Title: The Gift

Rating: T overall I think.

Disclaimer: Sadly neither House or Wilson are mine.

Summary: Wilson gives House a birthday gift.

A/N: I tried to write something a bit lighter in tone. I like to think that House and Wilson will always have the teasing and banter between them. The fic will be House/Wilson eventually. Also any comments or reviews will be gratefully received. Thanks!

- - -

Chapter One - Happy Birthday, Old Man!

Wilson was standing in front of House, unsuccessfully trying to hide the box he was holding behind his back. It didn't take a genius to work out what the birthday present was, but he tried to create a little suspense nevertheless. Wilson always picked out gifts for House that he knew he'd find useful. He usually gave him a few CD's that he knew he'd like or he sometimes risked getting him a t-shirt. That year he decided to splash out and get the latest pair of sneakers that House had had his eye on.

"Gimme." House demanded, holding his hand out. He waited impatiently for Wilson to take a few steps forward. But Wilson took his time as he slowly walked towards the couch. He then sat down next to House and passed the box over to him. House shook the box once and smiled broadly.

"I wonder what it could possibly be?!" House asked melodramatically.

"Just open it." Wilson answered, hoping to cut House off before he got carried away with the pretence. House huffed in protest, but complied and his eyes lit up as he pulled out the pair of sneakers.

"Nice!" House said as he examined the garishly loud silver and orange shoes. Wilson thought the sneakers were hideous. He was glad he was able to order them online and had avoided actually going to a store to ask for them.

"You said you liked them." Wilson mumbled, a little embarrassed.

"So you do, in fact listen to what I say." House responded as he took off the sneakers he was wearing to try the new pair on.

"I try to tune out as much as I can." Wilson watched House lace up the shoes before he turned to retrieve House's birthday card from his jacket pocket. "Oh, I nearly forgot." Wilson couldn't help grinning as he threw the card at House.

"Ah, the joke that never gets old." House said sarcastically as he caught and opened the envelope. Wilson never missed an opportunity to give him a cheesiest birthday card imaginable with House's age added in thick, brightly coloured marker pen.

"Unlike you. Happy Birthday, old man!!" Wilson continued to smile. He enjoyed teasing House about the fact he was a few years older than himself.

"Just because I'm a little bit older than you, doesn't mean you're young!" House protested.

"But I will always be young-er than you." Wilson said drawing out the two syllables. He chuckled at the glare he got from House in return.

"So what's for dinner?" House asked, quickly changing the subject.

"The sneakers aren't enough? You want me to cook for you as well?!" Wilson complained at House's apparent lack of gratitude.

"It is my birthday." House replied as if Wilson needed reminding.

"We can go out. I wanted to try that new Indian restaurant." Wilson chose to ignore the face House made. He knew that House liked Indian food too.

"We can go anywhere you want long since you're paying." House simply shrugged his shoulders as if he didn't care.

Wilson grumbled under his breath, but he stopped, catching himself as he stood up and got his jacket from the arm of the couch. It was so easy for them to fall into their established roles. House would say or do something shocking to provoke a reaction from him and Wilson would predictably complain about his behaviour. However, that night would be different, Wilson promised to himself.

"You can choose the restaurant." Wilson began as he walked towards the front door of House's apartment. "And you can pay for us too." He added as he turned to face House to see how he would respond.

Wilson smiled when he could see that House was trying his best to hide his surprise, but then House nodded as if he understood what Wilson was doing.

"Okay." House nodded again as he stood up and picked up his cane which was resting against the coffee table. He then took a few steps, testing his new sneakers before smiling his thanks to Wilson.