September 28, 1943

Lois couldn't ever remember being so tired or sleeping so deeply. And when she finally woke, saw her sleeping husband slumped in a chair next to her bed. Clark had been in Illinois on an investigation and it had taken the field office longer than she was happy with to track him down.

He'd gotten the red-eye from Chicago Municipal as soon as he got the news she'd gone into labor and met his parents and the General at the hospital. He'd been able to see her for a few minutes to explain what had taken him so long to get there before she was taken to the delivery room and was told that he couldn't come with her.

Were they kidding? After all, it was his fault that she'd gotten in the family way. Well, to be fair he did have a lot of help from her and it was only right that he be there to see the life they'd created together come into the world.

But it was against the rules. Cretins!

"Wake up Dad, you can sleep in another eighteen years." Lois called to him softly, reached out a hand and smiled as he stirred. Clark looked around with absolute confusion and seemed to be trying to orient himself as to where he was. "Hospital, baby, fourteen hours of labor, remember?"

It was his turn to smile as he sat up and took the hand she offered. "Hi ya, Gorgeous."

"You really are tired after that red-eye, aren't you? I'm hardly gorgeous." She tried to admonish him, but his happy smile was infectious and she smiled even more when he laughed.

"What you should have said was, 'Hi ya, Handsome.' Then I would have gotten up, sat on the edge of the bed and kissed my son's mother."

The last time she'd seen him so happy was the day they got married.

"Hi ya, Handsome. Now get over here and kiss your son's mother." She laughed with him as he stood up and stretched before he sat back down, gingerly, on the edge of the bed.

"Have I told you lately how much I love you?" He asked just before he leaned over and kissed her.

"I think you told me that as I was cursing your name for ever having met you." She smiled at him as she held his face in her hands. "Sorry about that."

"It's understandable under the circumstances." He grinned. "You were having our baby and the FBI was having trouble locating your husband. And by the time I finally got here, the show was just about over."

"Have you seen him yet?" Lois was anxious for Clark to see him.

He shook his head. "I wanted to wait until you were awake and we could see him together. We'll need to come up with a name, you know. Hospitals have this funny rule about babies having names."

"We already know that his middle name is going to be Jerome." And she shrugged at his look of surprise. "We can't break family tradition."

"He doesn't have to have that name, even Dad said so." He sat back and took her hands in his.

"We're not going to break family tradition and that's that." She was insistent.

The look on his face told her that he knew the argument was lost and it was his turn to shrug his shoulders. "Jerome it is. But it still doesn't solve the problem of his first name."

"Well, neither of our fathers wants him named after them and you don't want him named after you. So what else would you suggest?" Lois frowned at the idea of their baby son not having a name.

"We could run through the alphabet." He suggested.

"The alphabet? That's as bad as picking his name out of a telephone directory."

"Or we could get a dictionary." He contributed further.

She put her head back and sighed. "We're terrible parents and we haven't even gotten the little guy home yet. We can't even do something as simple as pick out a name for him."

"Honey, we're not terrible parents." She could see he was trying not to smile and it irritated her. "We just want him to have a name he can live with for the rest of his life."

"You're not helping."

"Lois, we don't have to come up with a name for him this second." He tried to reason with her, but with the way she felt she didn't want to be reasoned with.

"I don't want to introduce him to his grandparents without a name." She wouldn't budge, especially with something so important.

"Okay." He sighed. "How about Colin?"

She wrinkled her nose in disapproval.


"My son is not going to have a pretentious name like that." She huffed as she folded her arms across her chest.

"Matthew?" He looked at her, his eyes raised in question.

She rolled that one over in her mind because it was a nice name. "I'll put it on the 'seriously consider' list."

"Now we're getting somewhere." He smiled. "So let's hear some names from you, Mom. Is there anything that you really like?"

"I like the sound of that." It was the first time she'd heard it.

"Me too." He leaned over and gave her a brief kiss. "But that name is already taken."

"I was in labor for fourteen hours, giving birth to your son and you want me to come up with a name, too?"

"Nice try." And he laughed. "You can't think of anything, can you?"

"I am a terrible mother." Lois put her hands on her face and shook her head in dismay.

"You're not a terrible mother." Clark pulled her hands away gently and his smile was just as gentle. "Just close your eyes and think about it, because I think you already know what his name is."

"How can you be so sure?" She frowned at him suspiciously because he already seemed to know.

"Because I know you." He smiled at her. "And I know what your heart is telling you."

"Clark Junior?" She looked at him expectantly.

"We already agreed, no juniors." He shook his head as he brushed his thumbs soothingly over her knuckles. "Come on honey."

She closed her eyes and as she relaxed under her husband's warm touch, thought about it. Who was the one fellow who'd stuck with her through most of her labor? Who'd barked at the nurse when he thought she wasn't being attended to and promised to move heaven and earth to get a doctor from Walter Reed to deliver his grandchild if they didn't take care of her? Who'd rubbed her back and held her when the pain got to be too much for her that she wanted to give up and say 'forget it'?

'Come on Lo, Lane's never give up; you know that.' He'd told her quietly.

'But I'm not a Lane anymore.' She'd answered as she felt a tear roll down her cheek and he'd sighed.

'Kent's don't give up either, honey.' He'd kept his voice low and it had surprised Lois how soothing it was. 'If Clark had given up, you wouldn't be married.'

'Yea, and I wouldn't be here.' She'd frowned and as another contraction came, she'd stiffened.

'Don't fight it Lo, just go with it.' He'd advised as he kept rubbing her back. 'The best way to deal with pain is not to fight it.'

'You've never had a baby.' She'd stated the obvious and felt her father shrug his shoulders as he'd kept his arm around her.

"I know he didn't want the baby named for him, but I think it would be swell if we did." Clark commented as she opened her eyes and looked into his. "So what do you think?"



"Samuel Jerome Kent." She said it out loud and knew they'd found a name for their son when he smiled.

"It's a good name." Clark nodded. "And I think your dad will appreciate it, even if he doesn't let on."

"I love you." She pulled her hands out of his so she could put her arms around his neck, and then kissed him. He kissed her back, but before anything could come of it the door to the room opened and a nurse was standing in the doorway with a small bundle in her arms.

"There's a young man here who wants to meet his parents." The nurse smiled at them. "And I imagine that those very same parents want to meet him as well."

Clark stood up and Lois saw the expectant look on his face as the nurse came closer. He helped her to sit up and tucked the pillows behind her back before the newborn was placed in her arms.

"I'll leave the three of you to get acquainted." And the new parents were left alone with their baby.

He was so small. But from what Lois could remember with actually giving birth to him, he didn't feel so small at the time.

Then as new mothers are wont to do, the first thing she did was to check his fingers and his toes. Then she proceeded to kiss each and every one of them. That got the baby to open his eyes and she nearly cried when she saw that they were the same shade of blue as his father's.

It was something she'd hoped for, but tried not to wish for too hard because she didn't want to be disappointed if he'd inherited her gray ones.

"He looks like you." Clark commented.

"Maybe you should start wearing those glasses again." She looked up at Sam's father and shook her head. "With his dark hair and blue eyes, he's a picture of you."

He sat down next to her and she leaned against him as he ran his hand over the baby's head. "We did a nice job. Maybe next time we can give Sam a baby sister."

"What if all we have are boys?" And she laughed as she lifted her arms so that he could take his new son.

"Then they'll marry nightclub singers, like their dad." He grinned as he took the sleepy baby carefully from her and settled him in the crook of his arm, and she knew he was remembering a long ago conversation. "I would like us to have a daughter, though."

"If all we have are sons that are as thoughtful and handsome as their father, I can live with that."

"But maybe I want a daughter who is as stubborn and beautiful as her mother." He kissed her cheek. "It seems to me that given time we can both have what we want."

She was surprised when she felt her face flush with a thought that she shouldn't have been having. "What I want is something we can't do for at least six weeks."

The comment seemed to take him by surprise as well because he didn't say anything for a moment. And when he finally did, he cleared his throat; a sure sign that he was flustered. But then he chuckled. "Well if anyone can talk your doctor into changing that timeline, you can."

"I don't know. He's a lot like the General and doesn't like his directives being challenged."

"That's why you picked him, even if you won't admit it. Besides, I like him and his reasons for what he does are always sound."

"He's a lot like you too, then." She tried to stifle a yawn. "I hadn't thought of that."

"Honey, why don't you try and get some rest." He suggested as he carefully got up off the bed with the baby. "You and Sam have had a big day and he's already gone back to sleep."

She nodded reluctantly and slipped down into the bed, dragging the pillows with her and sighed as her eyes began to close, too tired to argue with him.

And as she drifted back in to sleep, Lois couldn't help but think that her life hadn't turned out remotely the way she thought it might, it turned out so much better. And the last thing she saw before her eyes closed was the soft smile on her husband's face as he cradled their sleeping son in his arms.

Sometimes it really paid to put your life in the hands of the FBI.

Lois Lane Kent was living proof of that.