March 25, 1943

It was late, but he was home.

For the first time in a month, he would be able to eat his mothers cooking and if Dad would let him, help him around the farm. They were still negotiating that detail even though the hard work was something that helped get his mind off of his job. And in it's own way, helped him to relax.

And for the first time in a month and three months after they were married, he would get to see his wife. His wife.

How had that happened?

How had she managed to make herself such an important and integral part of his life without even trying? And how was it that he couldn't see the rest of his life without her in it?

He would like to have been home earlier, but soldiers were still getting the priority for train travel and that meant he'd been bumped a couple of times on his way back from California. But it didn't matter because he was finally standing in the front hallway, home.

He headed toward the stairs, wanting to get up to the bedroom to see her but heard a soft sigh from the sofa in the parlor. He set his suitcase down next to the staircase and followed the sound of his restless wife. She was covered in her favorite blanket and the book she'd been reading had fallen to the floor.

He picked it up and put it on the coffee table before he crouched down and then leaned over to kiss her. He felt her smile and sat back as her eyes opened. "It's about time."

Leave it to her to cut to the chase. "I'm sorry honey; it couldn't be helped."

"If I'd known you weren't going to be home, I wouldn't have asked your parents to leave the house for a couple of hours." She scolded and he thought he saw her flush. "I had something I wanted to talk to you about."

"And you couldn't have done it in front of my parents?" His curiosity was peaked because his wife was not prone to blushing. It was more often the other way around.

"This isn't something that you discuss in front of your parents, or in my case, my in-laws. I think your mom already figured it out, though." She explained as she sat up and patted the cushion next to her. He stood up enough to move to the sofa and sit next to her and she took his hand.

He took his hat off and tossed it on the coffee table; he'd forgotten that he was still wearing it because her comment got his attention and he felt his chest tighten with worry. What could be so important that she would take his hand to tell him?

"I tried to tell you before you left and then I thought about telling you in a letter. But it's not something that should be relayed in a letter and a telephone call didn't seem right either."

He was confused. "You're losing me."

She rolled her eyes and he could see that she was having some trouble. The last time she'd been this hesitant was when she told him that she loved him. "How can I help?" He prompted.

"Please tell me that you want kids." She glanced at him and then looked down at their joined hands.

"I do. As many as you want." And it dawned on him what she might be getting at. Could it be possible?

"That's good." She sighed in relief.

"Honey, what are you trying to get at?" He gripped her hand gently and dipped his head to try and catch her eye. "It's good news isn't it?"

She looked up at him and smiled. "It's very good news, just sooner than I thought it might happen. Though with the way our married life has been so far, I shouldn't have been surprised."

It was his turn to flush.

"The fact of the matter is, I'm expecting." She finally said. "The doctor thinks I'm almost three months along."

"Expecting?" He couldn't quite grasp what she was telling him.

She tried not to laugh at what must have been a stunned expression on his face. "You know, expecting. Having a baby, being in the family way." And then she did laugh. "A bun in the oven?"

A baby. They were going to have a baby and he was going to be a father.

"Are you all right?" He could hear the concern in her voice.

"I'm fine." He squeezed her hand again to reassure her. "It's just that I couldn't help but think that a year and a half ago, I hadn't met you yet. I was still stationed in Washington and I hadn't seen my parents in five years. It's because of you that I'm here and it's because of you that my life became what it is."

She took his face in her hands and kissed him. "I love you too."

"So how are we going to explain all of this to him, or her?" He wondered belatedly as his wife quirked an eyebrow at him. "How will we explain to our baby why his, or her parents courtship was so unusual?"

"The beginning is always a good place." She laughed as her head went down on his shoulder and she tightened her hold on his hand.

"Where is the beginning, though? Should it be when I came back to Smallville, or when I went to interview you at the Falcon?" He asked as he rest his head on hers and smiled.

"A little background wouldn't hurt because we don't want to confuse the kid too much."

"All right." He thought about it for a minute and then took a deep breath. "Tell me how this sounds."