This was for a dear friend of mine, seeing as I generally don't write het (I'm more of a DGM yaoi fangirl).

Though I have many fics to get underway, this one is extremely short. Hence why I typed it up and decided to post it. If you go sneak a peek in my profile, you'll see some of the yaoi and het fics I'm planning on getting underway.



She calls him an enigma. A puzzle, of sorts.

Allen lives to save Akuma. That is his only purpose in life, he reminded her one day, so quietly beneath slowly-crippling leaves turning colors of fire; reds and oranges and yellows abundant (they remind her of Lavi, so much like the flame, especially now, blazing so brightly but eventually burning out, leaving nothing but ashes behind).

She holds his hand, the deformed one that so many shunned him for, but at the same time it is the tool meant to save millions. The cool autumn breeze blows past, cold on their faces, but not as sharp as winter (Kanda is winter; with a sting so painful, and his tattoo an ever-present reminder that, just like the fridgid season, he can only be with them so long before fading away).

She's scared, in a sense. If saving the Akuma is all Allen has to live for, then what will happen when the Earl is finally overthrown? What will come to be when Allen has no more Akuma to free from their earthly ties?

Everyone in the Order wants to live to see the day when the Earl is defeated. Rinali doesn't think she could stand it-- seeing Allen lose his purpose.

But when the time comes, she tells herself firmly, intertwining his fingers with her own as a small, sad smile comes to her face (much to his surprise; but Allen is so cute when he blushes)...

When the time comes, she will give Allen something else to live for.