a hundred pairs of shoes land on the floor. Luke stands still.

LORELAI: (Not thrown at all) Oh, that was the box with the shoes! (Lorelai moves to the other box as if nothing is wrong) What was in this one then?

Luke remains standing in the same spot and moves his eyes upward to the ceiling - in an expression that can only be described as bewilderment.

A very short teaser... as sometimes they are. Will return with second segment soon.

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