300 word drabble?


Remus Lupin loved peace and quiet. There was nothing better than an afternoon in front of the crackling fire in the Gryffindor common room, a good book, and silence.

Sirius Black, however, found all of this incredibly dull.

And he wasn't shy about admitting it.

"MOONY! Why's it so dead in here?!" he shouted upon entering the common room to find his friend sitting alone. Remus looked up and glared, silencing the dark-haired young man almost instantly.

Sirius pouted, but obediently perched himself on the chair across from Remus. He began to rock back and forth, the pent up energy almost too much for him.

With a slight growl of frustration, Remus began to hum to block out Sirius's movement. "Honestly," he thought, "can he ever sit still?"

It was a few minutes later when Remus paused his humming. Sirius had been sitting still.

He looked up, half expecting the other boy to be dead.

"What were you humming?" he asked, tilting his head slightly.

Remus scratched his chin and said, "The Beatles. 'Hey Jude' I think it's called."

"You like the Beatles?"

The werewolf stared at him oddly. "Yes. How on earth do you know who they are?"

Remus had barely finished his sentence when Sirius pounced on him, knocking him over with a kiss.

After a tense moment, Remus broke the contact and said, "Sirius. What was that?"

Sirius tilted his head slightly and looked thoughtful.

"I dunno," he said finally. "I just really like music."

Remus shook his head at the logic of his best friend. "I would've thought of you as more of a... hard rocker. Like Deep Purple."

The other boy stared blankly. "You know my favorite color is red."

Remus blinked and then laughed. "Shut up and kiss me again, you prat."