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To Embrace Your Destiny

Kagome smiled as the cold air of winter whipped across her cheeks. Gliding across the ice on her skates, she closed her eyes and savored the feel of the wind. A slight frown marred her brow as she thought about all of the time she wasted not keeping up with her activities. She had been in the Sengoku Judai for two and a half years. During that time, Kagome realized she had depended on her friends way too much for her protection. A shiver of self-disgust ran through her. 'Not anymore and never again!' she mused.

Shaking herself, she smiled over her shoulder at Sango. "Come on!" she laughed, "It's easy."

"Easy for you," muttered Sango. She stepped gingerly onto the ice that covered a pond where they decided to camp for the night.

"Baby!" taunted Kagome. "This is way easier than the sparring we do and twice as fun!"

"Just give me a minute," Sango snapped. She looked over toward the girl she considered the sister of her heart. Kagome had changed so much in the past six months. Whenever Kikyo had return from the dead yet again, something snapped inside the girl. At that moment Kagome gave up on her childish fantasies and became a woman. She had given up completely on Inuyasha and began to focus more on Shippo. She even went as far as to remove the beads of subjugation from around Inuyasha's neck and fashion a similar necklace for Shippo. Now it was Shippo that traveled through time with Kagome, not Inuyasha. Even though Naraku killed Kikyo a little more than a month ago at the battle for the bow (see manga) the relationship between Kagome and Inuyasha had not changed. Kagome treats Inuyasha like a brother, but he wants her romantically. Kagome then embarked on what she called a self-improvement project. She began to seriously train her miko powers and prefect the skills she obtained from her time when she was a child. The skills she called karate, tai kwon do, gymnastics, Sango wanted to learn and had become Kagome's sparring partner but the dancing, skating and music Sango could do without. Sango was amazed with the changes in Kagome but she had always known underneath that fragile exterior there was a warrior straining to be released. "Kagome, I can't do this!! I came to watch you skate and Miroku wants you to play for us tonight." The violin Kagome had brought from her time and played for them periodically had become one of their favorite past times.

"Okay, Sango," Kagome said as she watched the older girl struggle back to the bank of the pond. She then skated to the middle of the pond and struck a pose. As she began to move to the tune only she could hear, Kagome closed her eyes. As she moved into her routine, she opened her eyes and gained speed. The two on the bank watched in rapped fascination as Kagome leaped through the air spinning in a tight circle. After she landed she leaped again and completed two more rotations. She amazed and entertained them for a few more minutes until fatigue set in. Deciding it was time to wrap it up, Kagome went into a series of spins. She drew her arms closer to her body to gain more momentum and fell back into the lay back position then straitened herself and flung her arms wide. "Ta! Da!" she said as she flashed them a brilliant smile.

"Kagome! That was amazing!" Sango exclaimed.

"Thanks, Sango. Let's get back to camp. I'll make dinner then play for you guys afterwards."


In his dark castle Naraku sat staring into the flames of the fire before him. "Saya, show me the miko," he snarled at his latest incarnation. Kagome's image sprung to life among the dancing flames. She was gliding across the surface of an icy pond with a slight smile on her face. Her movements were slow and graceful. Naraku shivered suddenly at the stab of pure lust that lanced through his body. Cursing the weakness, he continued to watch her movements. Naraku wanted her more than he had ever wanted Kikyo. The human Onigumo had been the one to desire Kikyo and Naraku's own desire for her was an unfortunate byproduct. His desire for Kagome began after the foolish attempt to rid himself of Onigumo's heart. After he released the fool Muso then reabsorbed him, the desire for the young miko took hold in his demon nature and grew until it was almost painful. Kagome was very different from Kikyo. Kikyo was ice whereas Kagome was fire. Another shudder of desire ripped through him as he wondered what her fire would taste like. He would know soon enough. 'Inuyasha,' he thought ruefully. He had killed Kikyo and next it was Inuyasha's turn. The miko was still loyal to Inuyasha in spite of all he had done, but soon Naraku would free her from her obligation to Inuyasha and then he would possess both her and the Shikon No Tama.

Feeling his staff rise, he turned to his latest incarnation. "Saya, I have need of you," he said. As she turned his member stiffened and filled even more. Whenever she was created, he made sure she resembled the object of his obsession. Silently the demoness got up and approached Naraku. When she neared him, he reached a clawed hand towards her and shredded her clothes from her body. The demoness didn't show any reaction to his actions, she simply lay down next to him and awaited his next move. Naraku looked down on the demoness that lay beside him. Resting a clawed hand along her jaw line, he lazily trailed it along her neck drawing blood as he went. Malevolent glee burned in his eyes as he bent his head to lick the blood away. The demoness beneath him moaned. "Do you like that Kagome?" he whispered in a darkly seductive voice.

"Yes, master Naraku," she moaned again as he licked a path from her bleeding neck to he left breast. Biting into her tender flesh, more blood began to spill. Using his tongue, he lapped the blood away and drew the full globe into his mouth. The demoness writhed beneath him and moaned again. "Please, master. Fuck me."

Naraku chuckled. 'Soon I will be Kagome's master.' Standing up, he began to disrobe hastily. Standing naked with his member nearly fully erect, he motioned the demoness forward. If you want your reward you must come and make me ready for you, Kagome," he said. "Come make me ready for you."

The demoness crawled forward on her hands and knees to Naraku and positioned herself in front of him. He grasped his member with one hand and her beautiful face with the other. As he rubbed his throbbing cock along the seam between her lips his eyes gleamed with a malevolent light and he grinned evilly. "Open up for me," he demanded harshly. As she did, Naraku surged forward with his hips and slammed into her mouth. He then allowed the demoness to take over his pleasure and closed his eyes in sheer bliss. The demoness withdrew him from her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head of his throbbing cock. She then licked a path down to his scrotum and back up again before taking his full length into her mouth and began to move her head rhythmically. With a groan, Naraku shoved his hands into her hair and began to thrust wildly. His youki flared and his demonic nature overtook him. Pulling out of the demoness, he mindlessly threw her down on the floor and plunged into her mercilessly. Saya screamed in pain and writhed underneath him as she bled from his intrusion. The fevered movements, blood, and the pained scream fueled his demonic nature to take her even more savagely. He needed more. More pain. More blood. Withdrawing from the demoness again, he flipped her over onto her stomach and slammed her face into the floor and drove his member into her anal cavern and scratched her with his claws bringing more pain and blood. Saya screamed even louder and tried to twist out of his grasp. Naraku continued to push into her until she sheathed him completely. He then began his frenzied thrusting again as the demoness continued to fight him. The pressure built in him as he listened to her tortured screams and he inflicted more pain. Suddenly he roared loudly and released his seed into the demoness. Collapsing on top of her, they both fell to the floor. Naraku licked the blood from her and rubbed the blood into his torso. He withdrew from her and pushed her away watching as she rolled herself into a tiny ball.

He turned over onto his side and closed his eyes. "Now leave me. I have plans to make."

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