Miley and her mom walked down the empty school halls.
"Okay honey, this is your classroom. Have fun and good luck on your first day sweetie!" Miley's mom kissed her on the forehead and left.
"2s8 [2nd grade classroom teacher: MISS CRUZ," Miley read the sign on the classroom door. Miley took a deep breath and opened the door.
The teacher was giving a lecture on poetry. She stopped when she saw Miley at the door.
"Oh hi sweetie, you're Miley Stewart right?"
"Okay, class!! Listen up! We have a new student here today. Her name is Miley. Why don't you introduce yourself to the class?" Miss Cruz said to Miley.
"Um, hi I'm Miley. I'm 7 years old. I just moved here from Franklin TN. I like to draw and color and write and play and…." Miley went on like this for 3 minutes. "…and laugh and blow bubbles…and….ummm….do you want me to keep going?" Miley asked Miss Cruz.
"NO. YOU'RE TOO BOOOOORIIIING! I mean, look at you! What's up with your hair? It's so unnaturally wavy! We should call you WAVY" said a boy with blonde spiky hair. He was wearing a leather jacket and a plain white t-shirt underneath with jeans. His attitude had the word "BULLY" written all over him. Everyone in the class laughed at his remark, except a boy with curly hair in the back. Miley wanted to cry because she felt so unwanted. She was on the verge of tears when Miss Cruz finally spoke.
"MR. HARRISON." Miss Cruz said with a serious voice. Everyone in the class went "oooooooohhhhh."
"Everybody quiet! No that's fine dear. Now, where shall you sit…" Miss Cruz said while looking for a place for me to sit.
"Put her next to CURLY behind me! See? Perfect match: WAVY and CURLY." Jonathan pointed behind him at the boy who wasn't laughing. Everyone else in the class laughed again.
"Mr. Harrison, if I ask you to be quiet one more time, I'm sending you straight to principal's office!" Miss Cruz yelled. "Okay, Miley you can sit next to Mr. Jonas over there." Miss Cruz pointed to the empty seat next to the boy with curly hair. The seating arrangement in the classroom was in pairs. Two desks then a space. Two desks then a space. Two desks then a space.
The boy with curly hair was really quiet. He didn't talk to Miley, and she didn't talk to him.
Miss Cruz passed out composition books. Each student received one and she told us to write a stanza. Miley wrote her stanza and showed it to the boy with curly hair.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
My name is Mileyi
What about you?

The boy read Miley's poem and wrote a response.

Your backpack is pink
My backpack is grey
Hi Kristi I'm Nick
I want to go out and play

Miley wrote back again.

YEAH me too!
When will this class end?
Hey Nick? You're really nice
Do you want to be my friend?

Nick didn't even write back this time. He just closed her book, smiled, and whispered.


That was how it all started: Two 2nd graders, one composition book, and the minds of two great songwriters/singers/friends in the making.