This is the final chapter. Indeed, it is a short story, as I have never intended it to be long in the first place. It wasn't supposed to be super epic, but just a short yet entertaining story to pass time before I start working on Rise of the Negativities again.

Final Chapter: The End
The battleship is gone, the aliens are all killed, and the Bydo army has been eliminated.

It's all thanks to these mysterious R-Type Fighters that popped out of nowhere.

"They did-a eet…" exclaimed Mario.

"But who are they?" wondered Luigi.

"As long they helped us, why would you care?" Marth said.

The R-Type fighters assembled together in air, and then a wormhole appeared again, and they all went inside.

"Wait! Who are you people? We haven't even thank you yet!" shouted Fox.

But all the R-Type Fighters have already disappeared into the wormhole, and it closed up again. The Smashers never saw them afterwards.

"They're gone…" said Samus.

"They're cool!" exclaimed Ness. "They look just like something you would find on science fiction games!"

"They're pretty awesome indeed," said Young Link. "They took out the aliens faster us and without a sweat at all. They must be from the future too. That would explain why they are so good at this."

"Lady Luck is on our side," said Pit. "They are like saviors coming to rescue us at our grimmest moment."

Roy sat onto the ground and let off a sigh of relief. "I guess it's all over…"

"Man… I wanted to deal the final blow myself…" grumbled Bowser.

"Just be glad that they got rid of the main threat already," Ganondorf told him. "Would you rather try and face that battleship but only to get yourself killed?"

"Hey, don't underestimate me!"

"You're overestimating yourself!"

"What did you say?!"

"Pride is the downfall to oneself."

"Just as he said," agreed Mewtwo.

"Argh…" growled Bowser.

"What are we waiting for? Let's get back home and treat those who needs treatment!" Fox told everyone.


Back at the mansion, that evening…

Dr. Mario walked out of a room specifically used for treating patients. "How's that girl named Yuki?" Captain Falcon asked him.

"Are you sure she is gravely injured?" asked Dr. Mario.

"Yes, I saw it with my own eyes she was gored through the body."

"But there was no wound at all when I brought her in! Not even holes on her clothes! Even blood sprinkles are absent!"

"How is that possible? The hole was big enough for a baseball to pass through!"

"But seriously! There are no wounds on her at all!"

Then Yuki came walking out of the sickroom, looking as emotionless as ever. "Hey! Are you all right?" CF asked her. She stared at him for a few seconds, and then nodded. "Where's your wound?"

"I altered my data components to healed myself," she replied.


"Remember she said she's an artificial human or something?" Dr. Mario reminded him. "Maybe she has unique powers that can regenerate herself."

"I guess that explains that," said CF. "So how's the others?"

"The others aren't badly hurt. That kind of wound is nothing to Roy; he's been through those kinds of battle wounds and yet recover to full health before."

"Glad to hear that! Haruhi is all right too?"

"Yeah, she's fine. Pretty amazing for a normal, everyday girl."

"She's not all that normal if you ask me…"

"There was a space-time abnormality occurring when the fighters showed up," said Yuki. "It was Haruhi's powers doing that caused the future fighters to rescue us."

"Huh? I thought you said her powers have no impact to the real world, but only to the alternate reality she created," said Dr. Mario.

"Under rare circumstances will it affect the real world. She once made a cat speak in human language for a short amount of time, and there were witnesses."

"That's strange," said CF. "So are those spaceships made from her powers or what?"

"Those fighters are from the 26th century. They may not have made it here if it weren't for Haruhi's wish to be saved. Because of this, reality is altered to create a wormhole in space-time continuum so that the future fighters can find their way here."

"Okay, I get your point a bit… Still sounds very bizarre though…"

"She's the strangest girl I've ever seen…" muttered Dr. Mario.


In the gap between time and space, the R-Type Fighters were flying smoothly and on their way back to their time era. Their mission was over…

Humans of the 26th century created a bioorganic weapon called Bydo in order to fight against their enemies. For some reason, the Bydo turned against their human creators, and so the humans responded by sealing them in a capsule in space.

As time pass, the Bydo began to grow and multiply, and they would feed on each other to gain more and more power. The weak ones would perish, and the strong ones would continue living.

Their hatred for the human creators that created and sealed them within here grew stronger and stronger, and as evil corrupted their minds, they grew in power also. Finally, the capsule couldn't handle it any longer; the Bydo broke free from its prison and multiplied in great number.

Their powers proved too dangerous for the humans, whose weapons couldn't harm them. The humans have made it so that only a Bydo can fight another Bydo; therefore these vile monsters were able to withstand all sorts of technological warfare.

The humans of the 26th century were quick to plan, and they captured weak Bydo specimen and made them into the Force. With this force, humans would finally stand a chance against the Bydo Empire.

Equipping them onto the most powerful fighters of that time, the humans dominated the Bydo and turned the table against them. Victory was coming to the humans at last.

The Bydo Empire, not satisfied with the outcome, vowed to take over the world and rule it as their own.

They set off for a different time era, preferably one in the past, as technology is more primitive. And so they did and ended up in the 21st century…

The humans of the 26th century feared that history would be changed, so they dispatched all the R-Type Fighters into a time portal in order to hunt down the Bydo before they go too far.

When it seems like they will never find where the Bydo went to, a miracle occurred and brought the R-Type fighters to the correct place.

Now that they have completed their mission, the fighters could now return to their own time era and deserve a well-earned rest.

As the fighters were traveling through time and space, a portal appeared in front of them. One by one, the R-Type fighters emerged from the portal and ended up in space, flying above planet Tooneria of the 26th century.

They have made it…

They have made their safe trip back to the 26th century, where they belong…


About 4 days later after the Bydo incident…

This is the day that the SOS Brigade is returning for their own country, Japan. The Smashers are ready to take them to the airport anytime.

"The car is ready," said CF. "I wonder what the girls are doing now?"

"I'll go call them," said Ness, and he ran to the top floor and headed for the room they were residing in.

Without knocking at all, Ness opened the door and went in. "Hey girls! Are you…"

And he froze, for he saw Haruhi pulling off Mikuru's clothes with force, and when he came in, Haruhi was just pulling down Mikuru's panty, and you know what he saw. Oh, her back was turned towards him by the way.

Mikuru's face turned red, and tears began to come out from her eyes, and then she shrieked out loud. "Sorry!!!" cried Ness as he slammed the door close.


After a while…

The girls were at the front gate now, standing in front of Smash Limousine, a lone limousine that the Smashers use if they ever want to go out somewhere together.

"Wow! That's a long car!" exclaimed Haruhi.

"It sure is," said CF. "But it's not really beautiful inside. It's quite cramp if you ask me."

CF, Roy, Mario, and Luigi decided to go with them to send them off. I don't know, but they just want to, so don't ask questions!

The rest of the Smashers were there sending them on their way. "We had a great time here!" Haruhi said to the Smashers happily. "You sure made me happy!"

"Thank you everyone…" said Mikuru shyly while bowing politely. Yuki remained silent and still.

"It was nice to have you here!" said Peach.

"Hope you have a safe journey back!" said Zelda.

"Hope you can come again!" said Pichu.

"See ya!" said Pikachu.

"Next time you come I sing song for you!" said Jigglypuff.

"You better not…" Bowser said to her. He turned to the girls and said, "If you wanna hear a song, then ask me instead!"

"Enjoy your ride home!" Samus said to the girls.

"We always welcome you here if you want to come again!" said Fox.

"You can always come see the great Falco that is I if you want to!" said Falco. "Accept this souvenir from the great me please!" He handed them a portrait of himself making a cool pose.

"Take care," said Marth.

"Take care of yourselves!" said Dr. Mario.

"The next time you come here I will take you to the best restaurant and eat your heart's content!" said Kirby. Yoshi also nodded, meaning he will do the same.

"We will never forget you!" said the Ice Climbers together while waving good-bye.

"So you're going back?" asked DK.

"It was nice having you here!" said Link.

"Learn to be more like a girl the next time I see you, okay?" Ganondorf said to Haruhi.

"Someday we will go to Japan and meet you!" said G&W.

"It's such a pity to have a beautiful girl like you leave!" Parry said to Mikuru. "But surely we will meet again!"

"I pray for the goddess to be with you on your journey home!" Pit said to the girls, blessing them.

"You girls are pretty fun to be with!" said Ness. "I hope we can have fun together again!"

"Have fun!" said YL.

"Don't worry," said Mewtwo. "You will all return to your country safely. You can be sure of this because I foresaw everything."

After saying their last good-byes, the girls got into the limousine along with the four Smashers who are taking them to the airport. Then the limousine drove off.


At the airport…

"You'll have to go by yourself from here," said CF.

"Thanks for taking us here," said Mikuru politely.

"Take care! You can grow up to be a beautiful girl!" Roy said to her.


"Arrivederla!" said Mario.

"That's Italian for good-bye," explained Luigi.

"See ya, guys!" said Haruhi. "We're leaving!"

They said to good-bye to each other one last time and the girls head into the departure zone, and that was the last time the Smashers saw them.

"I hope that they will return safely," said Roy.

"Don't worry," CF assured him. "They'll be safe for sure."

"Even though they are pretty strange, that Mikuru sure is beautiful and cute!"

"Don't forget you have Lilina already," said Luigi, giving him a nudge. "Imagine how mad she'll be if she knows you going for other girls."

"Nah, she knows all about me already, so she doesn't mind."

"Don't-a be too sure about-a theez!" Mario told him. "She might-a be in fact-a very angry about-a eet, but just didn't want-a let you know!"

"You guys don't scare me! Hahaha!"

The four of them placed their arms across each others shoulder and walked out the airport while laughing and joking to each other happily.

The scene slowly shifted to the sky, where we see the sky is beautiful and clear, with bird flying and chirping happily, and eventually, an airplane is seen taking off into the sky.

Everything seems so peaceful at last…


Hare Hare Yukai

If I solve the globe like a riddle

Then I can go anywhere with everyone

I've lived while wishing to be excited

Who granted it?

To the end of time, Boooon!!

This warping and loopy thought of mine

Will play in my imagination that just might have swept in everything

On one sunny day

The fun beyond magic

Pours limitlessly; it's not impossible

When we meet again tomorrow, I'll be humming while laughing

Let's gather up happiness

It's so simple by-this-much

Chase it, try catching it

We love a big dream & dream, right?

Various predictions can seem to but cannot imagine what the future is like

Nevertheless, I understand just one thing

The twinkling stars that decorate above the thick clouds

Give me hope, and-

Let's ride on time, Byuuuuun!!

It's a cheap and cool age

Let me say that it's embarrassing to get lonely

If we hold our hands together

Then where we face will be invincible, right?

Impossibility doesn't exist in our shining eyes

If we're only looking up, then our tears dry up, too

"I want to change!"

I'll tell you as strongly as I think from my heart

We'll start running; desert the people behind you

Our hearts will pound, right?


This warping and loopy thought of mine

Will play in my imagination that just might have swept in everything

On one sunny day

The fun beyond magic

Pours limitlessly; it's not impossible

When we meet again tomorrow, I'll be humming while laughing

Let's gather up happiness

It's so simple by-this-much

Chase it, try catching it

We love a big dream & dream, right?

Well, that's the end of the story! I'm glad I finally got this story done! I could not have done it if it weren't a SSB story, but thanks to my experience with the series, I was able to pull if off perfectly! This story may not have many reviews like my other big ones, but at least I know there are people liking this story.

Ah, in case you didn't know: The above song-like lyric is the ending theme for Haruhi anime, translated into English. You should try searching Hare Hare Yukai on Youtube. You're gonna be amazed at how popular that ending theme is! That ending theme and dance have become a totally crazed fad all over the world! Just look it up and see what I mean!