A/N--- This is a new story up. Had 8hours on a train without my laptop so I just started a new fic. This is a reunion fic at first, but will move on to be a lot more. Including some incidents with a certain Jackie Tyler, and a very interesting period for the Doctor and Rose's relationship. This will have a lot to it with a simple plot, not too much angst or trouble, just fluff and adventure and humour.

The Doctor had lived a long life. He had lived over 900years and a lot had happened in that time. Lately though, a whole lot more seemed to happening. What was it about those little apes that always brought about trouble? In the last year the Doctor had crossed the universe, dealt with some very unsavoury characters – even some from Torchwood – and broken almost every time law that had ever existed, just to find his way back to that little pink and yellow human who had stolen his hearts so long ago.

The Time Lord had thought that getting to Rose would be the hardest part, but of course he had not bargained on materialising right into Jackie Tyler's bedroom. This had not gone down well at all.

Six Months Earlier

The Doctor stood in the Tardis, his hands clutching the edge of the console in anxious anticipation. He couldn't deny how nervous he was, his knuckles were white from the vehemence with which he was clinging to the console. This was it. This was what he had spent almost two years preparing for, a safew route into the parallel world, 'Pete's World' as he called it.

He had worked on it in secret whilst Martha had been travelling with him. He couldn't bear to get his own hopes up. Admitting to another person how desperate he was, how much he needed this, how much he dreamed of it, wished for it, lived for it, that would just be too much, it would make it all far too real. And if he failed. He wouldn't have been able to bear that. So he kept it secret. Also, he didn't want to keep dragging his past into Martha's life as he knew that she was already living very much in Rose's shadow, how could she not be? Rose was the Doctor's equal, she had proved herself in every moment they had spent together and doubly in those moments apart that she was in every way his match. She had the same strength, idealism, love for adventure, passion, heart. In fact he had to admit, though only to himself, that she even surpassed him in some of those areas. She had proved just how powerful she was when she had become the Bad Wolf. She controlled everything in that time, she had even controlled him, if she had chosen to. The Doctor knew how much Rose was truly perfection in his eyes and how much pressure this put on Martha. He just couldn't help it though. Rose was a part of his life, a part of him, even a part of the Tardis given her Bad Wolf episode and that meant that he was not about to just forget her or move on away from her. She was his forever, she had a place on the Tardis and a place in his hearts.

Martha had realised both of these things almost as soon as she began travelling with the Doctor. It was easy to tell that Rose was more than just a companion for him. The Doctor talked about her all the time, often to Martha's annoyance. He would always say,

"Rose would know exactly what to say," or "Rose would know what to do." Martha was constantly battling against "Rose would…" or "Rose did…" and often just a sorrowful and distant "Rose would have loved this," it was always about Rose.

But it wasn't just the Doctor talking about Rose, she was everywhere, the Tardis was almost bursting with the remnants of her Rose. Firstly there were the post-its. They were everywhere! Those little sticky notes appeared everywhere throughout the ship often in the most unlikely of places, under the kitchen sink, inside the salt shaker, on ceilings, stuck under the captain's chair in the console room…but when Martha had once been about to stick one up for herself, the Doctor had lectured her about cluttering and annoying his precious Tardis.

Not that the post-its were bad…they actually amused Martha quite a lot, but they were a perpetual reminder that Rose would always been there, it was as if she always had been, as if she was always meant to be. The first note that had surprised Martha was stuck to a bottle of coconut and vanilla shampoo, it was an explicitly threatening note instructing the Doctor and Jack to not even think about using the shampoo or Rose would be removing some body parts that they would definitely miss. This note had been amusing but clear, many were just odd. Martha had found one by the door to the Doctor's room which had an illustration of 3 little stick people and above them in large letters read,

"Into Time…And SPACE!"

"DO NOT FORGET…You asked Mickey for help and he saved you. HA!" was a very odd note that Martha passed every day, it was particularly odd as 'Mickey' had clearly been crossed out and 'Rickey the idiot' been put in it's place only to be crossed out and have 'Mickey' written back in.

"You owe me chips!" was a note that appeared frequently, apparently Rose had been rather persistent when it came to this particular snack food. But some notes were not just one person writing, like the note about 'Mickey' or 'Rickey' there was one written by 3 different people. It read,

"Wednesday is defrock Jack day.
No it isn't, Jack.
Defrock Rose day?
Defrock Doctor day?
No. You stupid apes!"

It seemed as if it had been a bit of a game for the Doctor and Rose, and sometimes Jack, to leave each other little notes.

The bathroom mirror was obscured by two. One in Rose's slanted writing,

"Buy ginger hair dye for the Doctor. Hide it in his shampoo." And underneath was it's reply reading,

"Hide Rose's peroxide. ASAP!" in the Doctor's neat square hand. Another in his writing was by the wardrobe,

"Dame Rose,

I.O.U £10 thanks to Queen Victoria. She obviously doesn't have our sense of humour.


Sir Doctor of Tardis."

There were just so many notes around that it was hard to escape Rose really, but the ones that had hit Martha most had been the notes that the Doctor had obviously cherished enough to place on his precious console. They were alongside his notes written in Gallifreyan. Some were clearly just doodles not ever meaning to be seen, let alone displayed, two of these were crumpled shards of post-its that just had the word 'Forever' written on them in various ways. Another was a sketch of the Tardis with the words 'Bad Wolf' and a star above, with 'Forever' and a little '+1' below. The last note had made Martha cry when she had known the true depth of it…it was a small pink post-it that said,

"Thank you, My Doctor. I want you safe. Remember that and remember one more thing, I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

P.S. If we survive this I owe you one game of twister.

Love always

Your Rose."

She hadn't survived. When Martha had giggled at the mention of twister and questioned the Doctor about the note he had blankly told her that it was written on the day he had lost her. Martha never asked anything more of any notes she found. The look of loss, longing, sorrow and so much pain and emptiness in his eyes was just too much to bear.

The Doctor partially knew how oppressive the Tardis was for Martha because of Rose, he knew that Martha had seen the many, many photo's of the two of them decorating almost every room, he knew that Rose's clothes were still in the wardrobe room, he knew that Rose's room had become his solace. So when Martha had asked to leave he didn't argue. He would miss her, she was his friend and they had grown close, she was a great companion to him, but she wasn't Rose and persuading Martha to stay whilst he fought hell and earth to get back to Rose wouldn't have been fair.

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