SUMMARY: Jin and Hwoarang have rivaled for years to see who the better fighter was. What happens when the challenge is for the heart of another?

RATED: M – for adult content, adult language, violence, future adult scenes

Author's note: I've had a lot of firsts this summer when it came to fan fic; I wrote my first Inuyasha fic (2 actually hehehe) which turned out 2 be my 1st M-rated one as well, and now here I am writing a Tekken fic. I have been in love with the game since the first one and when they introduced Jin and Hwoarang in Tekken 3 I was hooked on these 2 hotties lol! So naturally I thought about a fic for them (pending since the day I met them in '99) so here it is. Note: all thoughts are in italic, Devil Jin's are in bold italic. I hope u like my OC Ivy and the interesting roll she has to play in it. R&R and enjoy. Arigato!

Chapter 1

NAME: Ivy Takeda

MOTHER: Susan Phoenix (nurse at local hospital)

FATHER: Shen Takeda (city firefighter)


FIGHTING STYLE: Tae Kwon Do (specializes), Judo

AGE: 22 yrs

HEIGHT: 175 cm (5ft 10")

WEIGHT: 57 kg


OCCUPATION: Student at University of Arizona (studying to be archaeologist)

HOBBIES: Sports (good at a lot), driving her Uncle Paul's motorbike

LIKES: winning races, showing off boys who think they're better than her

DISLIKES: arrogance, cooking (she's not very good)

Saturday. 10.00 AM. Tokyo, Japan.

"I'm just going to the grocery to pick up a couple of things, I'll be back soon."

"Just be careful, that baby just got back from the shop!"

"I will Uncle Paul, Ja ne."

After strapping on her helmet and leather jacket, Ivy revved the black red-and-yellow flamed death mobile and headed for the city grocery. It had been about a month since she laid her mother to rest, yet the pain was as fresh as the day it happened. The Devil had killed her—she witnessed everything—but the innocent inside the monster knew nothing of what was happening in his very body; the Devil is slowly consuming its host, and with each bite it gets stronger, more control. Her mother was naïve to it all, had not the slightest affiliation with any of it, yet it took her, broke her apart limb by limb…

"Hey, watch where ya going!" yelled an angry cab driver as Ivy was slowly forcing him into the next lane occupied by a gas liner.

"Gomen-nasai!" she yelled back as she centered in her lane, but her apology was met with a finger from one of the passengers. Had her okaasan not taught her lady-like manners she would have flipped that birdie right back at the cocky businessman. Instead, she revved the Harley and dashed off to hit the nearest pub to hopefully gather her thoughts before heading out on the road again.

It was supposed to be a simple trip to Obaacha Takeda's.

We weren't supposed to stay here for good.

I wasn't supposed to go to that new club with Asuka that night.

She wasn't supposed to follow us to make sure we were okay.

It was supposed to be a simple trip.

She wasn't supposed to get lost.

He wasn't supposed to attack her.

I wasn't supposed to find her too late when she called for my help.

It was supposed to be a simple trip…

"Hit me again," she ordered, breaking free of the nightmare that was her reality, one she couldn't forget, and didn't want her to forget. As the bartender poured another round of tequila for her, she shot it dry in hopes of drowning her misery with the spirit. It burned like hell, but to her it was a soothing chill of amnesia as she left all her cursed memories behind with the bottle. As she got up to leave, the bartender 'gently' reminded her that drinks don't come for free, especially what she ordered. She didn't have enough hard cash on her person, and by the look of the place they didn't take foreign exchange. Lucky for her they took VISA, accepted everywhere thankfully, and she swiped her card and left. But unknown to her more than the bartender saw the plastic she carried.

Minutes after she left the pub she noticed a small group of locals, all riding a Ducati in all shades of the rainbow, drive up a few meters behind her, but she took no mind as the automobiles and their 'gangs' are no strangers to the streets of Tokyo. But when she accelerated a bit as a precaution, she saw that they mimicked her still keeping their pace behind her. She kept her cool as she made a sharp left and found herself in a seemingly deserted alleyway, until she ran over a series of nails, tacks and broken pieces of glass scattered all over the alley's exit where she reunited with her biker buddies from before.

Sons of bitches, they knew I'd make that turn!

She came off her wrecked bike to greet the rebels who brought welcoming gifts with them; bats, chains, knives and the occasional spiked ball-and-chain.

"So, you wanna play yuh? Well, let's!" she challenged as she positioned herself to do battle. There were about six surrounding her with their weaponry, and five on their bikes as audience members to the battery. When the first one swung his bat at her, he moved wildly shouting something strange to her in Korean. She simply side stepped and tripped him, stomping down hard on his hand with her boot as she picked up his bat and severed the shoulder of the one who tried to attack her from behind with his chain. Next came the ball-and-chain fellow who thought that he'd surely have her with his massive and deadly combination, but he couldn't be anymore inaccurate as she blocked his blow with the bat and sweep kicked the buffoon now that her weapon was useless. Like Goliath he fell with a loud thump and was defeated, but Ivy was satisfied just yet. She kicked him hard in his abdomen making sure he wouldn't get up. Seeing their comrade hit even when he was down, two more charged at her with their chain and assassin dagger respectively. She held knife boy's hand before he could strike as she managed to elbow the nose of the other one charging to her right when he came up under her and kicked him aside, but what took her by surprise was a slash from behind from the third one.

"You coward, couldn't face me mano to mano," she spat out as the pain from her arm seeped down its length.

She released the grip of her first assailant and in one swift motion she did a split and soccer-punched him in his crotch. As he balled himself on the floor in agony, she directed her attention towards the coward who now stood before her trembling. His cut wasn't very deep, but it still hurt like a bitch. On that note she charged at him using one of her Tae Kwon Do kicks known as 'Hunting Hawk' and sent him sky rocketing to the entrance of the alley.

"Anyone else?" she bellowed as she recuperated from the attack, but before she could swear another challenge at them, ten more bikes appeared, their engines roaring at both ends as they cornered her like hyenas to an antelope. Taking on six was nothing, even ten wasn't big, but about twenty at once, all armed, and on an injury…that would prove to be a problem, but she dared not show her concern to them, she was too proud like that.

"Alright, I can take ya if you're just as much of a pussy as these guys here," she said nodding to the goons at her feet.

"Well if you're so tuff, take off that helmet and let's have a real fight," hollered a scrawny-looking man with a big voice from the back by the entrance.

"Yeah, c'mon, show you're face smart-ass!" shouted another from the exit point.

"Poke the bear with a stick, he's gonna bite," she retorted beneath a calm but stern voice.

"Well bite me," threatened one who chose to step forth from the group. He had apparently just arrived as the potent stench of diesel still lingered with him. From the respect he gathered Ivy assumed him to be their leader. His stance illustrated confidence, power, precision; his biceps emulated raw physical strength the way they bulged. He had fiery red hair pulled away from his face by goggles and his eyes burned with the same vigor as his hair. His attire screamed renegade street rocker, with all the leather straps around his baggy jeans and the skull buckle around his waist, and he held an arrogant smile, but strangely enough it had a certain sex appeal to it. She could just tell by the way he moved he would make an excellent lover had they met under different circumstances, but right now he was the enemy.

"Are you gonna stand there and gape whole day?" he asked, and to her surprise in English.

"Feh, you wish pretty boy," she threw back as she focused her thoughts on the task ahead.

"I'll show you pretty boy when this is over. You'll be glad you have the helmet on protecting your face," he contested before taking position.

He does Tae Kwon Do too! Well, this will be interesting…

As Ivy took her stance, the gang leader came to the same realization as she.

Heh, may the better man win then. This will surely show Baek I'm no joker when I tell him how I kicked another pupil's ass good n' proper!

The leader charged first with his Flying Eagle attack, but Ivy was swift and quickly dodged the move before countering with a strong left jab. When he caught her arm as she looked to strike again, it stunned her that he recovered from her blow so fast. She was sure she'd hit him hard enough to have him holding his chest in pain however muscular it may be. He then twisted her small wrist in his strong hands savoring the sweet sound of her wincing.

"What girly fingers you have Mr. 'Big Bad Wolf'," he snorted which started an uproar of laughter from his comrades, but a kick to the head surely shut up his insults for the moment.

"All the better to help kick your ass with," she retorted when she managed to squeeze some distance between them.

"What kind of move was that? That's not Tae Kwon Do!" he jumped at her infuriated at how vulnerable he left himself, all to crack some jokes. She smiled beneath her tinted armor with grim satisfaction seeing his flushed face, and he felt it, angering him more.

"I know I made it up just now. Your whining was driving me insane," she said annoyingly as she rubbed her temples in a mock attempt to relieve a headache. She had bent forward into his chest, and swinging her right leg behind her head she left a lovely imprint on his face, plus giving them some needed space if she was to be victorious.

"I wasn't whining," he rebutted.

"So your voice is naturally high-pitched then. My bad," she replied smoothly. The laughter coming from his legion was fuel to his engine of temper as he began fuming red.

"Shut up you bunch of bakas," he spat at them, glaring brutally at each individual who even thought of snickering.

"Are you gonna fight or just stare at them whole day?" Ivy asked in the same haughty manner he used when he asked her a similar question.

With that statement he charged at her again as a series of kicks and blows from both sides could be seen. As fast as he threw an attack, she countered, and vice versa, until she missed a high kick and was met full throttle with his fist, almost knocking her helmet off completely.

"That's showing the punkbitch whose boss!" cheered one from the crowd as the others joined him in praising their leader. Ivy threw off the helmet to give herself some needed air; the hit was a wake up call.

"Look boys, the pretty boy comes equipped with shades too, ones' that'll look so much better on me. But I don't have to worry about that much because soon you'll be damned if you still have a face to wear them on."

Ivy was not going to allow herself to be taken out by some wannabe street thug and his band of baboons. She collected herself off the ground and brushed back her darkened shoulder-length hair with her fingers as she prepared to strike. She delivered a Judo kick this time, throwing off the leader's timing as he skated on his feet away from her to evade the assault.

Judo too huh. Even better when I beat the shit outta him.

As she Judo flipped to deliver a sweet kick to the face, he blocked her and threw her over him, but not before rushing forward and ensuring a bloody mouth before she hit the ground.

Damn it!

"You did it boss!" yelled a baka from the front, but the leader raised his hand and silenced them as he saw Ivy slowly rise to a stoop on the floor, clutching her arm in grisly pain and swearing under her breath.

"Had enough yet?"

"Not quite," she replied strongly under clenched teeth as she spat out a spoonful of blood. But as she looked to get up her arm reminded her to rest a bit as the blood-caked wound opened freshly with that blow to the ground. Her fall managed to crack the lens of her shades as well.

"Cheap piece of crap," she muttered to herself as she tossed them away, and feeling a bit stronger since her fall, rose proudly holding her arm, but ready to take him on again. The leader and his troops stood mortified as they realized their victim was indeed a woman! He watched her from head to toe, baffled at how he didn't recognize this from before. Those luscious pink lips, the small delicately soft hands he almost broke, and the voice…surely that should've been the arrowhead! But the way she fought, with courage, strength, confidence, and her exceptionally high level of skill; surely his eyes were deceiving him.

"What, never got your ass handed to you by a woman before?" she asked as she took stance, fighting more with the pain burning her arm. As the blood trickled down she had to hold it again to stop its flow, for it rushed down more feverishly as adrenaline began pumping wildly into her system. He watched the droplets touch the ground, and knew that wasn't blood he drew.

"Hurt your arm before?" he asked in what Ivy thought was a voice of genuine concern.

"Yeah, fighting them," she replied nodding towards his groupies. It infuriated him, and confused her.

"Who was the fucker that drew that blood?" he demanded. Immediately they pushed forward the coward before their master and stepped back, leaving him to fend for himself.

"Did she use a weapon against you other than her body?" he said coldly, grabbing the young boy by his collar roughly.

"She…she had a…a chain by her wai…waist sir," he stuttered. He was so consumed with fear he didn't notice when he urinated there as he stood.

"How pathetic," his leader scolded in reference to his accident.

"Oh, you mean this weapon," Ivy said pulling the chain hooked by her belt lacings from her pocket to produce a brown leather wallet connected at the chain's other end.

"Do we not say 'strike unless you have valid reason too'? Did she attack you with any weapon?"

"N…No sir."

Even gangs have rules huh. So I guess this means their weapons were more for show. I knew half of them were cowards…but not their leader that's for sure.

"Where's the knife you hit her with?" As the youngster produce his blood smeared dagger, everyone including Ivy gasped as the leader held it up to slash the boy.

"Stop! It's not that bad of a cut," she pled for him, but the leader ignored her request completely.

"Please, STOP!!!" But it was not her final cry that saved the boy's life, but that of sirens heading in their direction. The leader missed his neck and struck his arm instead.

"Next time you go to attack, let that be a reminder of what not to do," he stated frigidly as he touched the bruised area with the knife tip and strapped it back to its owner before scurrying off with everyone else.

"C'mon," he said grabbing Ivy by her unscathed arm.

"Where the hell do you think you're taking me?" she inquired angrily as she snatched her hand away from his sudden grip.

"To get bandaged, unless you'd prefer to do it downtown whilst they brutally interrogate you for our whereabouts," he replied not once breaking his stride to explain himself.

"Why would they do that? I'm not allied with you in any way," she retorted disdainfully. He hopped on his bike and started the engine before answering her.

"Let's see, you're standing at the scene of many motorbike and miscellaneous thefts, you're clearly a biker…I'd say prime suspect. Now you coming or what?" he asked annoyed at her hesitance.

"But what about my baby?" she asked as panic flooded her mind just thinking about what Paul would do to her had she deserted his Harley like this.

"It'll be safe, I promise," he assured.

"Fine," she relented as she climbed aboard his 2005 S4R Ducati Monster in all its fiery red glory, just like its owner, and disappeared onto the windy highway with her street thug leader.

"I'm Hwoarang," he yelled back to her, his voice competing with the wind, and losing.

"What?" she shouted back barely hearing a word he said. Then he motioned for her to put on a headset which he had in what appeared to be a side pocket of his automobile.

"We were never introduced. I'm Hwoarang," he said a lot more audibly with the technology.

"Just Hwoarang?"

"Yeah. What about you?"

"Ivy. Ivy Takeda."

That's evident; her eyes the same crisp green of ivy on a dewy summer's morning…

"You American?" he asked suddenly.

"Uh yeah, how'd you guess?"

"You can't hide the accent koidito."

"I'm not your darling thank you very much. So, you've been around a few American girls then?" she asked curiously, but her voice carried a sensuality about it now, and she felt Hwoarang shudder under it as she held onto him a bit closer.

"You could say, but they sucked at Japanese unlike you. Learn it off the net?"

"For you information my father happens to be Japanese!" she defended.

"Do you like it here?" he asked, changing the subject abruptly.

"Yeah, the city's lovely, especially at night, but I've never gotten a chance to really explore it. I doubt I will though…" she began as she drifted off into her dark memoirs of her last night out in Tokyo.

"Why is that?" he asked eagerly as he made a sharp turn into a back road.

"My mother passed away trying to find me the last time I went city hopping here with my friend," she said desperately fighting back tears. Hwoarang felt her heave on his back, and knew that she was in a great deal of emotional pain.

"I'm sorry for you loss," he said solemnly as they came to a halt in front of what looked like a nightclub.

"We're stopping here?" asked a baffled Ivy.

"The supplies are in the back of the joint. It's kind of our safe house where we handle some of our business. C'mon," he said tagging her alongside him. When they entered the club she was greeted with harsh glances and crude remarks from women of all class of slut as they passed them by, envious that they weren't Hwoarang's lady for the night.

What on earth am I doing here? Ivy thought chastising herself for allowing things to go as far it did.

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