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Chapter 3

"Suki, I need to talk to you ASAP. When you get this message please call me back…I think I found him." After leaving the brief voice message Ivy hightailed it down the highway after getting the green light, eager to uncover Jin's possible whereabouts. Within no time she had pulled up to the driveway of her grandmother's house, a little dirty and bruised from her prior encounter with a certain group of thugs, but most importantly safe.

"Ivy! Oh thank the Kamis you're safe, I was worried sick!" cried out Shen as he raced out of the house eager to inspect his daughter's frazzled state. "What happened to you, you look like you were in a fight or something? You weren't, were you?" he now asked with steely brown eyes.

"No baba, I just hit the ground hard when I skidded on the glass that's all, I'm fine see?" and she paraded herself before him to show that no harm was done to her, however much of a lie it was.

"Jeez, let this be the last time I let Paul manipulate me into letting you ride one of these death mobiles. I'm just glad you're home at last," he said embracing her ever so tightly to his heart. Never had he feared his home more than he did a month ago, losing the one woman that meant something to him other than his mother and daughter, and he vowed that so long as his heart still beats nothing like that would happen to Ivy.

"Hey, welcome back kiddo, how's my baby doing?" Paul said ruffling the choppy brown locks atop his niece's head whilst munching on some mochi.

"She's just fine. Got a tune up in the process too with no extra cost," Ivy beamed as she lightly tapped the polished seat of the refurbished motorcycle. "Daddy thinks I'm not quite ready to handle someone of her calibre. Tell him he's wrong."

"I won't say that he's wrong, but maybe you'd rather something a bit safer, where your father's concerned that is," replied Paul shoving the last sticky piece of the dessert into his mouth.

"But motorcycles are my life! C'mon oji-san, onegai," she plead flashing him the classic puppy dog pout.

"I've got not a clue what you've said just now, but it doesn't matter. If you don't want it by all means I could always use another baby in my garage."

"Nani?" Just as the confusion seeped in Ivy saw her father pull up next to the bike in a canary-yellow Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII customized with neon lights, flare skirt and the wickedest spoiler she ever laid eyes on, the purring of its engine like a sweet symphony to her ears. She couldn't contain the excitement bubbling inside and barely heard what her uncle had to say next.

"It was to be your 23rd birthday present as it is next two weeks, but seeing with what happened and all…your dad just felt it was right not to wait any longer. Any excuse to get you away from my bike is what I say it is," he chuckled before two slender arms constricted all vocal chords with its loving embrace.

"Arigato! Arigato!" Ivy chanted as she smothered her oji-san with kisses before turning that attention to her otousan as he exited the vehicle.

"Oh baba, domo arigato! I love it so much!"

"You're more than welcome my dear. It works out best for the both of us, ne?"

"Do you mind if I take her for a lil spin?"

"Sure why not—wait, a spin where?" Shen asked with a watchful eye. There was only one place he suspected she'd go, one place he vowed he'll never let her venture forth again.

"Suki's of course. She'll so freak when she sees this." Ivy hopped into the driver's seat and revved the engine a bit to test the pedals, but before she could place those delicate fingers securely around the wheel a firm hand clenched down on her wrist.

"I forbid you to go by that girl and her possessed family. Ivy, have you not learnt your lesson yet? I refuse to lose another member of my family to those demons called Kazamas!"

It took a second for his words to register; so coldly stated, certainly this was not the same man she called father!

"How could you say such a thing about them, they're practically family! The Takedas and the Kazamas have been family/friends for six generations now, and you know what happened to mother wasn't Jin's fault. That is the Mishima curse; damn Heihachi for ever enslaving his son with that devil!" She took a breath before she continued. The venom in which her father spoke of their friends and the way in which he held her down was inconceivable to Ivy. Why would he want to stop her from helping them?

"Suki and I are the only one's that can save him now daddy. We're going to find him and at last rescue his soul from its damnation of eternal darkness; It's either you're with me or with it." Her tone was deadly serious, but it was not her strong words that got Shen to set his daughter free.

"Shen you let my baby go. It is her time, her right as a Takeda to do what she's about to embark upon," a frail but commanding voice could be heard say. It was her obaachan coming to save the day.

"Mother, I am not going to let what happened to Susan happen to—"

"Oh nonsense, Ivy's a strong girl she can handle herself. You need to stop blaming yourself for Susan's death. Had she not meddled in affairs that did not concern her she would be alive today." The words were harsh, no matter how truthful they were, and earned her a snarl from a disturb Paul. Just when he was starting to like her homemade mochi! Her grandmother's blatant attitude towards life was something Ivy always admired though it can be inappropriate at times, like now. "You and I both know these two girls are the only one's that can stop the being within the innocent. It's their duty, now go forth Ivy and send Asuka my best regards," the brittle woman said with a keen smile.

"I will obaachan. I won't risk coming home late so I'll stay over by her okay. Ja ne baba," and off she left in a roar of nitrous oxide.


"You so did not mention this in your voice mail!" Asuka squealed as she skipped down the flight of stairs of her apartment to greet Ivy.

"It's 'cause I just got it. Hop in quick, it's getting dark."

Asuka went agape when she entered the vehicle, the cool scented breeze of a brand new car filling her lungs and spreading like cancer, the chill of the leather seats sending gooseflesh up her exposed thighs.

"I wish I had a dad like yours," she said dreamily as Ivy drove off to their destination. Ivy merely scoffed at the irony of it all as she focused her mind at the task ahead.

"So where are we headed to exactly?" Asuka asked, the wistful sound gone from her voice.

"A small church that should be right after this bakery here." She parked the vehicle as her eyes made contact with the grand, antique structure complete with a daunting bell tower Ivy was sure Quasimodo was hiding in. The two girls entered cautiously looking for any signs of Jin's presence there, but by the looks of the place Jin times five invaded the sanctuary. Several pews were overturned, two wall fans were seen smashed to nothing on the floor below which they hung, and the walls held several markings too fresh and cleanly made to be the doings of father time. As Ivy's gazed turned to the altar she saw a black feather hanging limply in the hands of a cherub.

"I don't think a bird did this," Asuka said childishly, pointing to the very feather Ivy was staring at.

"Good job Scooby-Doo, here's a snack," and Ivy mockingly threw the invisible dog treat to a scowling Asuka. Before Asuka could swear at her friend an altar boy feverously passed them by, stopping only to tell them that the church was closing for the night.

"May I ask why? I've come to see…um…" and after inwardly cursing herself at the irony of the excuse she was about to use Ivy continued, "I've come for confession. I committed a grave sin and I wish to repent. I can't go to bed with my heavy heart, is there no one that can help?"

"I'm sorry ma'am but the Fathers are much too busy right now to tend to your needs. I can direct you to our sister church if you wish to speak to—"

"But my cousin!" Asuka interrupted receiving a death glare from Ivy's side. She didn't want the man to know about their mission, but Asuka knew she had to tell him something about Jin if they were to ever find him. "I'm looking for my cousin and I think he came here today. He's a very troubled soul…please can you tell us if you've seen him?" Taking out her phone Asuka proceeded to show the altar boy a picture of Jin and with one look the man almost fainted.

"That's…that's the monster! He's…he's your cousin?!" he stuttered foolishly, his mouth wide and his breath short with fear.

"He's not a monster!" Asuka defended but her words were futile as the man continued with much composure prior to a few moments ago. "That…man, if you may, almost killed Father Des Vignes today. I was not there when the incident occurred, but rather informed by Father Graham who bore witness to the savage attack." The girls listened intently to the account.

"Apparently the young man came in begging for help from anyone who could help him with his inner demon. Father Des Vignes saw to the man; he looked deathly pale, his body frigid and his lips quivered madly. He asked Father Graham to assist him by bringing the man some water, referring to holy water, as he examined and questioned him. He asked him for his name, but he just kept repeating the same phrase, 'he's coming, I can't control him any more'. Now that Father Des Vignes understood his demon wasn't metaphoric he proceeded to bless the man and banish the devil. But as the water made contact with the young man it evaporated instantly, and the next thing Father Graham saw was the body of Father Des Vignes being flung into the air like a rag doll as a dark angel of some sorts emerged from the young man and caught the Father in mid-air, sending him spiralling to the ground with a large 'thump'. Father Graham was sure that he killed Des Vignes, but he still checked just in case whilst ordering for help from security and other staff members."

"What kind of church has security?" Asuka boldly interjected.

After reminding himself he was a man of God the altar boy answered her audaciously placed question. "The bell we have placed in our tower is not only imported from Rome where most of our Fathers derive from, but is also made of the purest of copper. Many attempts at thievery of this bell have been made and as such security is a necessity."

"Please pardon her interruption and do go on," Ivy said giving Asuka another chastising glance.

"As you can see around you there was quite a fight displayed when the being became airborne, and due to the bravery of a young boy who came for confirmation classes the demon was subdued."

"How did a kid do that?" the girls asked in unison baffled at the prospect of someone untrained in the healing arts being able to suppress the devil.

"He threw this golden candlestick here bulls-eyed at the beast's head, knocking it unconscious till the proper authorities arrived."

"Proper authorities?" Asuka stated much offended at how the man kept referring to Jin as some creature no better than the dogs that roam the streets.

"The elders my dear, no need to bite. They're about to perform an exorcism on him now so you'll have to come back in the morning if you wish to see your friend."

"But we need to see him now, we can't…it won't work…" Asuka jumped at him but was greeted with a strict hand to her face.

"I'm sorry, but you'll have to leave now we are about to close," and without another word two guards came to escort the ladies out.

"That narcissistic feels he's so important—argh!" Asuka flared as they returned to Ivy's car.

"Calm down Suki I've got a plan," Ivy said with a conniving smirk across her delicate lips.

"Uh oh," Asuka sighed as she tried to fathom the trouble they were about to get into.


"Think I'll end my shift here. Night man," said one of the guards as he left his post for the night.

"Hey there handsome, why so serious? Why don't you come over here, I can help you relax," a seductive voice from the across the street could be heard. It took a while, but as his eyes adjusted to the dim lighting of the streets the lone guard noticed the figure of a voluptuous young woman whistling out to him.

"I'm sorry ma'am but I cannot abandon my duties for the sake of earthly pleasures," he replied most sternly.

Crap, why did I get mister 'stick-up-his-ass'? Ivy…I'm gonna kill yah if this doesn't work!

Regaining her composure after much fretting Asuka continued, walking sensually towards the guard now, dropping the sleeves of her jumpsuit gently with each sashay of her hips.

"Oh c'mon, lighten up will yah? It'll only be a few minutes…unless you want to go longer?"

With a brief clearing of his throat the guard replied, "My duties remain at this sanctuary."

"Well, my body is a temple, does that count?" she countered with an innocent flare now to her voice, her hands now roaming lightly over his crisp blue uniform. She felt a small shudder and knew she was getting somewhere. "C'mon, we can always repent in the morning," she now whispered in his ear as she allowed her fingers to trail his rugged jaw line, again sending more gooseflesh up his spine.


"At a girl Suki," Ivy whispered to herself as she began inching her way to the back entrance of the church whilst Asuka continued to distract the guard.

"Only for a moment," the guard then said hurriedly, his head spinning madly around as he ensured that no one heard him or that they would miss him. "Where do you have in mind?"

"My car's in the back," and off Asuka lead him into the car park where before he could lay his sweat-laden lips on hers, she kicked him in his abdomen for a nice sleep till their mission was over.


"I swear if you ever make me do that again—" Asuka started as she joined Ivy in the back, but her companion's finger silenced her as she tried to listen to the events taking place on the other side of the wooden frame.

"It's a wonder how these young folks get themselves into such a predicament," she heard a priest say.

"Yes, with all this rap-music-this and bad-boy-that, it's amazing how they all haven't ended up like him! Let's hurry, it's getting late and I have a wedding to celebrate tomorrow," the other replied.

"Okay, so he's not far. From the sounds of it I think they're gone, let's go." Soon enough Ivy had plucked a safety pin from her jeans and began working on the locks.

"So much for security," Asuka mumbled as they quietly entered the building in search for Jin.

"Father Eli, please get me another bowl of water, this is going to be most trying," the voice of Father Graham was heard say a door away from where they stood. The girls hadn't realised they were closer than they thought, and before they were caught they both scurried up to the ceiling like a spider where they awaited the passing of Father Eli below them.

"That was close," Suki whispered as he exited the corridor.

"Too close," Ivy agreed. "We need to get them away from the room. I can see about two, three if you include the guy that just left, but there could be more. Think you could muster another distraction till—"

"Nah uh, no, no way am I acting like a whore again!" Asuka scowled.

"Well you think you can lift Jin out of here while I distract them?" Ivy said with much sarcasm in her voice. They both knew Ivy was the stronger of the two, so after a few more scowls under the breath Asuka relented.

"What do I have to do this time?"


"AHH!!!" a ghoulish cry echoed from the entrance of the church startling the Fathers greatly.

"What was that?" a disturbed Father Graham asked his equally confused comrades as they flooded into the hallway to investigate, all except Graham of course; he couldn't leave Jin unattended!

"Father, come please, it appears the cousin of the boy has caught his spirit," the altar boy said as he tried to contain a seizing Asuka, a greenish foam seeping from her mouth. Ivy just smiled thinking of how the scenario was playing out, grateful that she hadn't eaten the green fizzy candy she had in her jeans pocket and wondering all the while how Asuka was producing all that spit.

When she noticed the Father leaving did she make her decent from the ceiling and entered the room formerly inhabited by the priests. There she saw him, lying as stiff as a board on a grand white table, several bibles and bottles of holy water around him.


She hadn't much time before they realised their scam, so she mustered as much strength as she could and with one arm around her neck, she carried them out of the building and into her car. With a loud rev of the engine and two blows of the horn, Asuka declared herself healed before anything could be done to her and dashed out of the church like her life depended on it, which it kind of did.

"Where is the boy?" Father Graham exclaimed as they greeted the empty room, despondent and angered at how easily they were bamboozled.

"GO, GO, GO!" Asuka cried out as she saw the priests begin to chase after them, but they were obviously no match for the horsepower of the great Lancer Evolution. In no time they were on the highway heading to Asuka's apartment, but alas the late night traffic caught up to them.

"Suki, mind taking the wheel for a while, I'm feeling drained right now." As those words reached her ears Asuka lit up like a Christmas tree as she took the wheel, feeling the power in her fingertips and loving it all the way…until the sight of traffic reminded her she wasn't going to test this baby for a good while!


"Come girls, there is much to be said. I believe you're old enough to understand what I'm about to tell you," Ivy's obaachan said gathering the two girls before her as she proceeded to tell her tale.

"Yep, we're almost 12 years old!" Ivy beamed as she took her place on the floor next to Asuka.

"Let me tell you a story that my grandmother told me when I was this very age. Once upon a time there were two girls from two different families. They were best friends and loved each other like sisters. Then, one day when the girls were playing out in the forest, a very beautiful lady appeared to them. She glowed almost as bright as the sun, and she had a serene look to her."

"Was she an angel?" Asuka asked with beady eyes filled with astonishment.

"Maybe. All the girls knew was that she was too beautiful to be anything evil. To one girl she said, 'I bestow upon you the power of the earth. You shall be able to commune with nature and all its wonders, and know the joys of life.' And to the other she said, 'I bestow upon you the gift of the hells. You shall know evil and sense the dangers around you, the dangers that threaten our earth.' And to them both she said, 'And you shall work as one to restore the balance within our world, a balance that is endangered daily by those corrupt with greed and envy, lust and hate. I see that your hearts are pure, and I know you will do as I ask for the betterment of mankind'."

"Like ying and yang!" Ivy pointed out.

"Exactly like that. And ever since that day the girls obeyed what the lady told them, using their gifts to help many in need of their healing powers. These girls were the first Kazama and Takeda to be blessed with the great power, and do you know what their names are?"

"What?" the girls asked excitedly in unison.

"Ivy Takeda and Asuka Kazama."

"You're kidding?!" Ivy asked in pure disbelief.

"Since when do you know me to lie Miss Ivy?" her grandmother mockingly retorted. "That is why it is your destiny to help those around you, especially those most dear to you."

"But my okaasan chose my name, not baba, and she has no knowledge of our Japanese family history."

"Coincidence?" Asuka suggested with a shrug of the shoulders.

"My dears, there is a fine line between coincidence and destiny. Believe me when I say you both were meant to carry your respective names, as it's no coincidence that you both share almost the same love for each other as your great-great grandmothers did."

"Were you and obaachan Kazama taught this great power too?" a starry-eyed Suki asked.

"As was every Kazama and Takeda woman since then. It was a sad day though when my only daughter refused to join forces with your aunt Jun to help her husband Kazuya."

"Don't worry obaachan, Suki and I won't let the family down," Ivy proudly exclaimed, hugging Asuka close to emphasise her point. Her grandmother smiled warmly at the two and knew right there they'd keep their promise.

"Suki, Ivy, come play with me please if you're finished," a lonely Jin called out to his friends.

"Coming!" Suki cried out as she raced to meet him. Ivy on the other hand only watched him from afar, confused as to why she didn't rush towards him with Asuka, and why she suddenly felt this chill around Jin.

"You sense it don't you Ivy," her grandmother whispered to her. She didn't quite understand what she meant, but one look at the handsome young boy again and she gently nodded her head in apprehension.

"Ivy, aren't you coming?" Suki asked leisurely bouncing a ball on the floor.

"Yeah Ivy, c'mon." He was smiling at her, but then the face looking back began to contort into something vicious as it said "Come play with us!"

Ivy awoke with a cold sweat, tightly holding her heart to her chest, forcing it to slow its pace. She hadn't known when she drifted off, and questioned why she would recall something that happened all those years ago. She turned to Asuka, still sulking as the traffic continued its slow pace, but that awful aura she felt in her dream hadn't left her and she urged herself to look at the sleeping Jin on the backseat. He was still peaceful, but a closer glance showed dark markings creeping along his forehead. It was coming again.

"Suki, step on it," she asked calmly hoping not to stir panic in her friend.

"Step where Ivy? We've moved about a foot within the past fifteen minutes—"

"Well find a fucking way out!" Ivy now screamed. Aghast, Asuka didn't know if to curse her back or do as she said. Instead she opted for asking what the hell crawled up her ass.

"He's coming Suki, the fucking beast is coming and I don't think we can subdue him in the backseat of a car, so unless you have any other brilliant questions to ask will you please get us the fuck home or I'll rip your fucking arms out now and take us there myself," Ivy replied deathly serious. Ivy had never cursed that much in one sentence before, and that fact along with the strong glow of the amulet around Ivy's wrist and her neck was enough to convince Asuka that she needed to find some way to get the hell out of there and fast!

She saw an alleyway a metre away, and after much blowing of the horn and yelling at drivers up front to "move it or lose it" they got to the clearing and on a hunch Asuka found them home.


"Jeez, when did he get this heavy?" Asuka squealed as they tried to ascend him up the stairs.

"He's sleeping smarty, so he's gonna be dead weight. Imagine how I felt trying to hustle him out of the church by myself!"

"Whatever, just remind me after this to beat the daylights out of my landlord till he gets that damn elevator fixed."

In no time they had arrived at her suite and quickly laid Jin on the floor as they searched for the incantation book.

"You know, if you'd clean the place every once in a while we wouldn't be in this shithole," Ivy chastised as she glanced at Jin again, the markings becoming more visible and his colour faded.

"Enough rebuking, more searching," Asuka retorted as she scattered about the laundry pile on her floor in search of the book. "Found it!"

The girls then gathered around the boy, Ivy passing her hand over his body to sense the strength of the evil whilst Asuka flipped through pages to find the right subduing invocation.

"It's pretty strong Suki, hurry." Without further delay Asuka placed her hand on Jin's forehead as she said the necessary words. Soon enough the markings were dissipating and his colour was restored. Not wanting the trauma of lifting him again, Asuka asked her neighbour to help them put her 'drunken' cousin on his bed and left him to rest peacefully for the moment.

"I don't know how much longer we can keep this up Ivy, we need to get rid of this thing and fast," Asuka said as the girls lay on her bed, exhausted from all the day's activities.

"I know, I know. We just haven't found the right incantation yet."

"I've searched that entire book, there's nothing there about curing Mishima generational curses. You need to understand this is a family trait passed on by Kazuya, unintentionally of course. All his pent up anger at his father has resulted in this…"

The sins of the father fall on the son Ivy silently thought.

"…but can you blame the man? I'd have gone all devil on his ass too if he threw me off a cliff." Sleep began to loom over the girls until they heard a faint call from Jin's room. They rushed over to his aid without skipping a beat.

"Jin! You're awake, are you ok?" Ivy rambled as she stooped at the side of the bed, gently cupping his hand in hers.

"I'm…he's gone, for now," was the mere reply.

"But are you ok?" she persisted.

"Yeah, I'll live."

"Want me to get you anything?" Asuka quietly asked as she forced the tears back under her eyelids. Just watching him in this state always pained her heart, for her joy thrived on his very happiness.

"Some water would be nice please Suki."

"I'll get it," Ivy insisted until she felt his grip tighten on her hand.

"Do you mind getting it please Suki, I need to talk to Ivy," he asked his cousin. With a nod Asuka left the two in privacy as she fetched Jin a glass.

"Will you forgive me?" he asked solemnly.

"You have nothing to be sorry about Jin, I live for this. I want to help you, you're not being a burden or anything if that's what you're—"

"Not that. For…for what happened that night…to your mother…" and he trailed off unable to finish the sentence. He had killed the mother of the woman he loved so dearly, and here he found himself so boldly asking for her forgiveness. "I don't deserve even an ounce of it, but I can't help but still ask for it. Ivy…"

"You were always forgiven Jin," she warmly replied as she gently caressed the side of his face. "And don't you dare take the blame for the doings of the devil."

"But I must take responsibility for my actions. I saw her; he may have taken over but there was still a part of me that saw what he was doing, a part so feeble and too damn scared to oppose the beast that I couldn't help her. I saw everything it did…and I didn't try to stop it." The tears were choking him now, and Ivy felt his remorse at what he had done.

"Jin," she whispered in his ear. They were now cheek to cheek as she hugged him tightly and with her own tears trickling down his face. "You did everything you could for her. Even if you could I don't know if you would have been strong enough to make a real impact, but it doesn't matter now. What is done is done, and I don't hate you any less for it. I'm more determined now than ever to send this demon spiralling back to hell where it belongs. Worry no more, you're forgiven," and she placed a dainty kiss on his saline cheek as she ended the embrace.

After all that happened, she forgave me. She's amazing…no wonder I love her. But I dare not tell her so; I'd hate myself the day I end up hurting her like I did her mother. But can I really continue this so-called life if she's not a part of it? I should…I should tell her how I feel. Everything's worth the risk for her.

"Ivy," he began until the ringing of her cellphone had interrupted his sentence.

"Gomen Jin, one second," she said as she excused herself from the room to take the call. "Moshi moshi, Ivy speaking."

"Always a pleasure to hear your voice." She hadn't initially picked up on the caller's identity until he said with a mild chuckle, "went for confession yet?"

"Funny Hwoarang. So you actually called."

"Didn't think I would? You're breaking my heart Ivy," he teased. She couldn't help but allow a petit smile to grace her lips at his idiocy. "What are your plans for tonight?"

"Plans? Um, nothing really. But I'm staying by a friend's tonight so—"

"Male or female?" he suddenly asked.

"Female. Then again the sex of my friend shouldn't be a concern for you now should it?" she replied with a smug grin.

"Feh, it doesn't. So that's plus two Steve," he shouted to someone in the background.

"What the hell are you talking about Hwoarang?" Ivy asked very concerned at his doings.

"I did promise you I'll show you the town. First stop is at a club a friend of mine is opening tonight, and I figured you wouldn't go without your friend. That is unless you'd rather not go."

"No!" she jumped at him. "I'd love to go. What time?"

"Ten. See you soon babes."

"I'm not your babes," she mildly retorted, though the prospect was a fancy of hers. She couldn't help having a thing for bad boys.

"If you insist," and without another word the call had ended. She wanted to ask if Jin could come as well, but considering his current state she dare not let him out of the house. Yet she felt bad at having to leave him by himself, and so immediately went to tell him of her plans.

"It's okay Ivy, besides you and Suki deserve a break after what happened tonight." Upon returning with his desired water Asuka relived the events of the day with her cousin.

"Only if you're sure. C'mon Suki, we've got to hurry."

"Pinky swear you'll be fine?" Asuka asked her cousin holding her baby finger out to him.

"Pinky," and they laced fingers in accordance to the childish oath.

Half an hour later the girls bid their Jin a goodbye kiss on the cheek and headed out to the club.


"Oh Ivy aren't you excited? It's been forever since we last partied!" Asuka beamed as they arrived. But as she did recall their last escapade she inwardly reprimanded herself for the stupid comment. "Sorry Ivy, I didn't mean—"

"Don't worry Suki, we're going to party now so please don't sour the mood."

They gave their names to the bouncer, but much to their dismay they weren't on the list.

"Are you sure this is the club?" Asuka whispered to Ivy as embarrassment seeped onto her face.

"This is what Hwoarang texted me," she grumbled. Then, a thought occurred. "Um, I believe we're under the name 'Hwoarang, plus two."

The bulky guard just glared at Ivy as he checked the list. He indeed saw 'Hwoarang plus two', but how was he so sure these two bimbos were his ladies for the night. "Listen ladies, everyone knows Rang so you gotta come good to convince me that you're the 'plus two'."

With a sigh Ivy pulled out her Blackberry and called the street thug. "Get your ass out here now. Where are we? We are standing in front of the club before the beloved bouncer looking like complete asses 'cause he refuses to believe we're the plus two! Hello? Hwoarang?" Before she could curse at him for hanging up on her a firm grip from behind held onto the shoulder of the bouncer, and soon emerged the owner of said hand.

"Why you giving these lovely ladies here trouble now Kinnikun?" Hwoarang asked with a sadistic smile as he tightened his grip.

"Kinnikun?" Asuka asked Ivy, the two girls giggling at the playful name given to such a beefy man.

"Now Rang, I just thought these were just a couple of bimbos looking to con me. You know how everyone wants a piece of Rang." The man was actually terrified of Hwoarang, and the new death glare he was receiving didn't help mitigate that fear.

"Bimbos? You dare address them as such again and you'll see who the bitch is at the end of the day, got it?" Hwoarang growled.

"Got it Rang. Right this way ladies," and a tearful security opened the velvet rope for them to enter.

"Arigato…Kinnikun," Asuka teased as she waved him off.


Meanwhile, at Suki's apartment Jin was busying himself with some overdue training, another means to get his mind off of Ivy.

1, 2, 3, kick! 1, 2, 3, kick! Jeez can I be anymore pathetic? She sees you as family Jin, nothing more. 1, 2, 3, kick! After all that's how we grew up, like family. 1, 2, 3, kick! If she only knew how I counted the days till her arrival each summer to Japan, and how I loathed the countdown to her departure till the next year. 1, 2, 3, kick! We always had so much fun, particularly without Suki. Those were the times we spent in deep conversation, about life, about each other. Kami how I'd always pray for the day she'd declare she's here to stay.

Hehe, thanks to me you just may have that day.

Monster! What are you doing back?

Did you really think those foolish girls could eradicate me for good? I'm always in your mind Jin, just taking a nap ever so often to restore my strength for our next attack. Hehehe.

"I won't let you hurt anyone else!" Jin affirmed loudly.

You act as though you have that kind of power. Foolish mortal, soon I will have enough strength to devour your soul and be done with your nonsensical pleas.

"Get out!" Jin cried out as he fell to his knees, clenching his head between his hands hoping to rid the beast.

Hehehe, try as you may mortal, you belong to me. Succumb to the darkness Jin, as your father has. You belong to me!

"Get out!!!" he all but screamed but to no avail as the curse symbols returned darker than ever, the battle for his soul beginning with Jin alas losing terribly.

Author's note: ok, that was LONG! I seriously tried to edit it to make it much shorter, but if I tried to cut out anything more the ending would just suck. So I worked really hard on this (gots lots of home-work to go do now to compensate for the time spent typing hehe… Oo!) Hope this chp clears up some things, but don't worry next chp we delve more into this Ivy/Jin scenario, oh and let's not forget what's going to happen in the club.

N.B this fic is completely fictional. Any religious similarities or references are completely unintentional and coincidental.