Now for the second installment…Poison Ivy's POV

She knew exactly why she was there.

I mean, isn't obvious? She thought to herself as her legs carried her down the metallic hallway to the cafeteria.

She got her shot at the Bat, at least the head honchos said she would. It took some coaxing, especially when the Joker was the first to offer her a position on team. However, Luthor and Cheetah's presence gave her a bit more confidence in the new career path. Plus, she knew there was something else, or someone else to be exact. Of course, he didn't recognized her efforts to draw him in, he never did. He always had a one-track mind…or would it be considered a two-track?

Over the years, Harvey Dent had proven to be a bit stubborn when it came to her advances, but she was considered a playful flirt by most of her fellow criminals. This time she tried a classic strategy to net her man, jealousy. It was a perfect little plan, pull a mare from the herd and smother him with her special "affection."

Her mind seemed to fade from her plot as her eyes captured the lush greenery of their surrounding swamp in the adjacent window. She couldn't help, but press her face against the screen, much like Harley when she'd spot a diamond necklace that she just had to have.

I can always eat later; maybe a shower will clear my head. She thought as she changed course, and headed for the closest exit.


The cold water she extracted from the trees and other fauna slowly ran down her curves as she relaxed on the marshy shore. She was truly in her element now, but no matter how calming the scene was, her mind kept wondering to him.

Sure, her plan was simple enough, but it didn't seem worth it after her dealings with Slade. It was hard to deny all of his positive attributes: his looks, his body, and…well lets just say he was a man's man. How he treated her just seemed a bit cold. Half the time he made no reaction while she hung all over him, and the other half he would cast her aside like some fly in his ear. Even though their relationship was just a farce, it still wore her down.

Then, she saw him. It amazed her slightly that she caught his eyes before even noticed it was him, and it amused her to see him pull away from the mirror. She couldn't help but smile as she reformed some clothing from her surrounding foliage. The rest of her "shower" was quite short as she noticed her watcher being distracted by a new companion. It seemed that she made her impact, and was time for her direct approach.


She didn't really hurry as she concentrated on the pot of soil now on Harvey's bedside table. Pamela knew what her powers where capable of; all she had to do was trust them. Slowly, but steadily a slender green stem began to sprout form the dirt. Then, one by one, multi-colored bulbs began to sprout on the strengthening shoot. With her task nearly fulfilled, Pamela paused to admire her handy work, but she didn't have much time as she could hear footsteps in the hall.

"Shit." Ivy muttered to herself as she nearly tripped over herself getting to the door.

She barely made it around the corner before she heard Harvey grumbling to himself. It took nearly all she had not immediately follow him into his room from her hiding place around the corner. However, she did lean into the threshold once Harvey entered. With him so entrenched with his other half; he didn't even notice her there. Not even when she sharply inhaled upon seeing his tight fitting wife-beater.

Then he noticed her plant, and decided to make her move.

"Stelis longfolia, it's an orchid." She finally spoke as she came up behind him.

"I cross breed a few indigenous flowers to make it grow twenty two bulbs." The botanical beauty breathed onto his neck, hoping he'd get the hint.

Her arms seemed to have a mind of their own as she brought them up to rub his exposed arms, before she was cut short.

"Twenty one…" Harvey whispered, almost straining to concentrate on the task at hand.

"There are only twenty one bulbs." He said a bit clearer now, wondering what her reaction might be.

Pamela only giggled softly as she ran her arm over his, hands intertwined on an empty space on the stem. There seemed to be a slight glow as the plant slowly grew one more bulb to its array.

"As I was saying…twenty two." She moaned in his ear.

Suddenly, Two-Face whirled around and caught her by the waist, eyes glaring directly into hers. It was silent now, neither made a move until a soft boom echoed from the smoker's lounge.

"Slade know about this?" He asked, his face softening a bit.

"Slade doesn't even acknowledge my existence." She smiled as she pressed her bosom against his.

"Besides, I prefer my men a bit more…scarred." His face was barely readable; this would be a long night.

Finally finished this…and not a kiss to be found! I felt them both were more on the more drabble side, what do y'all think?