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The two blondes sat side by side on the sofa both giggling at some glossy magazine that Jackie had picked, off a rather sizable stack on the coffee table. Rose's hair was falling loosely in her face and her eyes sparkled with the smiles that had haunted the Doctor's mind, every second that they had been apart. The Doctor himself was sprawled along the other half of the sofa, his sock clad feet resting on Rose's lap and his suit covered, quite disgracefully, in cake crumbs.

It had been four hours, sixteen minutes and thirty three seconds since the Doctor had told Rose that he would wait for her until the end of time. It had been four hours, eleven minutes and forty nine seconds since the Doctor had begun to regret his wording and started to wonder just how literally Rose would take his proclamation. And it had been two hours, twenty one minutes and twelve seconds since he had realised that he wasn't as bothered as he had thought. Rose was still Rose…and it was brilliant.

The Doctor didn't even know how long they had all been lounging on the sofa together but it was wonderful. It had been so long since he and Rose had been together and now finally he could really look at her. He had spent at least an hour (by his all powerful Time Lord calculations) just watching her, she was glorious. The way her head tilted gently, revealing the creamy, silk smooth skin of her neck to him whenever she looked at the opposite page of the magazine. Her hair was longer, only slightly but it was enough for him to notice. It now skimmed the swell of her breasts and draped over her shoulders, but it still shimmered in the sunbeams, that broke through the French windows, like a gentle halo. She looked so at home here, so comfortable, so human. He almost felt guilty for what he was about to do, how he was about to risk her life on a practically daily basis, almost…but not quite. Not quite because it was still there, still sparkling behind her eyes, lingering on the edge of her senses, twitching in every muscle. That need for adventure, the longing for purpose, the lust for life itself, for the universe, for him.

"Ha! No way those, are natural," Rose exclaimed, pointing somewhere in the depths of the magazine. Her sudden raise of voice jolted the Doctor and as his feet jumped on her lap, Rose turned to him, her beam unfaltering as she silently invited him to comment and simultaneously checked he wasn't getting too bored with them. But after a second her smile turned to gentle snickers which she tried to smother behind her hand.

"What?" The Doctor's eyes skimmed suspiciously from side to side trying to source the cause of Rose's mirth.

Rose just laughed more and began to point at him and rather worryingly at his crotch.

"What?" His voice was now surely an octave too high for it to be normal.

Rose's giggles just kept coming at her eyes glistened with tears that were slowly forming as she gave up trying to suppress her laughter.

"You can hardly talk love, its not exactly like the curtains match the carpets do they!" Jackie's head was still buried in the glossy magazine, seemingly oblivious to anything that wasn't going on two inches past her nose.

In a snap Rose's laughter stopped and her head whipped around to stare at Jackie, her cheeks rapidly flushing to a deep red.

"Mum!" Now it was Rose's turn to cough uncomfortably as she realised that her voice was far higher than usual…or natural. The Doctor on the other hand was greatly enjoying the change of power and was now smirking and chuckling under his breath at Rose's embarrassment. This earned him a glare from Rose before she remembered that he had obviously heard what Jackie said and her face began to burn again.

"Oh, well really, love. Nobody could think you're a natural blonde can they?" Jackie was half amused and half exasperated as she glanced at Rose's scarlet cheeks. She muttered something to herself and then looked towards the Doctor who was still chuckling in a slightly dirty way at Rose.

"And you Mister, can stop that snickering right now." She paused as she looked properly at him.

"Look at the state of you! Did you get any of that cake in your mouth? You're worse than Rose when she was a toddler. Oh you should have seen her," Jackie was well into a ramble by now and although the Doctor had stopped his laughter at her admonishment, he was beginning to like the way she was going with her rant. Rose on the other hand seemed to act in the reverse. She was now trying to interrupt her mother but to no avail.

"Her second birthday I spent all morning making her cake. Chocolate with chocolate icing, ice-cream set out for the party guests, I leave the room for a minute to put the kettle on,"

"Mum, he really doesn't need to hear…"

"And when I come back, what do I see but Mucky Pup, here, sat in the cake with ice-cream covering her. All over her party dress, in her hair, even up her nose. How she got onto the table in the first place I'll never know." Jackie was grinning at the memory and the Doctor looked as if he was about to burst with suppressed mirth. Rose had a nasty feeling she wouldn't live this down easily.

"Mum. It wasn't…"

"And that wasn't even the worst of it. When I tried to pick her up to get her cleaned off, I find she has blooming handfuls of cake in her chubby little mitts and she's busy shoving it down her nappy! Well, then all the guests arrived and what can you do, Rose was known as chocolate bum for months! I think I have some pictures of it somewhere."

"No, you don't need to get out the pict…" Rose was sat with her head in her hands, not able to even look at the Doctor, let alone meet his eyes. She tried to convey to her mother, in her tone that really, please, do not show the Doctor, the pictures. But before she even finished the sentence, the Doctor was speaking loudly over her,

"Jackie, nothing would make me happier than to see those pictures. Come on Rose, it's quite fun this domestic stuff!" The Doctor was positively smug, grinning like a Cheshire Cat and bouncing on his heels. As he had sprung to his feet he had seemingly missed the cake crumbs that were sent flying in all directions. Rose could do nothing but scowl like the petulant child that her mother was remembering, as the Doctor ruffled her hair and pulled her up by the hand to follow Jackie across the flat.

After, what felt to Rose like, hours of looking at old photos, including naked baby pictures and a rather less than flattering set of pictures of a teenage Rose, in her school uniform pinning down, a fairly smitten looking, teenage Mickey, Jackie and the Doctor seemed to have calmed themselves and the three of them separated so that Jackie could replenish their supplies of tea and chocolate biscuits.

The Doctor had enjoyed looking at all the photos. He had only briefly seen young Rose, once, as a baby, when he had taken Rose back to 1987 and then a few times since they had been separated. When he had felt at his lowest he had visited her past, just for a few minutes, just to see her face. But seeing the real Rose, the unguarded moments caught forever on film, made him love her all the more. She had always been the same it seems, always jeopardy friendly, always boisterous, always fighting for what she believed in (or sometimes just what she wanted) and always loving. He had wondered how Jackie even had the photographs, since Rose, technically hadn't ever been a child in that universe. But when he had asked, Jackie had simply reminded him of the year after she first left, that year when she didn't know if Rose would ever return. She had told him that since then she had always kept as many photos of Rose as she could in her purse, just so that she was always near.

"So when did you and Mum become so close then? You two are so not allowed to gang up on me you know. That's just not fair." Rose gently admonished the Doctor, her eyes squinting at him in an only half serious scowl.

"I'm not. We're not. She...well, I think the more important question is why didn't you tell me you were in the chess club?"

"Euch, I wasn't. Well, I was but it was only after I got suspended for getting the choir to go on strike…school thought it would be good for me to 'vary my activities'."

"Ha! Rose Tyler, you were positively a geek. A brainy, little, brain box," he beamed out.

"I was not!" She squeaked, poking him in the ribs. "Plus you can talk. You with your 'brainy specs' and all your science and hmm…weren't you even a science teacher once? Hmm…" She flicked his glasses as she spoke and swayed slightly against him teasingly.

It was then that he kissed her.

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