AUTHOR'S NOTES: See, I told you I'd have another sleepless night. I feel guilty not writing something Vit. C enriched for this year's RuSen day. But this is better than NOTHING.

Happy RuSen Day, JUMBO!

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I am well aware that Slam Dunk is not mine.

by Kumagoro Meowzaki

"Don't you get jealous with Sakuragi?"

"I don't have reason to."

"Even when I talk to him or look at him?"

"You don't screw him or anything, do you?"


"Then why would I be jealous?"

"I don't know, because normal couples do?"

"Are you trying to break up?"

"Hell, NO! Are you?"




"Hey, Rukawa. If you weren't with me, who would you be with?"


"Just curious, I wouldn't kill him or her."


"Really? No runners-up?"


"Akagi Haruko?"

"Sakuragi's the one who has the hots for her."

"But she has the hots for you?"


"Well, I don't know. Do you like her?"


"Who then?"

"You're annoying."

"Just answer."

"Fine. Maybe Mitsui."


"You made the move."

"But if he did?"



"He's cool."


"You're not thinking of a threesome with him aren't you?"



"Well, at least if we breakup, you'd have a replacement."

"I won't break up with you."

"Even if it meant giving up basketball?"


"Even if your parents disowned you?"




"Hey, Rukawa."



"Shut up."