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Time skip 3 weeks

Deidara has just returned, and he's flirting with me. I haven't told him about me and Itachi, since he just got here, and I don't get a chance to warn him as Itachi walks into the kitchen, spotting Deidara's hand holding up my chin. Deidara seems to sense the dark aura approaching, so he pulls away, and turns around.

Itachi teleports to my side, as Deidara turns back to me. His eye widens as Itachi glares at him and wraps an arm around my waist, possessively. After a few seconds, Deidara breaks into a grin. "Awww, Itachi is in LOVE, un!" He says in a fake cheery voice. The aura around us darkens so much that it's getting a little hard to breathe...

"Uhh... Itachi, how about I make breakfast and you just go make yourself comfortable at the table." I suggest. He hesitates before doing so. I smile. I fix Deidara's favorite, pancakes, as he peers over my shoulder, leaning into me. I wonder if he knows Itachi is watching...

"How long has it been since you expressed your true feelings?" He whispers/asks. I blush at this. Well, this question isn't as embarrasing as the next, at least.

"About a month." I answer. He then asks another question:

" So... Is he good in bed, un?"

I blush a million shades of red at the question.

"W-why do you want to know?" I say quickly and push him out of the way as I turn around. He starts to laugh quietly. I glare, still blushing. After about two minutes, he finally calms down.

"Just wondering, un..." He said and walked to the table to sit down. I roll my eyes and returned to the already burned pancakes... oops...


After we ate my bitter breakfast, Zetsu appeared and told me that the Leader needs to speak to me. I nod and go down to the Leader's room. I'm kind of worried since this is the first time I will be speaking to the Leader alone...

"Yes, Leader-san?" I say as I bow slightly in front of him. He hesitates before holding out his hand, which has a small letter in it. I raise my eyebrow. "This letter is from your village, Sakura. I will let you read it, but you can not write back, and I will not allow you to read anymore if they are sent." He said. My eyes widen.

I quickly take the letter and walk out of the room. I walk down the halls of the base, torwards my and Itachi's room. I sit on the bed, listening to the sound of Itachi taking a shower. I brace myself as I open the letter and read it carefully. It said:


It's Naruto. I heard about the incident, where you and that baka stole a very important scroll for the Akatsuki. I also know that you killed Sasuke, er, maybe it was Itachi that killed him, but I do know that you didn't love Sasuke, and that he would have the nerve to kill you. Was he the reason you left? I guess so... Everyone was stunned when you didn't show up for your wedding, but I sort of had a feeling you wouldn't do it. He didn't deserve you, and neither does the Akatsuki. But Sakura-chan, please know, that despite what you did, I still think of you as a friend, and I don't think I can change your mind... Tsunade doesn't hate you either, or Ino, or Kakashi-sensei, ... Sakura... I hope that maybe... one day we could be allies again. But for now... I hope you have a happy life. Happier than your life you had here.

Your friend,


My body starts to shake with sobs. Naruto... The tears stream down my face as the words of the letter get blurrier. I keep reading the last words over and over again. Your friend,... Friend... My friend. I crumple up the letter and throw to the ground. I bury my head in my hands and keep sobbing. Why can't I have both? Why can't I be Naruto's friend, and still be Itachi's lover? I can't...

I suddenly feel arms encircle my waist, and for a split second, I wish it was Naruto. "Sakura..." I hear Itachi's soothing voice say. I open my eyes and stand and turn to face him. He looks worried before I embrace, still crying. His skin is still wet, and he only has a towel on... His arms wrap around me, rubbing my back, trying to calm me down.

After a few minutes, I pull away and look him in the eye. He wipes away my tears and kisses my forehead. "I miss him..." I say quietly. He doesn't seem to understand, so I continue. "I miss Naruto, and Tsunade, and Ino, and Kakashi, and..." The tears start to fall again. He wipes them away and kisses my lips.

I smile a little. "I love you, Itachi." I say. He replies by kissing me with passion. We break form the kiss and I wrap my arms around his neck. He looks concerned for a moment. "... If you want to see him again, I will do everything in my power to make sure it happens." He says. My eyes widen, before I kiss him again, and again. "I... love... you..." I whisper inbetween kisses. "I love you, too, Sakura." My name rolled off his tongue like velvet as he started to leave a trail of hot butterfly kisses and love bites on my jaw line and neck.

It isn't long before my clothes are off, and so is his towel.


That afternoon, Itachi and I are training, while also discussing our plan on seeing Naruto again. "Do you really think the Leader will let me?" I ask as I dodge a few shadow-clones. "... There's a chance he wont, since we're after the Kyuubi container..." He says as he swiftly dodges my shurikan. We aren't really training, mostly making a plan.

"Yes, but... there's still a chance, right?" I ask, hanging on to what litle hope I have. "..." He doesn't reply, and instead appears behind me. But before he can trap me, I move away and appear behind him, stabbing a kunai in his back. Of course, it's just a clone, but I'm used to that.

I don't see a trace of Itachi for a moment, then I quickly put up a small barrier when he releases on of his fire-ball jutsu's. He smirks at this, and I put the barrier down. I charge at him, already thinking of a way to beat him. He dodges, and a shadow-clone of myself punches him in the gut.

He's taken back for a minute, looking as if he's about to fall, but quickly regains balance. As he finishes off the clone, I punch the ground, but he moves right before he's caught in the attack. But I just appear behind him, and puch a kunai into his arm. Blood trickels down his arm and mine. I quickly pull the kunai out and apoligize as I heal his wounded arm.

"There is still a chance." He says. I nod.


"I do not want you to have anymore contact with the Kyuubi container, Sakura." Says the Leader. Itachi and I are in the Leader's room, requesting to see Naruto. I clench my fists. "Leader-sama," Itachi starts. My attention turns to him with tear-filled eyes. "I assure you, this will be the last time they will ever meet.

"Sakura only wants to say goodbye. You can trust her." The last sentence made it clear that Leader thought I would give Konoha information about the Akatsuki. Leader looks to me, and I quickly look down, not wanting him to see my tears. "I give you my word, Leader-sama." I say quietly.

There is an uncomfortable silence that washes over us. 'Please, please, let me see him, please...' I keep thinking over and over in my head. My head shoots up and I am stunned by Leader's words.

"As you wish."


"So... He was like your best friend, un?" Deidara says as I stand at the steps, waiting for Itachi. I nod. We stay silent for a moment. "...You remind me... of him..." I whisper mostly to myself. He must've heard since he smiled brightly at me. I smiled back.

"So... you think of me as you best friend?" He asks. I smirk at him. "Maybe..." I say. Once Itachi is there, Deidara and I say goodbye. "See ya in two days, Sakura-chan." He says sweetly. I wave a little as Itachi and I head up the stairs.


"Itachi... Thank you." I say as I catch up to him. He nods. I smile. We're almost there! Once we get to the gates, he says, "You have twenty minutes to say your goodbyes Sakura. You can only speak to the Kyuubi container, understand?" I nod.

He waits outside the gates as I sneak to Naruto's apartment without getting caught. I hope he isn't on a mission... I knock on his door, still in my Akatsuki clothes; there's no use changing, since he already knows who I am, now. I get worried when no one answers.

Finally, the door opens to reveal the face of my best friend. Just looking at him brings tears to my eyes. I remove my hat, so he can see my pink hair and emerald eyes. His crystal eyes widen. "S-Sakura-chan?" He studders in disbelief. I nod and manage a small smile. "I've missed you, Naruto." My voice cracks. He suddenly embraces me. We stay in that position for quite some time, until I realize I only have some minutes left. I pull away and look him in the eye.

"Naruto... I love you, and I always will. You were there for me when no one else was. Thank you..." I say, still trying to hold back the tears. "..." He stays silent. "I'm sorry... that I betrayed you and my village. But... I had to go my way, not Sasuke's, not yours. But I'm happy now. I've fallen in love with Itachi." His eyes widen even more at this.

"And... Just please don't forget me." I say as the tears finally run down my cheeks. He wipes them away with the back of his hand. "You will always be my best friend Naruto, and I will always love you... and maybe, we can be allies in the next life. All of us. Goodbye, Naruto-kun." I whisper and kiss his cheek. I then disappear.

And as I make my way back to the gates, I can still hear Naruto's last words in the air. "Goodbye, Sakura-chan..."


Itachi and me are now at the Akatsuki base. We have just gotten back, and I'm very tired. But despite that, I want to go outside. "Itachi, can we head outside for a few moments?" I ask quietly as I grab his hand. He nods, and we head back up the stairs after we report to the Leader.

I motion for Itachi to sit down against a Sakura tree. He does and I climb into his arms, my back against his chest. I will try to get through the days that I'm not with Naruto, and I will try to become stronger. The wind blows, and petals fall around us. I smile and catch one. I admire it for a moment and then release it.

The petal blows in the wind, dancing to the rythem. "Hmmm... Dancing cherry blossom..." I whisper. That title belongs to me, because I dance to the rythem of life, going whichever way the wind takes me. I could not stay at Konoha, attached to the Sakura tree. So the wind blowed, and set my soul free, to go where ever it desired. And I guess my soul desired to be with Itachi.

And now, as the sun shines down on us, I know this is where I belong. And I know I'll never have to be alone again...

Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling.

And everytime we kiss I swear I could fly.

Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last

Need you by my side.


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