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Aishi aeba wakareyuku
(If I meet my love, and we part)

Each had gone their own separate paths.

One began climbing to the top, hoping to achieve the title of the world's number one tennis player.

Another walked forward, in dreaming of opening a small bakery and baking sweet pastries and goods for the people.

Sonna de ai kurikaeshita
(We'll meet again, like we did before)

It was Fate that brought them together, to see one another once more.

He was a few steps away from being crowned the best tennis player of the entire world.

She was already running her small business shop, doing fairly well.

Kioku fukaku tesaguri de
(The sweet darkness I search for)

It was not a mere coincidence that they accidentally stumbled upon one another.

He was hungry for some good, healthy food.

She was already selling the finest of her creations, one that she poured her entire soul to.

Amai kage o motomete wa
(Fumbling deep in my memories)

There are no such things as coincidences, but there is only Fate.

He entered the shop, his disguise on to prevent from a stampede of fans suffocating him to death.

She welcomed him cordially and offered him a variety of foods in the counter.

Can you feel me underneath the skin?
(Can you feel me underneath the skin?)

"What would you like sir?"

"Ponta and bread."

"Yes sir, coming right up."

Anna ni kasaneta omoi nara
(If those feelings come back)

"Here you go sir," she said as she placed a can of Ponta and a small dish of plain bread in front of him. "Enjoy."

"Thank you."

But she continued to stand there, holding the tray close to her as she observed the odd customer, dressed awkwardly and emitting a familiar aura.

We'll be alright
(We'll be alright)

He took a bite out of his meal and swallowed in satisfaction. He mentally noted to return the next time he would pass by.

She plastered on a worried look, hoping that he enjoyed the bread that she made.

He washed his meal down with the Ponta – a traditional drink he would always come to love.

Shinjite ireba sou
(If I just believe)

However, she continued to stand where she was. She couldn't force herself to move although she knew inside that it was rude to stare.

He finished his entire can of Ponta, aware of the current situation. He felt goose bumps crawling up his skin.

It was just then they neared each other's faces to get a better look, inches apart. They both blinked, and she turned beet red and slipped

Donna tookute mo
(No matter how far away you are)

With his quick reflexes, he captured her in time to prevent her from falling onto the ground. However, his hat and sunglasses – part of his disguise – had fallen off and revealed his face.

She was expecting the hard contact of the floor, but felt a pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist. She slowly opened one of her eyes to only see a smirk etched on her customer's face. It was so familiar…


Stay with me
(Stay with me)


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