Chapter 2: A Debt Repaid


Gimli fed Pippin more broth, almost giddy with relief. The young hobbit was stiff and sore, and still dizzy from the concussion, but he was at least able to eat something now without being sick.

"I don't know how you did it, lad," the Dwarf said softly. "If the Orcs had found out, or that villain Sauron read your thoughts…"

"I know," Pippin nodded. "It's been dreadfully hard not telling anyone." He opened his mouth for another spoonful, like a baby bird, and Gimli chuckled.

"I suppose everyone knows, by now," Pippin sighed.

"Just Aragorn, Legolas, and myself," Gimli reassured him, putting down the mug and spoon. "And I wouldn't put it past Gandalf to have known all along."

"That's all right," Pippin said sleepily.

"You kept my secret," Gimli said softly. He tucked Pippin back into bed, ensuring that the blankets concealed every feather on the bruised wings. "And we will keep yours."