Hullo! The great Luny Lady is bored. So what shall she do? Write drabbles of course!

Throughout these, if you see "Name/Name" it means it's a pairing. See the little slash? Yup. If you see "Name and Name" it just means it's got the two of them in it. Alright? Good! Enjoy :)


Ron/Draco slash. A petty argument.

"Rock is much better than your pop shite," Ron said with a tone of finality. He rolled over, facing away from the blonde man.

"You just say that because you like to head bang and lose brain cells," Draco said irritably. He rolled closer to Ron, resting his chin on the other man's arm.

Ron turned his head towards Draco and gave him a mischievous grin. "Only because I want to be at the same intelligence level as you."

"Don't make me hurt you," Draco said seductively. Ron grinned and leaned in slightly. "Like I'm scared of you," he muttered.