This is how the story came to be: It originally started as a Haruhi Suzumiya story under the title The Fear of Haruhi Suzumiya in the said category. However, that story received very little reviews and one of which was a really negative criticism. Plus, it was too hard trying to make a crossover between Haruhi and R-Type, and so I deleted the story.

I didn't abandon the idea of the story however. I decided to convert it into a series that I've been working on for so long, the SSB series! Since my SSB stories received good reviews and have lots of fans, and the fact that I am more comfortable with it, I have decided to revive the story in this format.

I hope you enjoy it!


Chapter 1: The Attack

It's been a week after the events of F-30 Grand Prix. Captain Falcon was the winner for this year's great race. However, he did not get his wish granted by God Carma. More detailed info will be explained in the story Super Smash Racing 2, so I'm not going to bother talking about this here.

However, the Smashers did receive a large amount of prize money in return.


It was a quiet and peaceful day in Onett. The Smashers are currently doing whatever pleases them. Some of them are at home and some are outside doing who-knows-what.

Falco is at home watching a movie entitled Planes on a Snake. "I have enough of these motherf---ing planes on a motherf---ing snake!" shouted the actor in the movie.

The Ice Climbers are playing with a jigsaw puzzle that they started years ago and haven't finished solving yet. "This piece goes here…" said Popo, fitting two pieces together.

"No, I think it goes here instead," insisted Nana.

They continued to solve the jigsaw, until Popo said, "I just figured out we are missing 99 pieces!"


Barney the dinosaur is out on the road singing happily and stupidly, and not to mention creating a traffic jam. "I love you, you love me! We're all happy family!" he sang.

Wario didn't care whether or not he caused traffic violation, and so he drove into Barney and sent him flying over the horizon. "Out of the way, fatass!" he shouted.

"Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!" screamed Barney as he crash-landed somewhere far away.


Let us not continue with this pointless stuff, but let's just skip up ahead to the exciting part of the story before you fall asleep.

Ness and Young Link were taking Pit, the newest member of the Smashers, around for a walk in Fourside. "Wow! I've never seen such tall skyscrapers before!" said Pit, gawking at the buildings around him in amazement.

"Do you have cities like this in your land?" asked Ness.

"Yes, but none of them are this tall. There are no cars like these too."

"Well, let us take you for a tour as much as you want!" said Young Link.

So the duo took Pit to various places. They went to stores, arcades, malls, and to a lot more places.

Meanwhile, Peach and Mario were at a mall buying stuffs. After all, they earned lots of money and what use is money if you don't spend it. Peach bought lots of pointless things and poor Mario is carrying everything for her.

If I were you, I would stay away from having a girlfriend like her.

"Peachy… I think-a we have enough…" said Mario, barely able to stand still anymore.

"Just a few more, Mario," replied Peach in happy voice. "I still want to buy some new dress."

"But-a you just-a bought-a ten already!"

Peach came across a sign that read, "Super duper mega big sale tomorrow! Everything at super low prices! Once in a lifetime chance, so don't miss out!"

"Wow! I'm going to come for sure!" she said excitedly.

Also at the same time, Yoshi and Kirby are at a 5-star restaurant eating their hearts out. "Yum! I never thought we could get to eat here!" said Yoshi with a mouthful.

"Yeah!" replied Kirby happily. "Let's try the Japanese restaurant tomorrow. What do you say?"

"Good idea!"


The three kids stepped out from the laser tag arena, and Ness said to Pit, "You weren't supposed to use your light arrows! You have to use the laser gun they gave us!"

"But those people were attacking us!" said Pit.

"This is only a game…" YL explained to him. "Those guns are actually harmless lights. Getting shot will only deduct your points, so it's no big deal."

"Now you really injured those people with your light arrows!" said Ness

"Sorry…" apologized Pit in shame.

"Don't worry… It's your first time here, so we can't blame you. And luckily, those people aren't badly injured too."

"I think it's about time we go home," said Ness. "Half Piece is going to begin soon."

As they are walking down the streets of Fourside, a large shadow loomed over them and totally blotted out the sun. They looked up to see the source of whatever blocking the sun is, and they saw…

A massive battleship…

"What is that?" wondered Ness.

"Is it something that you see daily?" asked Pit.

"Well, planes do fly pass often, but not that close to the ground before…" replied YL. "And that's one shape I've never seen before…"

Everyone looked at the massive battleship hovering above the city, just above the highest skyscraper.

Peach, Mario, Kirby, and Yoshi also saw it when they left the department store. "What is that?" asked Peach.

"Looks like they're filming a movie," said Yoshi.

Kirby looked around and said, "But where's the camera?"

As the battleship traveled slowly through the air, a hatch opened up below it, and several small jets flew out. "The battleship is releasing jets!" said a random person.

"Is this an air show or what?"

"It looks cool!"

"Quick! Get the camera!"

Some guy got out a camera and began to take pictures of it. As he is taking some, one of the small jets flew towards him fired a laser beam at him.


Then all the other jets followed suit and began firing beams all over the place, tearing down buildings and such.


"What is happening?!" screamed Peach.

"They're attacking da city!" gasped Mario.

"Run for cover!!!" screamed Kirby.

The four of them covered their heads with whatever they've got to avoid the falling debris.

Several turrets and cannons appeared on the sides of the battleship, and they, too, began firing at the buildings around the place.

Destruction was going on all over the place. People were running and screaming for their lives while these machines took the lives of many.

"Run for your lives!" screamed Ness as all three of them ran through the streets.

"Is this something that happens often?" Pit asked him.

"Does this look like something that happens often?!" YL asked him.

"Um… I think so…"

"Quick! Head for the bus!" shouted Ness. They ran for a bus that is parked near them, but before they even got close to it, a beam fired down from the sky and blasted the bus to bits.


"Um… Run for the taxi!"

They headed for a taxi instead, but found no driver inside. "Now what?" asked YL.


Then Mario and the others came to the taxi also. "Ness! You guys are here!" said Mario. "Quick-a! Into da taxi!"

"But there's nobody inside!" said Ness.

"I'll drive!"

They all got into the taxi, even though it was hard trying to fit all seven of them. Mario stepped on the gas pedal and zoomed off at the highest speed, snaking through the ruined street like mad and dodging every laser beams fired at them. Inside, everyone besides Mario was crashing back and forth.

"Ouch!" cried Peach.

"Someone's sitting on my tail!" cried Yoshi.

"My wings!" screamed YL.

"My little brother!" cried Ness in ghastly pain.

"Hang on!" said Mario, trying to concentrate on driving. "Theez eez going to be rough!"

A jet swooped down in front of them to attack them, but Mario ignored it and continued to drive forward, and crashed right into the jet. Not only did the window of the taxi break, but the jet also got smashed away to the side of the street.

"I think I wet my pants…" said YL while trembling violently.

Two jets flew down besides the taxi on both sides and chased alongside it. "Ya! They're after us!" cried Yoshi.

Ness rolled down the window and pointed his finger at the jet on his side. "PK Fire!" He shot a spark at the jet and set it on fire, making it burn up and then crashing.

The jet on the other side rammed itself against the side of the taxi, trying to make it flip over. "Take-a theez!" shouted Mario angrily. He drove to the side very fast and rammed the jet, making it slid away.


"That was scary…"said Peach, whose face had turned pale.

Pit looked through the window behind him and saw that most of the buildings had been torn down. "What is happening…?" he asked.

"I don't know… This has never happened before," said Ness.


That night at Smash Mansion…

"And a good portion of Fourside was demolished and there were many fatalities," reported the news reporter on the TV. "The department store was lucky enough to remain unharmed, so shopping activities will still go on."

"Great! We can still go to the Japanese restaurant tomorrow!" said Kirby.

"This is no time to be thinking about that!" Fox told him. "Many lives are lost!"

"I'm going to the big sale tomorrow!" said Peach.

"You guys…"

"Now that's something new," said Captain Falcon. "A massive battleship popping out of nowhere and causing havoc?"

"The news also said the battleship eventually called back the jets and then took off high into the sky where it disappeared," said Samus.

"Do you think other countries are waging war against Eagleland?" asked Ganondorf.

"Oh no… If war does begin, I'm moving out of this country!" cried Luigi.

"But where did those invaders come from anyway?" asked Marth. "Why would they want to invade our country?"

"Whoever they are, they better not mess with our country too much, or else they're going to get it!" said Bowser, punching his palm.

"Right! Nobody messes with the great Falco without permission!" boasted Falco.

Pikachu turned to Mewtwo and asked him, "Do you know where that battleship came from?"

"That battleship came really suddenly and almost out of thin air," answered Mewtwo. "I'm afraid I didn't foresee its coming. However, I sense a strange feeling about that battleship. It feels very… unfamiliar… As if it's not from this world or something."

"You mean that battleship came from another world?" asked Pichu.

"I cannot be sure, but that's the best way I can explain this."

"What if they are aliens?" asked G&W.

"Durians? C'mon, durians don't drive battleships and take over the world!" said DK.

"We have just receive new news!" said the news reporter. This caught the attention of all the Smashers. "The government received a mysterious message not too long ago."

"A mysterious message?" said Link curiously.

"The sender of the message is not known, but the contents talked about world domination and such."

"World domination?! I knew war was beginning!" cried Luigi.

"So someone wants to take over the world, huh?" said Ganondorf. "Who dares to have the guts to do this anyway?"

"The sender didn't say anything about who he or she is, but the only name the sender wrote down was Bydo."

"Bydo?" said the Smashers curiously.


I hope this is enough to get your attention on the story. The next chapter and so forth will be more exciting. This time nothing will go wrong as long as the Smashers are around to keep this story action-packed and exciting!

Next chapter: The Contact