A/N: Just a short story, no more than four parts, written in between updating other fics, sometimes a little foof/smut is good for the soul. Lots of foof and smut here!

Part 1- 'Lessons In Leather…'

Marie stood rooted to the spot; she stared up at the sign above the door that in broad daylight seemed less seedy and more artistic. She let out a frustrated breath and turned to look at Jubilee, her brow furrowed in confusion, she raised a questioning eyebrow at her friend.

'Climax…? These strip clubs jus' don't do subtle right…?' Jubilee only laughed at Marie's remark and shook her head.

'Come on now gal, who wants subtle, it's boring…now this place…' she let out a sharp slow whistle, grabbing Marie firmly by the hand she pulled her through the double doors and into the club.

Marie still wondered how it was that less than half an hour later she was told to get ready to have private lesson in strip dancing by a beautiful, lithe blonde girl. They were sat at a table in a corner Jubilee smiling at her widely and Marie staring wide eyed at Cherry, the dancer who promised to help Marie make a man scream in pleasure.

The man in question was of course Logan, and this situation had come about partly due to her birthday and Jubilee's need to give her a present she would never forget, and partly because Jubes was tired of seeing Marie tie herself into knots over Logan.

Couple that with their recent discovery that Marie's mutation had come under her control. It ought to have been the happiest day of her life, smack bang on her eighteenth birthday after accidentally brushing against Jubes as they had both drunkenly fallen into a heap after clambering out of a bar they were too young to have been in the first place.

Her face had brushed against Jubes bare arm…and the realisation hit her like a punch to the guts. She hadn't absorbed her best friend, she hadn't taken her memories, Jubes hadn't even felt it…she hadn't even noticed. But for Marie the incident had left her stone cold sober.

She had told Jubes about it the next morning, and she in her recklessness suggested they have another go, Marie shook her head at the idea, no way was she gonna risk hurting Jubes on something that may have been a fluke.

But Jubilee dived on her all the same, pinning her to the bed, she wrestled her and pinning her legs beneath her peeled away at the gloves. Marie shoved and swore at her with everything she had; still unbelieving that Jubes could be so damn insensitive and cruel, with tears streaming down her cheeks she had watched as her so called friend had gripped her by her now bare forearms.

Marie concentrated as hard as she could; shutting her eyes tightly and fighting against the hysteria that threatened to build in shuddering gasps, she willed her mutation to the back of her mind, forced herself to hold back, not to hurt Jubes.

It was only after a few minutes that she had the courage to open her eyes, seeing a triumphant Jubilee sat atop of her and smiling, she realised Jubes still held her arms, her strong fingers wrapped tightly around her quickly reddening flesh.

It was working, her skin was holding…for the first time in the longest while she was the one in control…her mutation could be switched on and off!

'Tough love baby…works every time…' Jubilee smiled down at her. Marie pulled herself upwards and with a fierce snarl pushed her away; she slapped Jubes square across the face, a stinging blow that cut her lip.

Jubilee fell to the floor, clutching her face but smiling all the same, Marie's anger was justified but still she couldn't help but be proud of the girl. 'Guess I deserved that…but you can't say it wasn't worth it, huh Marie?'

Nope, it had definitely been worth it, Jubilee had wanted to throw a second party, let the world know that Marie was now ready and able to play, but for some reason Marie was holding back. It left Jubilee itching, she had never been that good with explosive info like this but Marie had begged her to keep it herself, so the very real fact that she was touchable and had been for the past month had been kept a secret between just the two of them.

Jubilee had not understood, that was until a few nights ago when she had found Marie sat on the floor of their en suite bathroom, crying her eyes out and holding a plant. Jubilee had sat down next to her quietly, waiting for her to explain.

'Logan gave me this as a birthday present…it's a mimosa.' Marie sniffled. Jubilee just stared at the plant, a questioning look crossing her face. She shrugged.

'Hey…it ain't the most imaginative present in the world, ya want me to tell him ya don't like it?' Jubilee reached for the mimosa.

Marie snatched it away, 'No that's just it, it's a great present, it's the best present ever, a mimosa responds to touch, it's like the leaves are sensitive to a persons touch…' she ran her fingers along the delicate green leaves and almost immediately the leaves began to curl and move as if they had a life of their own.

'Wow…coolio!' Jubilee smiled, 'so what's the problem…?'

Marie looked up at her, 'he jus' came in and left it on my desk with a card,' she handed Jubilee a small white plain card, i 'happy birthday kid.' /i Jubes nodded as she read the three words, yep jus' like Logan, not a man of many words, but still able to reduce the girls to tears.

'Jubes…' Marie began again, 'he didn't make a fuss, he bought me the perfect present and he didn't even wait for a thank you.'

It was then that Jubilee realised that Marie's infatuation with Logan was more than just a crush, she was completely in love with the guy, and it was because of small gestures like this.

Little touches like this plant that let her know that he was one of the few who was completely sympathetic to her condition. That he completely understood how important the concept of touch, the sensation of skin was to her, the idea that she could touch something, something living and alive, whilst fully knowing that that thing would respond in a way that was natural and safe.

This mimosa would move, would respond, would be sensitive to her touch, to her senses, and she wouldn't have to fear, wouldn't have to worry that the reaction to her skin was going to be anything less than positive. He had managed to do all that with a small plant and a plain white card.

And Marie was scared, it was one thing not being able to touch, it was quite another to think that the person you loved would never want you to touch them in the way Marie needed to touch Logan.

Jubes smiled to herself, a plan forming in her quick mind, take two sensitive souls, Logan and Marie, add one mischievous Asian girl, herself of course, shake the whole thing up and you had the perfect recipe for a match made in heaven.

It took a little persuasion, a lot of liquor and practically dragging Marie the last few yards to the door of Climax strip club but here they were at last. Marie was still unsure but Jubilee put her hand on her shoulder and held her in place.

'Jubes, look this is crazy…this was a bad idea, we should go…' Marie tried to get up once more.

'Uh-uh no way…' Jubes shook her head forcefully, 'You are going to do this, and this is my birthday present for you. Not gonna offend me by turning it down are you?'

Marie stared at her, 'But strip dancing lessons, what the hell were ya thinking?'

'I'm thinking that if I have to wake up one more night listening to you grind and get off whilst moaning Logan's name, I swear I'm gonna smother you in your sleep.' Jubes smiled sweetly even as Marie's mouth fell open in shock.

'Ah can't do this Jubes…what if he doesn't go for it, ah mean ah'll never be able to look him in the eye again!' Marie covered her face with her hands.

Here Cherry spoke up, 'Sweetheart, I take it this Logan is a man right? By that I mean he's got a dick, a pulse and blood running through his veins…'

Marie nodded reluctantly, 'Sure…'

Cherry smiled as she stood up and began to rearrange the table and chairs, she leaned close into Marie as she spoke, 'Then trust me…this'll work.'

'Now the sexiest thing to have when you're dancing is to have a lot of confidence…guys'll go crazy for a girl in control…' Cherry looked over at Marie as she spoke, Marie was busy biting her lip and staring like a rabbit caught in the headlights. 'Well we've got a few lessons to work on that, it should be fine…and you'll be great, I promise you.'

She had moved the table out of the way so it was only the girls sat in their chairs, she struck a pose and nodded to the barman who was busy cleaning glasses, the first few notes of a song filtered through the sound system and Cherry began to swing her hips.

Marie recognised the song immediately, it was a song she'd sung along and danced to plenty of times, The Ramones cover version of 'My Sharona.' Only thing was she'd never dreamed of taking her clothes whilst listening to it.

'Part of being in control,' she looked over shoulder as she spoke, 'is choosing the location, your costume, the lighting, your furniture, music…all of these will help you be the one in control, and the more control you have, the more positive and confident you'll be.'

Cherry got into full swing with the music now, moving her hands slowly through her long hair, across her breasts and gently down her thighs, she smiled sexily, 'But enough talking, the best way to teach you how to strip dance, is well, to dance for you, now don't worry girls, this one's on the house.'

She was wearing a black tight silk blouse, the buttons of which she removed slowly and all in time to the music, next came her clingy red leather skirt, she hooked her fingers into the waistband of the material and turning around, bending downwards at the waist she slowly lowered the skirt down her thighs, revealing a red thong, and stepping easily out of the skirt which she kicked to one side.

Stood only in her bra, panties and knee high boots she lost herself to the swaying of the music, spurred on by the guitar riffs and the thumbing drum beats.

'Never gonna stop
Give it up…
Such a dirty mind
Always get it up…'

Cherry strode purposefully across the floor and over to Jubilee, seating herself in her lap she began to rise and fall, removing her bra as she did so, her hips grinding into Jubilee pressing her back into the seat.

Kissing Jubilee softly on the lips she slid slowly to the floor, swaying on her knees, the lengthy guitar riffs in the song providing just the right for her to toss her head from side to side, her hips hitting each beat perfectly, her pert breasts swaying along in perfect synchronisation.

As the song drew to a close she ran her hands back up Jubilees legs, the lightest of touches, applying pressure only when she got to her thighs.

Cherry stayed on her knees, riding out the last of the chords, singing along softly to the words, 'My Sharona…'

When she was finished she bounced quickly to her feet leaving a stunned Marie and Jubilee in her wake.

Marie took a large gulp from the ice water that the barman had the good sense to provide, her cheeks burning a bright red, she could only stare as Cherry re-dressed herself. Jubilee laughed at last, 'Wow, now if I wasn't convinced I loved Remy's dick so much, I could have sworn you just turned me!'

Marie spluttered a mess of water flying out of her mouth as she choked on Jubilee's words.

Cherry smiled as she sat back down, turning to Marie, she promised 'and that's just the beginning sweetheart, by the time I'm finished teaching you, your guy Logan will be doing more than just screaming, you'll have him rolling over and begging as well…'

"My Sharona"- The Ramones

Oh my little pretty one, my pretty one
When you gonna give me some time Sharona?
Oh you make my motor run, my motor run
Gun it coming off of the line Sharona

Never gonna stop
Give it up
Such a dirty mind
I always get it up
From the touch of the younger kind

M-My-My Whoa
My Sharona

Come a little closer huh
Will ya huh?
Close enough to look in my eyes Sharona
Keeping it a mystery gets to me
Running down the length of my thighs Sharona

Never gonna stop
Give it up
Such a dirty mind
Always get it up
From the touch of the younger kind
M-My-My Whoa
M-my-my Sharona

When you gonna get to me, get to me?
Is it just a matter of time Sharona?
Is it destiny… destiny?
Or is it just a game in my mind Sharona?

Never gonna stop
Give it up
Such a dirty mind
I always get it up
From the touch of the younger kind
M-My-My Whoa
My-my-my Sharona

M-My-My Whoa
My Sharona