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Reject Me




Rejection, is what I feel when I'm inside you. Your body fights me, almost as furiously as you did when I tried to kiss you. The look on your face is arousing. Tears cascading down those intense eyes of yours- those eyes that usually hold an emotionless gaze, out to scare anyone that crossed your path.

Its almost funny. I've been trying so hard to tell you how much I like you. Trying so hard to tell you how much I envy that stupid blond for being able to get so 'close' to you. Tell me- Why do you let him in? Why do you let him talk to you like that, why do you let him 'touch' you like that...and why do you cringe when I do it? Why do you threaten to kill me when I simply offer my assistance. It isn't fair.

You scratch my arms trying so desperately to lessen the overwhelming pain. I didn't think I would be your first. I thought that blond bastard would have gotten to you first. Well where is your blond freind now, huh? Certainlly you don't think that screaming out his name like that will make him come any closer to rescuing you? The blood running down your legs are alerting that stupid sand.

The sand is annoying. It's trying so desperately to bang its way into the small room we're in. But it won't get in- I can promise you that. I made this room especially for the occasion. Nothing can penetrate these walls- your sand is useless against it. No matter how much they scratch bang or try to break through, I assure you love, they will not get in.

Your insides...they feel so warm. It's as if every time I thrust into you, your body clenches and tries to push me away- The feeling is glorious. Your normally pale skin is now red and flushed. I spread your legs a little wider and let myself savor the feeling of being inside of you. Your eyes widen when I hit that spot. I smirk down at you. You don't know what you 're supposed to be feeling now, do you? Someone is forcing you to do something you don't want to do, and yet...you feel pleasure.

You make a sound...a sound I will not so forget- a sound so arousing that I can feel my erection growing even bigger than it already was inside of you. I moan, you scream. I thrust, you scratch. I kiss you, and you bite my tongue. Agressive as always. Shit. I can feel myself coming...but it's been much too soon. You're coming too, I see. Your eyes have rolled to the back of your head and you've stopped scratching me. Oh well. I guess we can't help ourselves. I'll let you come.

What? More tears? You should be ashamed of yourself. You're ruining your reputation.- You're supposed to be big and bad right? Heh heh. I chuckle at your pathetic position. Under me, gripping the sheets ike a life line. The sand is still trying to bust through the damn door, but I can't hear it, and neither can you. It is time, love. This is the part when the barrier between pain and pleasure collide together in a harsh blow making a person spasm in an unbelivable sensation that we so foolishly call an orgasm.

Your scream is like screeching nails against a black board. It's just so loud. Your hands seek to find comfort, and they come in touch with my hair. You pull. I scream in pain. What a way to come. You breathe so heavily under me. Your body is twiching- It's almost funny. You've stopped crying, the sand has stopped banging, I've stopped trusting. I nuzzle your neck. You won't look at me.

I miss the feeling of your body rejecting me. So much that it actually hurts. Your eyes are dead...deader than they usually are. Your probably thinking of your blond freind. Don't bother- he's probably with that white eyed freak. Now all you have is me. You will become mine, and only mine- no one else will have you. May your sand be damned.

"I love you , Gaara."

You slap me.


I know you liked it.