Dear all, here's a little follow-up to the last chapter of Union of Doom, since none of my previous Snarry stories have got epilogues. It is also intended as a big big big thank you for reading my Snarry stories and submitting so many comments and suggestions!
He looks like a child when he sleeps. His lips are parted. The sheets are bunched around his stomach, revealing his bare chest with its falcon-shaped scar. Severus is leaning over him, supporting his weight on his elbow as he gazes at his husband. He is waiting. But Severus Snape is not a patient man. However, he is subtle, and he therefore shows his yearning in a subtle way. He places his palm on Harry's chest, on that scar of love, his tapering fingers brushing a rosebud-nipple. He stoops and kisses the other scar, the one on Harry's forehead, obscured by the tousled fringe of jetty hair. Severus is waiting for the moment when Harry will open those beautiful green eyes. Harry stirs. Severus still finds it hard to believe that he is so happily married and devoted to the person he used to loathe. He has seen marriages fall apart. His own parents could not stand each other. He had vowed never to marry...Harry opens his eyes, and Severus knows what Harry is going to do. The young wizard puts his arms around Severus's neck and rubs his cheek against Severus's, and Severus can feel him stretching his body and chasing the sleep from his limbs.
"G'morning, Sev," he yawns.
It is raining outside. Severus reveres the rain. He likes to take walks outside in the rain and let himself get soaking wet. Harry has discovered the charms of the rain thanks to him. He used to tell Severus that he would get a cold, not caring about magical remedies working faster than Muggle ones. Then he realised that cloth and hair clinging sensually to wet skin can be most entertaining indeed. Severus smiles as Harry scrambles out of bed and heads towards the bathroom, humming. Severus rolls over to where Harry was lying and snuggles into the warm patch of his husband's body heat. If he happens to get up before Harry, then he will often find Harry doing the same, sunning himself on Severus's side of the bed, sometimes with his face buried in the pillow, breathing in the scent of Severus's hair. Severus presses his hooked nose into Harry's pillow for a few moments; then he slowly sits up in bed.


Later, he is teaching Potions. Harry is teaching Defense Against The Dark Arts at the same time. They do not get to see each other very often during the day even though they are in the same castle; the castle is huge, however, and their teaching tasks are demanding. Severus is as strict as ever with the students, but he is no longer embittered and resentful. On the contrary: Severus Snape is what he had thought he would never be: happy. He is happiest in the evenings when he returns home, either together with Harry, or to find Harry waiting for him, or to wait for Harry himself. Of course they bicker and argue from time to time. They are both rather stubborn. Severus sometimes feels like shaking his husband until he sees his point of view. And when Harry teases him, Severus aims a few harmless but chastising hexes at him. Then they will indulge in an affectionate mock-duel, mostly ending in kisses…and more.


They decide to eat dinner together at home. Severus is already back. His lips curve into a smile when a silvery falcon flies to him and circles him in greeting. He is not aware that he is smiling. It just happens during moments like these. The door opens, and there is a pause as Harry hangs up his cloak and changes his shoes.

"Sev?" he calls out. Severus is ready with his wand, leaning against the kitchen counter. His panther-Patronus floats out to meet his husband, who soon walks into the kitchen, smiling.

"Ah, the pleasures of domestic life," Severus murmurs to him teasingly.

"What! Are you already tired of me?" Harry asks, his eyes twinkling like Dumbledore's.

"How can I ever get bored or tired with you keeping me on my toes and on my fingertips?" Severus replies, drawing Harry into his arms.

Living together in their own house was something both of them had to get used to. Sharing a home and a bed and a life and much more. Severus had been worried that his reclusive habits would cause tension and disagreements – like during the early stages of their marriage; but when he settled down in his new home with Harry, he discovered that it was hard to remain a hermit. Harry's laughter and vivaciousness made him shake off some of his solitary habits. At the same time, Harry knew when Severus wanted to be alone. Severus simply had to retire to the Potions laboratory, and Harry understood. After all, he, Harry, also had his moments when he wanted to be alone. Both hated being alone without each other for a longer amount of time. When Harry had to visit Germany for a week to attend a DADA conference, Severus had slept badly – or not at all – during those lonely nights, Harry's pillow in his arms. He never told Harry about the pillow, though.

Severus has a growing collection of Harry's sketches, including some which he has clandestinely salvaged from wastepaper bins.

"Hungry?" he asks Harry, who nods and kisses him.

They eat together and talk about various things: teaching, their students, the wizarding world's slow but steady recovery from the effects of Voldemort's despotism. Severus and Harry both bear scars as reminders – Harry two, on his forehead and chest, and Severus the brand on his left forearm. Scars which bind them, together with blood and love. Severus often opens the little box in their bedroom to look at the twin flasks filled with their bonding blood.

After supper, they prepare material for their respective classes and correct assignments in the library. From time to time, Severus catches Harry's eye, and the young wizard grins roguishly at him. Severus frowns at first. Harry continues grinning and returns to grading an essay. He puts the essay aside and stares at Severus again. Severus raises an eyebrow, and Harry moistens his lips, recognising the gesture as a favourable signal. He rises and walks over to his husband. He sits down on Severus's lap. Severus's eyes glitter, and he reaches into his pocket. He extracts a condom and strokes Harry's cheek with it. They are soon making love, Severus's chair squeaking as Harry rocks back and forth on his lap. Severus clutches at the slight hips, moaning at the sensation of being inside Harry but having to leave the control of their rhythm to Harry. They are sweaty and breathless afterwards. They indulge in one of their quirks and finish grading their essays sitting next to each other – naked. If only the students knew, Severus thinks, and he is sure that Harry is thinking the same thing. They shower together, Severus chasing the soap suds across Harry's stomach with his fingers while Harry laughs and stands on tiptoe to cover every inch of Severus's head with shampoo.

They slip into their bed, and Severus reads while Harry sketches a picture of Severus reading.

"Am I that fascinating?" Severus drawls.

The wizarding clock chimes twelve times. Black eyes and green eyes meet.

"What a question," Harry smiles, "especially when you know the answer. You'll always be fascinating. Happy anniversary, Sev."

"Happy anniversary, Harry," Severus says, embracing his husband of two years warmly.