Our Painful Mistake

Watching you leave, I find that I cannot breathe. Frozen to the spot you left me. I cannot move until after you are long gone. Girls are watching me, as they always have. I don't really notice them, though. My mind is reeling at your last, most venomous outburst.

Loving me was the worst mistake of your life, you said. How a boy like you could even ever have thought that they loved a guy like me was beyond you. How such a relationship could work was impossible to figure out. I wasn't worthy to kiss the ground you walk on.

You tore me down, then trampled the pieces of my heart on your way out. But as I watch you disappear, I gain the ability to move my head. The first direction my head tilts is down, so that no one will see the tears. As I do so, a red corner seems a beacon against my hand. The love notes you thrust at me almost laugh at my distress.

'Boys don't cry.''It's unmanly to cry.''Do you think that this is acceptable?'

I should feel sad. I loved you, Prince Charming. You betrayed me, and I lost you. Lost my love. So I should feel sad. For some strange reason, I don't.Who would ever think that after a break-up like this, I could possibly feel content, maybe even…happy?

Prince Charming, you can claim that I was your worst mistake ever. That's something I will never have the privilege of knowing. You can say all you want about me. All I know- all I can ever know- is that you, Prince Charming, you were my best mistake ever.

Authoress's corner- It's Yuki talking to Kyo, if you didn't figure it out. Yes, I have written my first shounen-ai ficlet! Don't get too excited, I'm not always thise tame with shounen-ai. I love the stuff…and yaoi too, now that I think of it. As always, please review!