Mists walks in carrying Wonder Woman slung over her shoulder.

Mists then throws Wondie at Batman.

Mists: "HERE!"

Batman catches her with a confused look on his face. Diana just smiles and gives him a light wave.

Mists: "There! At last!! I have every part of the Triforce- urmm- I mean members of the original seven! No more collecting for me!"

Mists turns around and starts to walk off. She is then immediately jabbed in the neck with Huntress' crossbow.

Helena: "I believe you are forgetting about someone…"

Mists: "Sigh…." Mists points to the left where Question suddenly wanders in reading "The Quibbler" upside-down.

Helena: "…All right then." Huntress puts away her weapon and drags Q off to a secluded spot.

Mists: "Uh-hem! Like I was saying I'm done-"

Ollie raises his hand to speak up.


Ollie runs away very fast. Mists tries to regain her composure as Batman re-enters the room.

Batman: "Diana said you wanted to speak with me…."

Mists: "Huh? Oh-oh yeah…"

Mists walks off screen and then back with another Batman figure.

Mists: "Here, I got another you to help solve the two Wallys problem."

The two Batmans stare at one another for a moment…and then glare.

Batmans: "Hmph…"

Original Batman: "Mists…his costume is a different color than mine…why is that?"

Mists: "What? Oh that little thing…That's nothing, he's one of those "Special Edition Fan Favorite Figures." You know, the ones that represent memorable moments from past episodes…."

Original Batman: Glare "And just which episode is he from exactly?"

Diana: "Bruce! Come over here and look at this! I found a little piggy with silver bracelets on its arms! Oh!! She's just so cute!"

Diana comes in carrying the pig as the look of annoyance on Bats' face becomes priceless.

Wally, of course, chose just that moment to zip in and saw what was happening.

Wally: "Nice one!" Gives Mists a high-five.

Mists: "Disclaimer time, man."

Wally: "For the last time, she owns nothing damn it!! The epilogue takes place two weeks after the events of the last chapter. Lady Jaye and Mists came up with this idea during one of their brainstorm sessions. And remember to read the Author's Notes at the end to get an extra present! Happy Holidays!"

-Epilogue: …The More Things Stay the Same-

-Wally's POV-

It was certainly a momentous occasion in Central City. The Flash stood proudly in front of the newly re-constructed "Flash Museum." Today was the building's official re-opening ceremony and all big names in the news media were there to cover the event.

Wally ate up the attention. He smiled and waved to the people of his city. They had all become so much more than just "people" over the years. The scarlet speedster liked to consider himself friends with them all. Snapper Carr had even come all the way from San Francisco to cover the event. Flash spotted him in the crowd and called out, "Hey Snapper, just couldn't stay away from us could you?"

"You know it, man!" the intrepid reporter replied with a wink.

Flash then noticed another familiar face in the group,

"Hey Linda, looking beaut-iful as ever!"

Linda gave Flash a good natured roll of the eyes.

She then asked, "So Flash, how do you feel about the museum re-opening after all this time?"

"Really super, I don't even know what to say to everyone…except well… Thank you, from the bottom of my heart…"

"Awwww!" cooed the throng of happy onlookers as they came to show their support for the local town hero.

"Do you think there will be an incident like the last time, Flash?" asked a familiar dark haired journalist in the middle of the Press area.

"Hate to burst your bubble Lois, but not this time!" exclaimed the Flash as she got a disgruntled look on her face.

Flash then laughed out loud, "Oh man, you were so totally banking that weren't you?!"

"Damn straight I was!" yelled Lois, "You always invite trouble. You're a reporter's dream come true."

"Well sorry to disappoint," he called back, "But nothing is collapsing, shattering, falling, fighting, spewing, or exploding today! We are having a nice, normal, un-eventful event. And no one is going to-"

"Flash…old buddy, old pal!" exclaimed a familiar voice from amid the crowd. "You shouldn't promise the people things you can't keep!"

The crowd then suddenly parted, revealing a tall man with beautifully coiffed blond hair and a false smile.

Flash felt his anger boil to the surface the second he saw him. It was that jerk who had tried to twist his words around and make the League a laughing stock. The leech's call to take down the "Just-us League" had left a sore spot on Wally's heart.

"Why can't anything just ever go right for me? You know just once?" thought Flash as he pushed his resentment down and sent the talk show host a scathing smile.

"Well, if it isn't the 'Glorious Gordon Godfrey.' How is your show doing? I haven't seen it in a while… " asked the speedster in a condescending tone.

Gordon cleared his throat at this and straightened his tie.

He then made sure all the TV cameras were on him before he replied, "Yes well, I won't expect a person such as yourself to get up as early as the normal working man does. Though our show airs at 4:15 in the morning now…we still have quite the following."

The man then made a grandiose display of turning towards the audience and spoke directly to the people, "There are many out there tired of the "Just-us League" ruling their lives! You put this conceded freak up on a pedestal! And today is the day that you will see him fall!"

This declaration was met with shouts of anger and protest from the crowd of spectators:

"Yo! Man, don't dis Flash he's awesome!"

"Dah only freak here is yous!"

"Flash saved my baby's life, how dare you-"

"Flash is awesome and YOU SUCK!"

Gordon then turned back around to face Flash with a wild glimmer in his eye.

Wally paled at hearing the term freak. It sent a shiver right down his spine…

Godfrey then slowly ascended the stairs up to the podium and swiped the microphone right off the stand.

"I have done a lot of research on your so called hero. And from it, I have discovered the true identity of this man! And I shall reveal it now! LIVE! Coast to coast!"

"Wait, what?!" exclaimed Wally as Gordon yelled over the loudly protesting crowd, "This man is the one and only….

Bruce Wayne!"

…The crowd went utterly still for a moment in shock.

And then Flash fell to the stage in a state of hysterical laughter, causing all hell to break loose.

-John's POV-

Meanwhile back at the Metro Tower; GL, Green Arrow, Superman, and Vixen were all eating lunch together in the cafeteria. They quickly noticed the series of events that started to unfold on the television in the seating area.

All four heroes watched the screen, dumbfounded at what was going on.

"Is this idiot for real?" asked Mari as she slowly put her fork back down into her salad bowl.

The other three men just stayed silent.


-On the TV-

"Oh come on, man! Wayne lives in Gotham!" yelled a spectator in the audience.

"At the speed Flash can run, it's not that far. He can commute!" exclaimed Gordon defending his claim.

"What's your proof?!" screamed another person loudly.

With a flourish, Gordon pulled a pack of papers from inside his coat and waved them at the audience.

"I have here psychological profiles of both Bruce Wayne and the Flash. I had a Dr. Watz look over both and found that they are, in fact, identical! Both subjects quote 'Love the spotlight, are jovial, personable, and like to take on the role of 'the player' when it comes to women.'"

To this accusation; Flash, still giggling on the ground, erupted into another fit of laughter and started to pound his fist repeatedly on the floor.

"That's not proof!" said Linda Park irately. "A lot of people's profiles match one another. Not only that, but this is a second hand evaluation of someone. What else do you have?"

"Yeah!" said the audience in response.

Gordon looked stunned as he continued, "Bruce Wayne has also been seen numerous times socializing with Wonder Woman these days. They could have met through the League!"

"That isn't proof!" exclaimed Snapper Carr as he shoved his mike into Godfrey's face. "I've covered several banquets in the past that they have both attended. They could have met at any of them!"

"I-" said Gordon completely taken aback that people didn't accept something he said as total truth for once.

The Flash's infectious, rip roaring laughter behind him wasn't helping his case any.

"W-What about his apparent connection to Lois Lane!" he exclaimed. "You saw him earlier! She clearly knows Flash! A-And she dated Wayne for a while a few years ago! She must have-"

"Excuse me…" growled Lois venomously as her pencil snapped in her hand.


John's attention was shifted back to Clark as he let loose a long whistle.

"Oh, he is so dead…"


The irate woman then marched up to the stairs of the podium with fire in her eyes.

When Flash saw the look on the woman's face, his laughter died immediately.

"Let me tell you something, mister," she said as she climbed the stairs. Lois then stood eye to eye with the man and began to poke her finger hard into his chest.

"I have even less scruples than you when it comes to my job. If I found out Bruce Wayne was the Flash, it would have been the headline of the Daily Planet by the next morning. So trust me when I say, he's not."

The woman then sent such a convincing glare straight into his eyes that the man nearly threw in the towel right there. But with a gulp, he steeled his resolve and pressed on.

"What abo-"

"Knowing him?" Lois let out a snort of laughter at this, "He knows me as the thorn in Superman's side, is all. Right, Flash?"

At that question, Flash sprung up from his spot on the floor and quickly addressed the audience. "Yes, that is exactly right. Look everyone, this whole thing is completely ridiculous! Me? Playboy Bruce Wayne? Please. He's too busy chasing skirts or dealing with hangovers to have a double life!"

The crowd then burst into laughter, seeing now how ludicrous the whole idea was in the first place.

"Besides," declared Flash with a shrug, "Wayne doesn't have the balls to do what we heroes do!"


Mari burst into laughter and exclaimed, "Oh my gosh! That's so true!!!"

The other men just looked at each other with a growing sense of fear and panic.

Vixen noticed that the others weren't laughing with her and asked, "What's wrong? You guys look like a war's about to breakout."

John, still trying to pick his jaw up off the floor, just kind of said, "Uhhhhh…."


"Well!" said Flash as the police drove up and arrested a loudly protesting Godfrey. "I have duties to perform at the Metro Tower now. Thanks again Central City! I hope I do you proud!"

And with that, Flash zipped off screen and Snapper Carr turned to face the camera again.

"There you have it Ladies and Gentlemen! Another exciting event opening with the Flash! Remember to tune into tonight at 11 o'clock for our special report on the new drug fad:Cheesing – Are your kids getting high off of cat urine? More on that at 11!"


After the report ended, the three dumbfounded men looked at each other in horror.

"Super-" said John, but Clark was already flying down the hall faster than a speeding built.

"On it!!!" he cried as he zoomed away.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," said Ollie over and over again as he crouched down and hid under the lunchroom table.

Vixen just stared at them like they had all just gone insane, "What is-"

Mari was then interrupted by Superman's voice booming over the tower's intercom system, "ATTENTION!!! ATTENTION!!! CODE: BFF!! WE HAVE A CODE: BFF!!"

Screams filled the tower as everyone suddenly ducked for cover.

"Code: BFF?" asked Vixen as John pulled her under the safety of the table, "What like 'Best Friends Forever?'"

Just at that moment, she found out what the letters stood for as Flash zipped through the cafeteria, with one thoroughly pissed off Batman, hot on his tail.

"BATS!! I SWEAR! IT WAS A JOKE!!" Flash cried as Batman threw two batarangs at him.

"COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE-" growled the Dark Knight as he followed Wally out of the cafeteria.

In the hall, the others could hear large explosions and Wally's taunting of, "Haha! I caught that one!"

Everyone then heard a sudden loud, high pitched noise fill the room as a thousand angry bats burst in through the nearest window.

"Oh son of a-! It's the Batcall one again!" Flash yelled as he ran down the hall at the speed of light.

As the explosions and the taunts faded off into the distance…John helped Mari up from underneath the table.

"Oh…I see now," said Mari as she dusted herself off.

"Yeah, BFF. Batman Fighting Flash…go figure," said John with a shrug.

And so, John laughed at the fact that no matter how much things changed in the League, there were some things that would always stay the same.


Author's Notes: FINALLY! I'm DONE!! Thank you one and all for sticking with me for so long through this story. And for those who were wondering, the Cheesing joke is a reference to South Park. XD

And now, as I promised! My special Holiday Gift to all my readers!! Several people have asked me about the format of the next story. In short it will be a lot like "Respect is Earned" in that it will have one major storyline throughout. There will also be a lot of character development like in the first, but I'm going to be focusing on all of the Original Seven this time. But fear not, a lot of the focus will be around Wally and Bats too. I just want all of them to grow together this time. More action shall be had too with all my nice weird humor thrown in. And the plot…is going to be awesome.

P.S: Yes, there really is a "Special Edition Fan Favorite Figure" of Batman out now and it DOES come with Wonderpig. XD

And now, may I present…. the teaser to my next story:

Note: (The quotes in italics are going to be from the story and are not apart of the prophecy.)

….It has long been said that the strength of words is not contained within their form. More, it is the emotion in which they were written, that gives them power. Such words as these were found by the Elders of Oa and the Disciples of Fate ... at the Beginning of Time.

Within the palm of Creation's very hand… the orders found something they did not expect…

There, at the Dawn of Time, stood an archway made of stone…suspended in space itself.

Carved into this door to the unknown, a prophecy was written.

Its words knew no language, but their message universal. The mere sight of them was enough to ascertain their meaning.

These words were written with such power and intention…that their meaning resonated throughout the whole of the cosmos. They were so powerful in fact that the Elders of Oa and the Disciples of Fate, nearly did not return alive.

It was then decided that a universal law be made, that no other being ever witness the Beginning of Time. What their group returned with…. was knowledge. The prophecy is known throughout the Green Lantern Corps as the greatest secret they keep.

And this is its translation:

Born of god and mortal, so shall come the three…

"Fate…what is it that your not telling me?"

Past, Present, and Future will they be…

"If he cannot rule… then no one will…"

Forged from their souls…the fate of eternity....

"Le Fey searches for the Grimorum Arcanorum."

What were thought to be one are two…

What was thought to be two is one……

"And…if this becomes more?"

The Guide, born of the Past…shall forge a way to the future.

"I could smell it in you…Her Blood! Her tainted blood runs through your veins!!"

The Phoenix will rise, as the old age dies…

"CLARK!! Please! Please don't die!"

All that was hidden, shall be revealed…

"Who are you?! Tell me!"

The Child of Choice…will then decide the fate of all.


So it is written on the Door of Time…so it will come to pass.

"That I'm afraid...will have to remain a secret…"

So Fate Demands! So Death Demands! So Life Demands! So WE DEMAND!!

A sword is then violently thrust into the soft ground.

Presenting!! The sequel to "Respect is Earned" and "From Respect to Friendship!"

The new tale:

"The Double Edged Sword."

Coming soon…………

Thanks to Kawaiigami for getting this back to me so fast and Happy Holidays to all!!!!!! -Mists