-1A Killer In Hindsight

Epilogue: One Year Later


I walked up the steps of 29 Wheelden Heights to a little yellow Cape Cod style house with white shutters and a glaring red front door. The pansies that lined the front of the house fluttered in the light breeze. I smiled at them.

My hand shook as I wrung the doorbell. I flinched as the gong sounded. The man that owned this house didn't seem like the kind to have such a cheery ring to his doorbell. I waited patiently as the doorknob clicked and turned, soon I was face to face with a beautiful woman.

"Hello." she greeted me. The smile on her face warmed me and I couldn't help but smile back.

"Hello Kagome."


Dinner continued in an easy fashion after my interruption. There was a place all set for me to the right of Kagome. I ate my meal in silence, content to listen to the easy chatter around me.

After dinner we headed into the cozy little living room just off the dining room. Some settled on the pretty light blue couches, others settled on the hardwood floors. I took to sitting next to Jakotsu on the floor as far away from the man who owned the house.

He was settled into a large armchair, Kagome sat at his feet, smiling up at him. How I wish someone would look at me that same way someday, with complete love and adoration. I chanced a glance at Jakotsu; he would never take notice of me that way no matter how much I wished for it.

The talk was light and carefree; laughter filled the room as someone told a joke. I didn't get it, as per usual, I never really get much. I continued in my much tormented thoughts even as someone came over and asked me if I cared for a glass of wine, I shook my head no. I was drowning myself in self-pity again. I struggled to come back to the conversation.

They were talking about the island and Naraku. Inuyasha had healed from his wounds long ago, although the doctor's told him to take it easy, I heard. It had been exactly one year to the day that we had escaped the island. Inuyasha never did get Tetsusaiga back and he was still sour over it. But he was working on building a new boat, the Shikon.

Kagura and Kanna had come back with us. I looked to the younger girl, her head much in space as my own was. After a long a tedious explanation, Kagura and Bankotsu had been welcomed back among us. Apparently they thought it would be quicker if they took Naraku down themselves. Inuyasha had not been happy that they thought they could do a better job than him. No one had mentioned then that Kagome was really the one who had taken Naraku down.

Kanna looked at me as if she had sensed the direction my thoughts had taken. I looked quickly to the side taking in the strong line of Jakotsu's jaw as he spoke. My thoughts turned wistful again.


As it became time for everyone to leave Kagome pulled me off to the side.

"Are you alright?" She asked me. I wanted desperately to say no but I nodded my head yes and smiled.

"I'm fine Kagome."

"Hojo…" She looked as if she was going to say something more but I guess she decided to keep it to herself. "Be careful, okay?"

"Okay." I nodded my head again and smiled. Then I was on my way, back to my empty apartment.

"Hojo!" I was barely a block from Inuyasha's house when I heard someone yelling my name. I stiffened as I recognized the voice. I plastered another grin on my face and turned to wave at the effeminate man.

"Jakotsu." I said as he approached me.

"Let me walk you home." He suggested. My eyes widened a fraction and he smiled at me in a flirty manner. I could only nod dumbly as we continued on our way.


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