You smile.

Because this is the question you've wanted to hear since the day you saw him.

Because that is the love you saw in his eyes since the day you kissed him.

Your smile feels fake.

Because to say yes would break the rules.

Because to say no would break his heart.

Your smile falters.

Because you are confused, at why he chooses now.

Because you know that war is no time for happiness.

Your smile returns, full of vigor and ferocity.

Because you live for defying expectations.

Because you live for the moment.

"Yes," you exclaim loudly, feeling his arms grasp your waist and lift you in exultation. He spins you around and the world is one happy, colorful blur around you.

He sets you down and you watch his face as he slides the opal ring onto your finger.

This is the first time that small crease between his eyebrows is gone.

This is the first time he is feeling joy without feeling guilty.

You can't stop smiling.

Because he's finally happy.

Because he's smiling back.