A/N: This is the final chapter. I've lots of fun writing it and all the lovely reviews have really encouraged me to keep writing, so thanks!

Set sometime in season 4 (I'm from the UK so I haven't seen any of the season 4 episodes). References made to season 3 episodes- Act Your Age, House Training and Human Error.

Chapter Four - The Best Gift Ever

House stood outside Wilson's office and raised his free hand to knock on the door. He hesitated as his heart began to race. It would be easy to turn around and head back to the safety of his office. But he was tired of being a coward and he was finally ready to take a chance.

House was determined to have the upper hand for at least one small moment, whatever the outcome, so he took a deep breath and reached for the door handle. He then did his usual thing of bursting into Wilson's office. He was pleased to see that Wilson was playing his role by not bothering to look up from his paperwork. It gave House the time he needed to compose himself.

House opened his mouth to speak, but his mind went blank as he stared at Wilson making notes on the pieces of paper in front of him. Wilson eventually noticed that several seconds of complete silence had passed and still House had not said anything.

"House, I'm busy." Wilson finally gazed up at House and was surprised to see that House actually seemed nervous.

"I can go." Wilson caught the relief that flittered across House's face before he turned to leave the room. He couldn't help, but be surprised at House's response. Normally, nothing stopped him from doing what he wanted.

"No!" Wilson called out. "Stay. You're here now. Might as well tell me what's wrong." Wilson made a show of sighing in mock exasperation as he bundled his notes together in a neat stack and placed them out of the way. Wilson assumed that it would be enough to temporarily distract House and tell him what the matter was. Instead House put his left hand into his pocket and took out a small, uninteresting looking white envelope. He leaned over towards Wilson and stretched across the desk, using his cane for balance. He then dropped the envelope into Wilson's hands.

Wilson looked down in confusion. There was no label; no sign to give a clue to its contents. He picked it up as House headed for the couch and sat at the end farthest from him. House glanced at the door leading to the balcony as if to make sure he could make a quick escape if necessary. Wilson was about to ask House why he was being so mysterious, but he stopped himself when he saw the expression on House's face. House continued to look at Wilson with a mixture of impatience and anxiety as Wilson finally realised what he was meant to do and tore open the envelope.

He gently shook the envelope and the contents fell into his lap. Two, small rectangular pieces of card lay in front of him. He picked one up to read it. Wilson's brain suddenly had trouble processing any more than what was on the ticket.

"Tickets...for Hamlet...in New York?" Wilson managed to ask.

"Yes." House replied.

"For me?" Wilson's eyes remained wide with surprise. House would have made a sarcastic comment about Wilson stating the obvious, but his mind was too preoccupied studying Wilson's face for his reaction.

Wilson had lost count of all of baseball games and monster truck shows he had gone to with House over the years and he guessed that perhaps House was now returning the favour by picking something that he really liked. But then Wilson remembered the last time House had given him tickets for a play. He had been mocked for assuming that House wanted to go with him. He wasn't about to make that same mistake again and wondered who else he could take to see the play.

"Thanks." Wilson said brightly as he waved the tickets in House's direction.

House simply stared back in incredulity, realising that Wilson didn't understand. It seemed completely obvious to him. But he couldn't bring himself to say the words and explain to Wilson why he had given him the tickets.

"That's it?!" House exclaimed, barely clinging to hope that Wilson would finally work it out by himself.

Wilson stood up and walked over to the couch, holding the tickets in his left hand. He sat down next to House and carefully watched him. Wilson could only come up with one explanation for House's uncharacteristic behaviour. But Wilson didn't think that House was even capable of making a grand romantic gesture or any kind of romantic gesture in fact. Wilson was convinced it was impossible and he looked across at House sceptically.

"Is this...a date?" Wilson asked despite his better judgement as he glanced down at the tickets once again.

House looked away for a moment back towards the balcony door. He knew it was too late to make an escape.

"Yes." House said so quietly Wilson had difficulty hearing his answer. He sounded sincere to Wilson and yet there was a nagging doubt that maybe House was making fun of him; that it was just an escalation in the elaborate pranks against each other.

"Is this your idea of a joke House? Or is it a test? You asked Cuddy that time as..."

House stopped Wilson mid-sentence with a kiss. It was a chaste kiss; just closed mouths pressed together, but there was no way that Wilson could misinterpret House's intention. House gently pushed Wilson away, a mixture of dread and anticipation swirling inside him. Wilson could only smile in wonderment; amazed that it had really happened. Wilson had seen the numerous small changes House had recently made in his life, but he had also been secretly worried that House would suddenly revert back to his old ways if he pushed him further. Wilson realised that maybe House had taken those steps so that it would lead to this big change.

"Hamlet?! You'll really go and see Hamlet with me?" Wilson asked.

"Violence and insanity. What's not to like?" House replied shrugging his shoulders. "At least its not Romeo and Juliet."

"That has violence and death in it too." Wilson retorted.

"But they're teenagers!" House protested. "What do they know about love?"

Wilson wanted to say that maybe they weren't exactly experts either, but he decided to lean forward and kiss House instead. He felt House's long fingers rake through his hair and settle against his scalp, keeping their lips in contact as the kiss deepened and became more passionate.

The sudden thought of Cuddy or one of House's team walking into his office and catching them kissing was enough to make Wilson pull away. He self-consciously put a hand on his face, certain his skin was flushed with embarrassment. House predictably laughed at Wilson's reaction.

"You can be such a dork sometimes." House teased. His hand remained at the back of Wilson's neck, rubbing his thumb gently against his skin. It felt comfortable and natural to Wilson, as if House had been kissing and touching him like that for years. Wilson let his hand fall from his face, not making any attempt to move away from House's touch.

"Better to be a dork than a jerk." Wilson teased back, smiling warmly.

As great a present as the tickets were, what they represented was far more important to Wilson. House proved that he wanted him. He was willing to let Wilson get close to him and really show him exactly how much he meant to him. Wilson considered that the best gift House had ever given him.

The end